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  1. It looks like MacDonalds away but if we keep McKinnon on I'm happy enough with that.
  2. Potentially more games for Celtic youngsters this season as apparently the English Premier League are set to unveil a new European U-21 Youth tournament featuring 8 English sides and 8 sides from other countries which will include Celtic English teams - Chelsea, Fulham, Leicester City, Man City, Man Unt, Southampton, Sunderland & West Ham European teams - Celtic, Athletic Bilbao, Benfica, Borussia Monchengladbach, Schalke, FC Porto, PSV Eindhoven, Villarreal
  3. Girlfriend. As I said on Saturday, the day they invent a vibrator that can hold a girls hair out of her face when she is being sick, men are redundant.
  4. There is/was a lassie in the year above that I get on really well with, and so much so that I was contemplating asking her out. But, as it turns out, she's 'seeing' this absolute c**t of a human being that I so happen to know. Raging to say the least, and I do feel I'll be using this thread a fair bit, cheers partickfan.
  5. This is up there with Sky Sports playing festive jingles on their upcoming events adverts. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Glorious, glorious, glorious.
  6. Should just be called Queen's Park Watch IMO. Gus' cloggers to hoof their way into the Lowland League and Brora to come up.
  7. if we keep the core players, add a few and keep the attitude we have had this season then we should be up challenging for league title. Bit of a one off this season where one team has had far better team with players playing below their ability level. Mon the big team. Annan/ Arbroath/ East Fife or Stirling/Beriwck/Montrose/Albion/East Stirling/Elgin/ Queens Park - oor bitches
  8. Big game for our relegation contending chums from North Lanarkshire as title contending Queen's Park arrive in town. Clyde appear to be absolute guff and in turmoil off the pitch, while we're in decent nick. Having watched Queen's over the years, this all points to a home win. I note that some of the simpleton natives seem to be plotting some sort of Broadwood Spring at half-time, which should be tremendous entertainment for the chuckling onlooker. All things being equal, Queen's should be dispatching this mob on and off the park with ease.
  9. That's not as bad as Paul Burns being under contract for another season. Maybe we can send him back to Queen of the South? Thanks!
  10. Signed on for next season: Goalkeepers Scott Fox (23) Ryan Scully (18) Defenders Alan Archibald (33) Willie Kinniburgh (26) Paul Paton (24) Colin Stevenson (19) Chris Ketterer (18) Midfielders Chris Erskine (24) Paul Cairney (23) Ryan MacBeth (20) Jamie Campbell (19) Stuart Bannigan (18) Forwards Martin Grehan (26) Kris Doolan (24) Kieran Burns (19) Shaun Fraser (17) Jordan McGrotty (17)
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