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  1. Nice to see this thread has picked up a bit.
  2. Probably related to the fact our chief media officer is a 12 year old boy from Motherwell.
  3. Can't wait to see what we do with the lion's share of the ball. We always make such good use of it. This will be a treat.
  4. Jim Spence is penning an "internet bampot" piece as we speak.
  5. What exactly is Flaherty doing "day to day"? The whole club is a shambles just now; pitch, ticketing, recruitment, staff retention, stadium maintenance, all going to pot under his watch. That's before even mentioning he obviously seems perfectly happy with the job Davidson is doing and is willing to let him add more players to an already bloated, inadequate squad. He's pals with Steve Brown though so that's fine.
  6. Davidson claimed he'd watched Aberdeen in the build up to the game and knew what we needed to do to stop them. And yet we played exactly the same formation as usual which left us outnumbered in central midfield and allowed their full backs to roam freely. We had three centrebacks up against one striker. For a guy that seems to pride himself on stopping the opposition we were pish poor at even doing that. Get. Him. To. f**k.
  7. I'd play him ahead of Considine on the left personally, give him a run of games. Might be in built bias here but I've never really rated Considine and haven't been overly impressed so far. For an experienced player was hoping he might be in the Duberry or Kernaghan mould in terms of organising, cajoling etc but it seems Mitchell on loan and 20 does that a lot more than him.
  8. Why did we invest so heavily in him then? Just so that one day he might be able to serve as backup to Ryan McGowan and Andy Considine? Tommy Wright must sit and have a wry chuckle to himself about our approach to.signing players now.
  9. Mahon was poor at Elgin but hardly alone. This is just another example of terrible man management from Davidson. As soon as he has a bad game that's him jettisoned from the squad with multiple centre backs now ahead of him. Mahon is a young guy with a bit of promise and potential, we wouldn't want anyone like that in the team would we?
  10. Going to be some laugh when Phillips signs for Motherwell.
  11. I think Preston has far too much of an influence in who we sign and uses the club for his own gain regularly by feeding stories to the media about interest in his players. He shouldn't be part of the radio coverage for various reasons but not least his obvious conflict of interest covering players he represents. I don't think the relationship he has with our manager is healthy for the club at all. Therefore I didn't like hearing his giddiness about embracing CD in the corridor after the game as it just cemented those feelings.
  12. Felt Montgomery threatened to drive forward on numerous occasions but would inevitably stop and then pass the ball back to Considine. No doubt that is on instruction of manager. There was loads of space on his side in the second half but we weren't interested in exploiting it. Enjoyed scoring a late winner, you have to really, but that second half was abysmal from us, putting Crawford on just summed it up as @Radford said. What was the managers thinking behind that? Offered us absolutely nothing, at least MOH would be an out ball of some kind. Pretty galling to hear Allan Preston on the radio afterwards describe how he embraced Davidson at the end.
  13. We'll lose to nil, won't construct a single attack and have Cammy McPherson sent off. CD will say he's happy with the effort and that we limited Motherwell to few chances.
  14. Craig Levein and Kevin "footie" Thomson? Davidsonball has driven us even madder than I thought!!!
  15. Does anybody know how many people actually subscribe to Saints TY? Can't imagine it is very many. And for anyone that does, is it worth it?
  16. Everything at the club has felt half arsed for years, even through the success on the pitch, be it season ticket sales, maintenance of the stadium, getting a half decent pitch, updating the website, things as basic as injury updates to keep fans informed; it all feels incredibly amateur and that the media operation at any rate is run by school children. This attitude must permeate from the top and our transfer policy is now following the half arsed, "that will do" approach. If Brown has lost interest as seems likely, where are the people he appointed to undertake the work for him? The only thing we have heard from Ian Flaherty are what sounded to me like exaggerated claims about season ticket sales. What is the vision for the club? What is the plan? Do we even have one? We are burning through cash and once the inevitable relegation comes it is going to be some time until we recover from it, if we even want to do that. The perception persists that we are a "well run club", that simply can't be said any more and each deal we hand to an over the hill player that was good in 2014 just adds to that narrative. Davidson should have gone months ago and is a part of the overall malaise but why are the club allowing it to happen? It's wilful neglect and it's very painful to watch continue.
  17. If our main striker is struggling to kick the ball then that might be a bit of an issue.
  18. At least Murray Davidson is still young and well capable of playing game after game after game after game. There's zero prospect of him breaking down before the league season starts. Zero.
  19. Hopefully CD does start Cleary and McPherson as that will hopefully speed up his dismissal.
  20. Brown was apparently absolutely abysmal in the closed door Inverness game and has lost the trust of CD. Just one of those rumours but wouldn't be that surprising if true.
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