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  1. What's up with Muzz? Must have missed that amongst all the other good news.
  2. Is that Mainstand guy still on We Are Perth? The one that used to enthuse about Craig Beattie in training and such like. Wonder what his take is on all this.
  3. Nobody in their right mind is going to sign May. I'm sorry, and happy to have this quoted back to me in the years to come, but he is absolutely done. TW might be one of the only ones daft enough to take him. It's sad when you think about that season he had for us but his return has been utterly underwhelming and we should have cut our losses in the summer.
  4. Not sure we all liked Alan Main to be honest. Certainly a terrific goalkeeper in his first spell anyway. Likeable is up for debate.
  5. May and Hendry are done, they hold us back massively. Soon as they went off we were different side, crossbar away from sneaking away with a win but it was just nice to have a few coherent attacks to be honest. That passage of play when May was played through was brutal.
  6. This will finish 1-0 to St Mirren. Who are the St Mirren commentary team? Have found them pretty decent in the first half.
  7. Yep, Gordon is absolutely vital for this, missed him massively on Sunday, he seems to knit it all together. Praying he makes it and there's not any other random absentees out of nowhere like there was for the Gala home game with Spoony. Very surreal being in this position, like a cup final day I suppose. Will be little to no work done today anyway.
  8. Roddy doesn't do email so not sure what expertise he brings. Stone masonry perhaps.
  9. Roddy Grant has been appointed as a Director of the club so that's some reassuring news at least.
  10. Be interesting to see how many fans manage to stay until the end of the game this time.
  11. Griffin was never the same player after a horrendous late challenge from Neil McCann one afternoon at Tynecastle. Real pity how his career panned out, as Radlford has said he was an exceptional talent when first breaking through, real class about the way he played. Not much of a co-commentator but that's another matter.
  12. Probably my favourite of the derby matches, looking forward to it.
  13. Can't be resting players for a derby game. Much more important than next Thursday.
  14. Might we see both Brown and Rooney starting in a 5-4-1 scenario? Take a 0-0 type of thing. Would make for a long evening!
  15. We knocked you out at the same stage last season on the way to winning the trophy. Calum Hendry even scored.
  16. Had a ticket for this but didn't go in the end as noticed Sky were showing a rerun of last season's Manchester derby so watched that instead, much better value.
  17. You drove to Greenock in less time than that a few seasons ago.
  18. I’ve emailed the club asking if my ticket can be given to a Motherwell supporter. I’d assume all fair minded people are doing the same.
  19. Would definitely take Kennedy back. Think he’d fit into the front three very well.
  20. Very light in creative, attacking options off the bench. Squad is still shy of Middleton & Conway replacements. Hopefully that happens soon. You'd imagine Kane will probably start on Thursday so another reason not to risk him here. Not beaten County in what seems like seasons. COYS.
  21. Close to finnishing the signing of a player apparently.
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