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  1. Would definitely take Kennedy back. Think he’d fit into the front three very well.
  2. Very light in creative, attacking options off the bench. Squad is still shy of Middleton & Conway replacements. Hopefully that happens soon. You'd imagine Kane will probably start on Thursday so another reason not to risk him here. Not beaten County in what seems like seasons. COYS.
  3. Close to finnishing the signing of a player apparently.
  4. Do you know how many of the 1,201 actually turned up on the night? Know it was touch and go for some people because of the 7pm kick off.
  5. No issues at all getting in, there was no id asked for or check if you'd arrived at correct time slot, quick scan and straight in. Wouldn't recommend row B for a decent view mind you! Thought we played with a real swagger at times with final ball lacking a bit. Great goal from Preston but all they really did attacking wise, we were comfortable. Subs disrupted it as ever in a friendly but Devine looked very promising when he came on. All in all a very pleasant evening. Something wonderfully reassuring seeing Murray Davidson hurling himself into challenges in the flesh again. And the ref was shite so that was nice.
  6. Agree with this, think that could work very well. He'd obviously need to recapture his form but he'd fit into that three I think, take a bit of the pressure away from Spoony too. He could play as part of a front two as well, like he did with Watt periodically.
  7. It’s a shame Erhahon missed the Scottish cup semi final. Would have been good to see him and McCann up against each other.
  8. If we finish 4th and qualify for Europe again then will take it……..
  9. Could Janey fucking Godley no have had a week off when we were featured?
  10. That the game we were 5-0 down at half time then Swanson sent off minutes into second half? That was grim. Thankfully Celtic just stopped bothering or else double figures was on the cards.
  11. Ross Callachan has abysmal positional awareness. The way we play relies on people knowing where to go and when, who to cover etc. He'd consistently charge aimlessly about and leave gaping holes everywhere. I can't remember if him and Paul Paton ever played together in the same team but if they did I'm surprised survived watching that. Let him return to Hearts, that will do fine.
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