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  1. Pretty sure you are not allowed to travel in the same vehicle at the moment.
  2. Great goalkeeper for us but always found it quite hard to take to him to be honest. The collapse of the whole team in that United game was very annoying at the time, Hartley the chief culprit. Would have been nice to send them down. Fair to say we've made up for it since and it's enjoyable seeing St Mirren fans still getting in a state about it twenty years later.
  3. Tam Cowan is quite the Rangers sycophant these days. Are him and MJC the same person?
  4. Kerr, Gordon and McCart never get much of a rest! Very few options to give them one I guess. Not be a quiet one for them today either trying to ensure no shots actually go on target with Parish in there........
  5. I’d keep MOH for the squad. It’s probably recency bias but his role in the equaliser on Sunday can’t be highlighted enough. Carrying ball long distance, holding off challenges, winning the corner. He could have scored a couple of times in the game too, being critical you’d say he should have. I think he offers something from the bench in certain games/situations. Am always wary of signing too many players in the summer. As well sticking with him.
  6. The Buddies planting stories already to unsettle the heroic MOH. Hopefully he stays focused.
  7. Felt Clark could have done better at their goal.
  8. Hopefully you won’t feel embarrassed if we win this one........
  9. Didn’t realise that, cheers TRS. Hopefully he’ll play again before end of season anyway.
  10. Fair play @PauloPerth whooshed the f**k out of me there 😀
  11. How does one get a free code for home games? Hope we are not back to secret seven shenanigans here. It’s bad enough a Ksylor winning every 50/50 draw.
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