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  1. 1 hour ago, Northsea80 said:

    I've been going along to watch Queens Park  5 or 6 times a season for a good few years now. They're my local team and i'd like to see them do well, the move to Lesser Hampden and going pro makes watching all the more interesting now, to see the progression they make. I wouldn't take my daughter to watch Celtic, she's been to a couple of Queens Park games (as an oblivious to her surroundings and asleep baby), if she has any interest in going to football as she gets older i'd strongly encourage her coming along to watch her local team over Celtic. Or Rangers for that matter. 

    Be interested to know if that is based on the ‘local’ aspects of Queens or is it more to do with the baggage carried by the other two.

  2. Nobody has really addressed he elephant in the room that is catholics and protestants.

    Scotland’s history decided if you were one of them or one of us and so the two cheeks prospered based on this religious bigotry fanned quite well by segregating schools (great idea that one).

    In my school there were lots of **** that supported who their dad supported even though the religious aspects had been diluted i.e no many of them went to church but they still hated the other side - the bigotry was now ingrained.

    One or two of my pals recognised this aspect of supporting the cheeks was not right saw the light and started going to  Love Street - those guys are the ones I really admire.

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