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  1. It annoyed me that Taylor was sent of with no intention to foul involved yet Starfelt fouls in the box for the penalty and isn’t even booked.
  2. Reminds me… What part of a woman’s body is the ‘now’ Heard a song on the radio ‘I wonder who’s kissing her now’
  3. Best bit of business this window was keeping Baccus.
  4. Live TV site is listing all but Motherwell game as PPV
  5. A guy goes to Doc’s with sore big toe. Doc says you’ve got chlamydia. Guy asks if that’s unusual Doc says “ That’s nothing- had a girl in here this morning with athletes fanny”
  6. How’s this for dytedness - in a magazine today I put two fingers on a picture to try and zoom in.
  7. Oldie but always worth a re-telling… Nine Wells maternity and the couple have a new baby boy. Wifey -’what should we call him’ Hubby ‘Nathan’ Wifey ‘Naw! We need to call him somethin’”
  8. He was my all time favourite at Love Street …wish he had stuck it out at Liverpool - would have been a sensation in that league Thanks wee man.
  9. I think only the top threshold has changed - the £43,622 figure being quoted is the break even point - below this your tax bill stays the same above this the new 42% and 47% rares will make your bill higher than previous.
  10. Agreed, and what I normally do on that stretch but others fill the empty lane - what I’m suggesting is hatch the lane between the two slips thus forcing everyone to be that good driver and use the other two lanes - it’s a short slip and uphill so it eases the problem.
  11. Hate that junction too - always felt the inside lane could be “hatched” from previous off slip so that through traffic used middle and outside lanes leaving inside lane clear for joining traffic.
  12. She also asked. “…..but who do you really support”
  13. I think it’s close to 30% Saints and 70% Sydney calculated over last two years
  14. A skeleton went into a pub and asked for a pint of lager and a mop.
  15. I’ve noticed this about a lot of throw-ins from all teams the last couple of years - it’s as though the referees have been instructed to ignore them unless absolutely blatant
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