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  1. Congratulations to Broxburn. Berwick were all over the place. Some heavy tackles in the first half and a card happy ref set the tone for the afternoon. Very frustrating and disapointing performance overall. Whoever is in control of the pre-match 'music' needs a kick up the arse. It was way too loud and impossible to hold a conversation in the stand. The type of music needs to be looked at and get rid of that screeching earsplitting noise put out over the crap tannoy system on Saturday. I would have preffered to sit in silence than be subjected to that headache inducing noise.
  2. WOW. Huge RESPECT to the Vale players for their resilience, especially for their keeper, who looked knackered, soaking wet and rather muddy after pulling off some fine saves fom the Berwick onslaught. Some good goals from Berwick who seemed to be enjoying themselves in the very slippery conditions.
  3. Enjoyed watching Rangers Bairns at Berwick yesterday. I didn't expect to see a win for the Dream Team, so I approached the game as a training day for our team. RB are the future stars of the Premier League and they were sharp, quick and very agile, as you would expect from Scotland's junior elite. It's a shame that Taylor-McKenzie was suspended, he would have given us an extra edge. Looking forward now to our next game, in the hope that our players learned from this experience.
  4. Great result against Colts. A tricky side on the break, with lots of pace and determination, but Berwick stuck to it, came away with 5 more goals in the bag and are sitting pretty in 4th place in the table. I agree 100% with Graham Taylor being awarded Man of the Match. Well done to all at the Club!
  5. Well done the Dream Team A great game , a great result and even some handbags thrown in for added entertainment value. It was very pleasing to give DS a bloody nose.
  6. We can't win them all. They must be knackered playing 2 matches a week.
  7. I enjoyed the game on Tuesday night despite the pish referee. It was entertaining end to end stuff with Berwick playing the better futty overall. Well done the dreamteam, let's keep the momentum going with a good away win at Gala on Saturday.
  8. Sitting here smiling at all the hot headed garbage being thrown around. It's time to put your handbags away and it will soon be time to concentrate on the football on the pitch. I'm just looking forward to being back in the stand at Shielfield Park, seeing the familiar old faces back on the terracing and enjoying and afternoon (or evening) of the Dream Teams finest futty - ahh, bliss.
  9. Maybe so but I certainly rattled your cage !
  10. Let us start afresh and move forward with poisitivity for the new season ahead, with new challenges to face and hopefully a return to fans in the stadium as soon as possible.
  11. What's done is done, can we move on from the petty name calling and nasty comments now and focus on the coming season please?
  12. An excelent post agm update from the club, well written, positive and very informative. Thanks guys
  13. An update from the club at last - I thought they'd all gone into hibernation for the rest of the season........
  14. Well done Berwick, some good news at last and by all accounts a great performance. Excellent post match write up on the website.
  15. Oh dear. That was a disaster, made worse by having the ref playing against you as well.
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