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  1. I'll wear my wife's keks on my head if it means I can go to a home game!😵☠️
  2. There's plenty of room at Shielfield Park to achieve 1m+ spacing so I can't see why it would not be acceptable if supporters also wore a face covering? Any thoughts anyone?
  3. Hoping that it won't be too long now until my new home shirt arrives, the government announce the restart date and the clock watching begins until futty returns once again. Meanwhile, the club continues to work hard behind the scenes with new initiatives and people joining the set up. It's all building up very nicely ready for our big return...............🤞
  4. Welcome to the new Berwick Rangers thread for season 2020/21. New thread - New season - New Berwick Rangers.
  5. Well done to the Supporters Club re the new pitch arrangements. This can not only be of great benefit to the community but also raise that great feeling of optimism leading up to the start of the new season for all local teams at all levels.
  6. I agree with Redcar. Relgation was a bitter pill to swallow but I too have found that the football is more enjoyable to watch. The club was in a very poor state before relegation but with this new hard working board in place things have already improved hugely and the post covid future looks very bright. I look forward to feeling the atmosphere of renewed optimism when the fans return to the stadium. Can't wait! 🤞
  7. The new kit design looks fab. Loving the traditional style. Well done the designers, I look forward to seeing it worn proudly on the pitch, in the stadium and around the Town!👍
  8. I'd like to express my thanks to the club for the recent conprehnsive update. 👍 Can the Director resposible for ground develpoment please look into replacing the old P A system? Often on match days the pre match 'music' is so loud and of such poor sound quality that it's difficult to hold a conversation with fellow supporters. On other other hand, it's sometimes very difficult to hear the winning numbers for the half time draw etc. Any imporovement would surely heip to enhance the match day experince. 🤞
  9. Happy Easter everyone. I hope you're all following the Governements advice and staying safe. Our teams will all need as much support as they can get when things return to normal. 🤞🙏
  10. Let it BRFC - great title, made me smile. Good luck with the new project guys! 😊👍
  11. It's good to see the positive changes going on behind the scenes during this period of uncertainty due to that pesky virus. Just one question - Will the new kit supplier be making replica shirts in XXXL for fat b*****ds like me? 😄
  12. Thank you for posting this on here. I too am an old fart that doesn't do FB. 👍
  13. OMG, that was absolutely awful! I've seen better performances than that on the sports centre pitch! The timid useless Ref was a nightmare and Nicky Low's antics just wound up the home support and seemed to intimidate the Ref. Something has to change and soon. We just can't keep going on like this. 😔
  14. 1881 Fund? Is that what Younger is calling his wallet these days? I for one will not be contributing a single bean while he has anything to do with the running of the club. Should it not be called the 1884 Fund?
  15. A good positive sounding write up from Dave Buglass on the web site. He's correct about the old negative Berwick mentality. I agree that it would be nice to see Shielfield as the hub of football and possibly other sports for the area and for it to be open and busy 7 days a week. I've said for a while now that a women's team would be a great idea and if Dave could organise a women's game or two it might spark some local interest in having our own Berwick Belles team set up. Perhaps more music events could be considered to bring in revenue like a mini Glastonbury?
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