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  1. OMG! What a nightmare!
  2. Berwick Rangers v Clyde.

    Piss poor performance, piss poor passing, too slow to every ball, too slow to react all over the park, out run, out played, far too much ball watching while the opposition run rings round us. Very disappointing!
  3. Berwick v Edinburgh

    Delighted at the result and the improved performance. Great to see Ouzy on the pitch. Good to see a change in Goalie and Harvey thanking the fans who stayed right to the end. And to those people who left the ground early and missed the Berwick goals I would like to say a very big and very loud 'The Simpsons' style HAH HAH!
  4. Berwick v Edinburgh

    I'll be at his one out of respect for Johnny Harvey after his honest apology to fans and obvious embarrassment after the Annan game. The man needs some support after being badly let down by his players recently. I'm trying to build up some enthusiasm for Saturday. We need to get this game out of the way and focus on the January transfer window in the hope that things can improve with some new blood. I'm sure Brennan will be kept very busy........
  5. HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all my fellow long suffering BRFC fans! Let's pick ourselves up and cheer on our motley crew on Saturday (a pre-match drink or 6 might help). Let's not take their performance against EC too seriously 'cos it won't help. Let's have a larf and enjoy their Xmas bloopers. Lets leave all the stress and angst until the New Year. After all, it's only a game. Best wishes to you all, Pugsley.
  6. Berwick v Peterhead

    'Morning all, My previous contribution to this forum was written in the heat (or lack of it) of the moment. Obviously I really want the team to do well and I do realise that they have really improved over the past few games prior to this latest performance. Apologies to everyone for being overly negative. The Ref was very tolerant with some of the holding and pulling tactics employed by some of the opposition players and that just added to the frustration. I suppose like any other long term follower of Berwick Rangers, if I ever had some serious luck on the lottery I would invest heavily in the club for the sake of local pride. As Mr Harvey said at his post match interview, this level of performance is not acceptable from his players and here's hoping that the team can learn from this experience, recover from this one and move forward to better games in the future.
  7. Berwick v Peterhead

    Totally out classed, completely out played, that was absolute SHITE! Headless chicken mode right from the start - that was a complete embarrassment! What a waste of 12 quid to freeze my bollocks off watching that complete garbage! That's the end of my season if that's what we can expect from this bunch of jumped up wannabees.
  8. Enjoyed the game very much. Berwick did well to absorb the pressure for the first 20 mins, then gradually edged their way into the game. I thought the ref must have been wearing red under his kit at times especially in the first half. Well done Berwick a very pleasing result and 3 much needed points.
  9. Well done Berwick! A wonderful result! I wasn't there but followed it on the net. I've been to Borough Briggs a few times and Berwick never play well there, so to come away with this tremendous result is a real bonus. The long journey home will be so much easier after that. Magic - really delighted!
  10. Wee Rovers v Wee Rangers

    Delighted to see the scoreline, some good news at last, something to build on for the games ahead, well done Berwick!
  11. Cowden vs Berwick

    Down, down, down we go ever deeper into the abyss. This team/club is a laughing stock and an embarrassment to the town.
  12. Berwick v Montrose

    Absolute PISH. I was so bored that I was falling asleep by half time, so I voted with my feet and went home. Phuk it.
  13. Berwick v Elgin

    This was my first game in a while, I thought I'd give it a try now that Robbie is in charge, I'm glad I did. Good work rate and determination. I don't think Scullion won a single one on one header, he must have lead boots on! Well done the team, the whole town will be lifted by this, let's hope this can continue for the rest of the season.
  14. Berwick vs. Cowdenbeath

    What a load of garbage that was! How thick is Coughlin when he stood there with Miles Alan at his side with their fingers up their bums procrastinating in 'der' mode and playing with bits of paper for a good 10 minutes until the 3rd goal went in. Then they decide to make changes after 66 minutes when the damage is already done! The Ducket fans were shouting and screaming at Coughlin for changes long before that but were ignored. If the fans can read the game and know when changes are desperately needed why can't he do it? Can't he make decisions? What are the club paying the manager for? Surely a full time manager should be proactive and have contingency plans already in place for this kind of situation so that the player permutations have already been thought of before the game instead of being reactive wasting so much valuable playing time trying to work it out at pitch side during the game. The team was a complete embarrassment up to that point, but by then it was too late and it has left me extremely angry and disappointed at the level of incompetency both on and off the pitch.