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  1. Another brill result at the weekend v Bo'ness. Delighted for the team and my fellow loyal supporters. Onward and upward now with (at last) a home fixture v Uni of Strirling on Saturday, weather permitting. Fingers crossed for another good performance from the Dream Team to help us catch CSS for 6th place
  2. A much needed win against V.O.L, three much needed points, goal difference increased and a good positive shot in the arm for the club while facing all the injury issues in the playing squad. Great result Berwick!
  3. A great result from a very entertaining game, well done to all at Berwick Rangers! Also good to see Scott Taylor-McKenzie back on the park, albeit for about 10 minutes at the end of the game.
  4. It's a bit frosty in Berwick this morning, so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the game can go ahead today. It's been too long without a game for me and I need my futty fix.
  5. Hope you all had a Happy Christmas. Berwick started off v Gala very poorly. Gala were all over us and were much the better side in the first half. I suspect Malcolm gave the players a good talking to at half time cos Berwick were a different team in the second half and one to be proud of. A card happy Ref and some handbags made it all the more entertaining. Overall a very good result against a tricky side to prepare us for BR next time out.
  6. In my previous post I forgot to congratulate the ball boy set up v Broomhill. It was great to see such a well organised squad of youngsters for a change. The speed at which they gave a replacement ball to the players made a huge difference to the pace of the game, made it it much more enjoyable to watch and made the club as a whole look much more professional. Well done to all!
  7. Thank you to the players and staff for a great game against Broomhill. Some very entertaining football, some great passing of the ball, some brilliant individual performances and another clean sheet with 3 more goals and 3 more points in the bag! Still buzzin!
  8. Never mind the politics and sillyness, as entertaining as it is - well done Berwick, a much needed win and a boost to all who follow the club. At last, a home game next Saturday, seems like months since I could take my regular seat for some footy therapy. Buzzin again..........
  9. I'm pleased that there is no game today after last nights storm. I was lucky to only have my front and rear fences blown down and some slight roof damage. I think I'll cosy up with my dog on the sofa, with a pie and a bovril, to watch the Lionesses play at 12.30. That should keep me nice n warm.
  10. Thank you to Lowland and Finest for the entertaining conversation, but where have all the other contributors gone? It's very quiet on the Berwick Rangers thread theses days, maybe they've all twittered off to somewhere else?
  11. Congratulations to Broxburn. Berwick were all over the place. Some heavy tackles in the first half and a card happy ref set the tone for the afternoon. Very frustrating and disapointing performance overall. Whoever is in control of the pre-match 'music' needs a kick up the arse. It was way too loud and impossible to hold a conversation in the stand. The type of music needs to be looked at and get rid of that screeching earsplitting noise put out over the crap tannoy system on Saturday. I would have preffered to sit in silence than be subjected to that headache inducing noise.
  12. WOW. Huge RESPECT to the Vale players for their resilience, especially for their keeper, who looked knackered, soaking wet and rather muddy after pulling off some fine saves fom the Berwick onslaught. Some good goals from Berwick who seemed to be enjoying themselves in the very slippery conditions.
  13. Enjoyed watching Rangers Bairns at Berwick yesterday. I didn't expect to see a win for the Dream Team, so I approached the game as a training day for our team. RB are the future stars of the Premier League and they were sharp, quick and very agile, as you would expect from Scotland's junior elite. It's a shame that Taylor-McKenzie was suspended, he would have given us an extra edge. Looking forward now to our next game, in the hope that our players learned from this experience.
  14. Great result against Colts. A tricky side on the break, with lots of pace and determination, but Berwick stuck to it, came away with 5 more goals in the bag and are sitting pretty in 4th place in the table. I agree 100% with Graham Taylor being awarded Man of the Match. Well done to all at the Club!
  15. Well done the Dream Team A great game , a great result and even some handbags thrown in for added entertainment value. It was very pleasing to give DS a bloody nose.
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