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  1. The standard of that league will be greater than that of the Scottish Championship and Linfield are sitting top.
  2. I reckon Bullen has told him it straight after that miss against Morton. Needs to earn his spot. Lee Bullen said in one of his interviews that hard work on the pitch is not negotiable...could be the reason he finds himself on the bench.
  3. This may bring a smile to a few faces..Jackson Longridge at 16 years old gave, a couple of years older, Tiffoney a bleaching at Somerset Park one afternoon for being a smart arse. From that day on Jackson was my hero...
  4. Are you suggesting we persevere with Walsh and Chalmers, whom have played throughout our run of bad form..furthermore, we are without Moffat and Todd through injury. Would would your preferred line up be.
  5. You don't play around 600 games for professional clubs if you are lazy and a coward . never saw him as that when he played for Ayr. His real problem was he lacked pace...he was an excellent footballer...if he had half decent pace he would have played all his football in the Premier League..to compare him to Chris Aitken is ludicrous..as someone mentioned earlier Sherrin was on a different planet from Aitken.
  6. Driving time will be about 4 hours from Ayr..it's slightly further than a trip to play Ross County..I don't see travel as a problem but I do see this as a difficult tie.
  7. Think it was a 4-3 cup win away to Motherwell..what a game
  8. My point is that it would be remiss of management to ignore the lower leagues and to do so would without any shadow of a doubt be elitist....just like your post. You are aware that our team, whilst flying high in the Championship, recently exited the Scottish Cup from a team who play in the lower leagues.
  9. Yes I'm aware of that and yes you are being pedantic but I'm sure you share my thoughts
  10. Are you hinting that we're signing someone free the juniors? You are sounding like a big time Charlie elitist with your comments..it would be remiss of management not to keep an eye on the juniors..a couple of examples why...Michael Moffat...Ross Stewart (currently getting good reviews with his displays at Ross County) played with Ardeer and Kilwinning Rangers for three years before going into the professional ranks..I'm sure there are others.
  11. Think the guy who has signed is most likely a free agent otherwise his departing club would be making an announcement...difficult to keep moves quiet when there are two clubs involved.
  12. Poor boy after one game he is written off my the supporters of Ayr United...think we are getting above our station....last month didn't the Barcelona goalie concede 8 and he has got 24 caps for Germany...he can't be too bad..he cost Barca 12 million Euros...we have to trust the judgement of our manager who has two goalies training with us and I'm pretty sure that was not the case for Ruddy...I believe he signed on loan without being seen by anyone at Ayr...
  13. Can we afford his salary...more likely to sign for Hibs, Hearts or even Kilmarnock..it's not so long ago he was on 8k a week..he would be a great signing but I think out of our reach.
  14. And in my opinion that's why there has not been a mad rush for season tickets.. once again the chiefs have got to get their finger out
  15. When Kelly, Doohan and Houston turned up on our doorstep, they had in total between them played 4league games(all by Houston at loan to Airdrie.. rotation is normally employed by clubs who are likely to play 50/60 games a season and to give players a rest...we will play 27 league games...the boy Ecrepont is better off at Albion and I would be surprised if there is not a clause in the deal allowing Ayr to recall him if he is required.
  16. Not surprising as his dad is the manager at Alloa..not sure we would have been interested in him anyway..he would have been another work in progress (only played 52 senior games for Clyde). Think it's a position where we need a tried and tested senior pro. However, hard they may be to find.
  17. The junior keeper being referred to will be better than the Ayr United back up and the two Rabs had no options other than bring in Juniors due to the financial state of the club at that time...the bulk of the players were on 50 quid a week and both Rabs weren't on much more..no manager before or after would have done any better than those two lads given the restrictions that were placed on them...maybe they should be commended for keeping the club alive during those desperate times.
  18. Big Jim Fleeting is an Ayr United supporter through and through.
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