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  1. Has anyone heard mention of new training facilities?
  2. Mark Kerr will be very difficult to replace...available players ok his standard are few and far between, even though he is 36/37.
  3. Why do you ask? Does it make any difference? I would hazard a guess you are having a go at someone. Whoever it is that is drilling the team he is an employee of Ayr United and almost certainly brought onto the payroll by the manager, who I'm sure will have a major say on daily training. Some of the best managers/coaches around spend little time on delivering sessions Fantastic result and fantastic start to the season...well done Ayr.
  4. Jackson was 16 when he played his games for Ayr...I saw him play for the Academy on numerous occassions..he was an outstanding prospect..he was tough, determined and had a great attitude...Brian Reid rated him highly and gave him his debut, coming on as sub after 13 minutes against Dundee at Somerset...he got man of the match for his performance...it is a disgrace on a grand scale that he was allowed to leave Ayr....if Jackson was still at Ayr we would never have required Paddy Boyle(good servant) nor Daniel Harvie(good player).
  5. As much as this competition is not very exciting in the early rounds, it does get more interesting in the later stages with the Welsh, English and Irish teams joining in. I would field strong teams trying to progress as far as we can. I think we are strong enough to be regarded as potential winners(aren't ICT current holders). Doohan Ferguson Rose Bell Ecrepont McDaid Docherty Crawford(for an hour) McGuffie Moore Moffat (for an hour)
  6. Think both Campbell and Teale cost £90,000 each. Think Weir was signed before Barr started pumping money into the club so i doubt that figure of 150k.
  7. Its not so long ago he was a schoolboy...think we can give him a bit of leeway on that one and given that he was being in an unfamiliar role...the boy is tremendous player...
  8. Disappointed that you didnt get the Buckie attendance[emoji16]
  9. Please tell everybody how to attack a ball that is 10 feet over you head..the two centre backs are in a good position for a cross into the box..there are no opposition players to pick up and neither was static..also I dont think Boyle's position is too bad...sometimes you have to give credit to players and in this case the cross was superb taking out the entire defence..the strike was superb, not an easy skill to perfect and 19 times out of 20 that ends up on the railway...Hart makes a great stop but the ball falls nicely for the Airdrie boy, showing good awareness, to knock it home.
  10. I live in Asia...so obviously dont get to see any games but based on Saturday's highlights there is not any evidence of Ayr playing long ball football.
  11. I think that decision will lay more with the lad than and his parents than the club if he turns out to be good enough. Playing for Scotland at under 16 level does not guarntee a player is gonna make it... played alongside a former Ayr player at junior level with a lad who represented Scotland at under 18 level.
  12. the 7 academy boys haven't played a single minute of competitive football to the best of my knowledge. Are you not aware that Crawford, Forrest and McGuffie had not played a single minute of competitive football before they made their debut. McCall has stated that he is hooeful of at least one of the Academy graduates making their mark this season in the same way that McGuffie pushed is way into contention last season. I think we will also see a couple of loan arrivals in the next month or so.
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