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  1. Mostly votes Tory v never votes Tory Aye, we're a' the same
  2. Some people can't help being a c**t ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. Alistair Darling bested AS on live TV Alistair Darling [emoji26]
  4. Soooooo.................service was done and no major issues found, no DTC codes found. Mechanic did say the Alternator Drive Belt was worn and needs replaced (timing belt/water pump were done ~ 8k miles ago). Could this be the cause of the "engine malfunction"?
  5. Advice please - 2011 Ford Focus 1.6TDCi - "Engine Malfunction" came on this morning when under hard acceleration (joining motorway). When I put the foot down, the car felt sluggish for a sec then the message popped up - after that, I couldn't accelerate hard at all (limp mode?). Kinda felt like the car was starved of fuel for a second - any ideas welcome? Car is booked in for a service tomorrow
  6. Still waiting on you kunts back home to get it right and sort me out with a Scottish EU passport. Make it so!
  7. Did he touch her her hair in a nightclub? Totally acceptable according to some
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