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  1. The rule has changed since 1998 because of how ridiculous some sendings off were. They must involve brutality or excessive force. If you watch the sending off again, McKenna has 2 or 3 heavy duty shoves in his back off the ball before he had he petulant kick. If talking purely on force then McKenna was the guiltier of the two. A yellow or a talking to for both would have been more than sufficient. The red card for morelos doesn't actually annoy me that much, he was daft for getting involved. What annoys me is the jumping to a conclusion by the assistant having seen something out the corner of his eye and then later in the game, a really basic decision for Clancy to send off ball and he doesn't even produce a card. It really was a shocking decision. I've no idea where she's from, but considering they work from hampden it would likely be people who live in Glasgow or the West applying, no? I don't apply for jobs in Aberdeen much myself. In any case, the damage has already been done by the time the card is overturned . The Ryan Jack one against Celtic wasn't a pen, it was outside the box, but the point being rangers loaded up the box and left themselves exposed, Jack was fouled and we should have had a free-kick. The goal wouldn t have happened. Vs Kilmarnock the "goal" was from a corner So the assistant was on the goal line and the ref in the box, no excuse not to see it. I agree, the pen which went against you was harsh and the pen you should have got when McLean took the heavy touch at the free-kick should have been given. It was poor from the officials (btw, Michael Stewart on soortscene suggesting the assistant should have saw that from the far side of the pitch sums up how much he is stealing a wage for doing soortscene). I don't remember what didn't go for you or went against you in the st Johnstone game to be perfectly honest. So here's a question, you're rightly calling out poor mistakes made by officials which have potentially cost you a point. You aren't suggesting some pro Aberdeen bias, but if the exact same set of circumstances had played out at ibrox instead of pittodrie, you would be claiming bias as the underlying reason for the mistakes. Sportscene is littered with refereeing mistakes on a weekly basis, some in games involving the old firm, some not. I've clearly shown you examples of at least 4 or 5 we agree on that have went against Rangers in 18 games. Isn't it possible the refs at the top currently just aren't good enough? P.s. all teams have or have had someone who gets away with persistent fouling I.e. Scott Brown, Graeme shinnie, Callum Patterson, Paul McGowan, Steven mcginn, Ryan porteous (the other night, no idea if this is regular for him). The majority of morelos yellows have been for dissent which is really quite shocking when you see the dissent that goes unpunished. Liam Craig yesterday for example. Even in our own team, Allan McGregor is far more guilty of dissent than morelos but rarely gets punished.
  2. Aberdeen, morelos red card recinded. Wrong decision by clancy/mcgeachy. Reason? No brutality or excess force. It's clearly an error and one which the assistant who made the call admitted he didn't see right. Now if the old firm pressure were so great, you'd think the refs would make sure they were 100% before giving decisions, right? In the same game dom ball pulled down windass who was about to tap into an empty net. Clear red card as no intent to play the ball. Ryan Jack fouled on the edge of the Celtic box which led to rangers being outnunbered in the Celtic counter attack they scored in. Kilmarnock away, goal scored clearly over the line, not given. Morelos gave out physically what Berra has made a career put of doing to others. As much as porteous should have been sent off, I'll give him credit as he seemed to enjoy the physical battle with morelos. Porteous had 2 serious foul play challenges in the same game against us. Your gripe with morelos was persistent fouling so the two aren't comparable in any case.
  3. Aberdeen away, Celtic away, hibs away, Dundee away, Kilmarnock away, hearts away, st mirren away (although last minute so not strictly game changing). 7 games out of 18, so more than 1/3 of games have had at least 1 major decision wrongly go against us. So what's happened then? Did the refs not the memo? Are they particularly brave refs who don't get intimidated by the old firm pressure? I understand fully the point you're trying to make. Euro refs don't feel the pressure the old firm apply to domestic refs and so more game changing decisions go against us in Euro games. Us fans of the old firm sides aren't used to seeing this so we get outraged as it's some sort of strange phenomenon and not what we see each weekend? Is that a good summation? Only problem is, the paragraph preceding the summation of your point directly contradicts it. We are used to seeing just as many poor ref calls as any other team, the sheer regularity this season is a joke right enough. The difference being we are often good enough to mitigate the damage in domestic games. The standard in Europe being higher and so naturally there is less margin for error, so the impact of a wrong decision is far higher. As a practical example, we got denied a goal at Dundee, it cost us 2 points in a 38 game season. As an isolated incident (forgetting all the afore mentioned domestic ref mistakes) it shouldn't be a mistake which can't be mitigated. In the spartak moscow away game we were 3-2 up and got denied a perfectly good goal. 4-2 at half time would have been the store. We probably go on to win that game. At the very worst we draw. That's an extra point in a 6 game league where we lost out by a point in the final standings which would have sent us through to the last 32 and a double header against Inter. So the impact of a euro decision is demonstrably higher.
  4. We were playing rapid Vienna, I honestly can't remember much about the ref, they are a decent team a level above the rest of the spl teams. We were a bit unlucky on the night but probably a bit mentally and physically tired. 3 of our Europa league games had game changing decisions wrongly go against us. We didn't claim eastern European bias, just shite refs. Scott Brown is a protected species where he seems to be above the law. It's nothing to do with Glasgow bias. See Graeme shinnie for his northern equivalent. The stonewall penalty was a handball, a similar, less blatant one has just been awarded to Cardiff in the man u match. The point being that this season alone I can point to several decisions which are blatantly wrong and have cost us points and not too many that have gone in our favour. Yet what got all the hysteria and headlines? An offside goal v hearts. The media coverage in Scotland is ridiculously anti rangers in its bias. Celtic fans with typewriters is the term which describes it best I think. Now considering your belief that the reason for pro old firm ref bias is for an easy life with no media backlash, doesn't that seem a tad contradictory? My opinion is that you, just like most other fans in this country and further afield, have tinted specs on when it comes to your team and feel they are punished by poor ref decisions. Probably like most team's players and fans, you get more up for games against the old firm teams as you know it's a big game and with that comes a bit more emotion. It's perfectly understandable as we do the same in old firm and euro games. With that extra emotion comes a little bit more irrationality. So looking at the two games vs rangers this year, I can't think of anything controversial for either team at ibrox. At tynecastle we had the offside goal. Hearrs had sean Clare avoiding a red card. Now you say this has gone on for years. I'm sure I could find equally as many decisions going against us. Callum Paterson avoiding a red at ibrox when sow scored the last minute winner and several games in the Paul Hartley era. Isn't it funny how the times when you guys were genuine challengers stick in my mind more as subconsciously I view them as big games?
  5. Is this referring to the livi match? Didn't see much of it other than the goals. Obv the ref made an arse of it with the keeper. Was there anything else? Taking another Glasgow - Edinburgh example. Craig Thomson, one of the Glasgow favouring refs supposedly, in the hibs v rangers match, let Ryan Porteous away with TWO red card challenges, only issuing a yellow at the second, nothing at the first. He also denied a stonewall handball penalty for Rangers. So again, I'm waiting for evidence of this pro old firm/Glasgow bias.
  6. Women's football is played on a Sunday so doesn't impact on ref availability. Holidays will be more of an impact in the summer but with either of the above they affect each region the same. The point being that when there are shortages of officials for whatever reason, the West copes better because they have a bigger pool to fall back on. The lowland league of is a southern version of the highland league. Refs from Glasgow will cover games in Edinburgh and south of Scotland etc and I think fort William in the highland league. Ultimately it makes no difference where the ref is from. Since this thread started ranges have had games v Aberdeen and Dundee, both refs have been from Glasgow. Over the 2 games there has been a red card, a wrongly disallowed goal and a strong claim for a penalty turned down for us. Where is the bias? I'd hate to see what would go against us if this is refs helping us!
  7. With healthcare it's a widely known economic fact that you can have 2 of 3 features. Universality, affordability, quality All 3 cannot co exist. So it really depends which one of the 3 features you are prepared to sacrifice. With the nhs it's quality. Which is no criticism of the good people working within the nhs as they are constrained by budgets.
  8. Don't You think that's extremely ironic on a forum which had a thread titled "does anyone admit to being right wing?" Or something like that? This is an echo chamber filled with nastiness and mob rule. You actually come across as an intelligent guy but you quite easily become part of the mob at times.
  9. Life, liberty and property, everything else is interference and detrimental. Law and order isn't people shouting subjectively offensive words at the football.
  10. Champagne socialists is the term you're looking for.
  11. Well he's a former Nazi collaborator and quite anti Semitic himself. So again, I'm waiting for why a dislike of him is anti Semitic or racism? You made the claim, back it up.
  12. Free market economics, the best tool for alleviating poverty and improving quality of life in history? In other news, when are we burning the books which trigger us with things like facts?
  13. The irony being all of those proclaiming the brilliance of socialism are using laptops and smartphones to use this website. It's amazing how easily people can be manipulated.
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