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  1. Heh! So much for hope. No point in Neilson putting two up front if our defence can't mark.
  2. Right Hearts. Give Prince Andrew's 11 a defeat to remember. Anyway, good news is, I found a stream, bad news is that it's got Rangers commentary on it.
  3. Great result. Easy to sniff at the opposition but Hearts, and other Scottish clubs, have bombed against equally ordinary or small side. An away win against a team that drew with Fiorentina is fine by me. And the dosh.
  4. Celtic, to be fair, were impressive last night for the first 50 minutes. Sevco have been abysmal. As bad as they were against Celtic. It's an utter rout at the hands of the Dutch Kings. Almost like the Boyne...
  5. Don't know who has him. Been swallowed up by Brexit visa chaos. Will be here for the New Year Derby hopefully.
  6. Hibs Net in lockdown apparently. Froth and anger from the Hibees and an eager audience of others lapping it up.
  7. I guess my humour didn't come across despite the emoji. Hibs will do well to be 3rd bottom.
  8. Damn. Was hoping to see him make an appearance, for a while at least, against Killie. Damn Brexit...
  9. Add Beaton to the list of abysmal Scottish refs. WTF was he doing? Pleased to see Gino having a good game. Boyce too until his injury - wonder if it was a coincidence that SJ came into game more in the second half in Boyce's absence? Neilson, Mackay and Smith all good too. Shankland didn't do much but score which is kind of his thing. Looks like he needs to sharpen up a bit though. As to St Johnstone...
  10. So, Tony Watt and Charlie Mulgrew rocking the Utd boat? Watt's a total huddy.
  11. Hibs getting it tight on Sportsound, esp the signing of Bushiri. What a shambles.
  12. Heh! Enjoying Souttar being all over the place there. So sad... Rangers couldn't even get our best defender last season.
  13. Hibs sign the player by accident then play him by accident. What a shitshow. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hibsed+it
  14. Kye Rowles has his visa apparently. Hopefully we can see him against Stoke next week.
  15. The electoral system we use was designed by the British Govt in Westminster. Pro-independence parties have a thumping majority under that system. The majority is almost a wipe-out under the FPTP sytem used for WM elections. Suck it up.
  16. Agree. Nowt against McGeady - Scotland didn't want him. Many national teams including our own have players who were born/ raised elsewhere. As to now - I think he could be Hibs' Charlie Adam - bits of magic now and then but essentially a hasbeen. Time will tell.
  17. Onion Bears getting marched off by the Sevilla Polis already.
  18. Imagine letting that family of nonces anywhere near Tynecastle. Nothing to crow about here.
  19. Hibs should've seen three reds. Moore should've gone for us. Hibs, from the fans to the team just didn't do enough. Again. Que pena, hombre.
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