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  1. ALBA's, or is ABLA?, campaign summed up. Jokers.
  2. Gerry Hassan calls out Salmond and Galloway's vanity trips for what they are. https://todaynewspost.com/news/world/uk-news/how-alex-salmond-and-george-galloway-fit-into-politics-of-populism/
  3. As if she needs to. Must be plenty of cousins about to shack up with.
  4. Alba seem to have peaked. Latest poll had them at 2% after others at nearly 6% and 3%. The bunch of bams will win nowt but potentially take seats from SNP and the Greens despite the Tories taking a shine to them.
  5. Have nothing against immigrants usually but this guy seemed evil. https://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2021/04/09/greek-immigrant-who-lived-off-welfare-dies-in-england/
  6. Alba - a pro-Indy gammon party. https://news.sky.com/story/pro-independence-parties-tipped-for-big-majority-in-scottish-election-poll-12266081
  7. The first poll with Alba in it and some soc media research doesn't make good reading for SexPest Salmond and his party of bams. https://archive.is/Haims https://archive.is/lChQL
  8. I had a good chuckle at it. Hope we're not offended, are we?
  9. Big Eck's first PPB is honest at least.
  10. There were one or two 'Gorgie Gaels', born in the area to Highland/ Island parents I met or heard of. Think they're gone now. One was a fairly well-known - in Edinburgh and Gaelic circles - as an antiquarian bookseller.
  11. Well, that was a joy. Stopped paying for the streams months ago as even when winning we were awful to watch. Have put my FoH on hold until a new manager is in place. Hopefully I can start them again next month. On the plus side, instead of just vegetating in front of VIP Row I can now create slap-up scran for the family on a Saturday without a mad rush at 4.45.
  12. So, the good and bad: We played fairly well for 60 minutes. Couldn't keep a clean sheet, again. Had to park the bus iin the final stages againat a patently shit Dundee side. Gave Cummings the chance to score when he'd done SFA until that point. Halliday did something good but was otherwise shit. Popescu was fine until his brainfart. GMS was starting to show who we thought he was and was then subbed. I didn't pay £18.50 for more boring shit and found a stream online. Haring should've been eased back into fitness and match sharpness against lesser sides.
  13. "Hedgefund Wurzels' Mumford and Sons turn out to be raving Nazis shock.
  14. Agree. Though, given our form this season and last, would we really fancy our chances against anyone in the SPL? Rangers would trounce us. Might get something from Celtic and Aberdeen. Hibs would generously donate their 3 points to us as usual. But the rest would park the bus, kick us around and then bomb up to our goal and get the win. As you say, it's not a quick fix but with Budge saying we'll have to tighten our belts and our academy youngsters all farmed out to teams that aren't playing due to Covid, I don't see how we'll even start fixing things in the short term. We'll be reliant on travelling huddies like Halliday.
  15. Wonder what the republican hardmen of the Six Counties make of him now?
  16. Farage and Bannon-loving Galloway plays a 'moderate' card by becoming a Tory.
  17. How TF is Halliday in every starting line-up? He has to be one of the worst signings of recent years. Especially given as he's toiling in the second tier.
  18. Hearts have been shit this season bar one or two games. Neilson's style of football, even when winning, is awful. Side to side and very slow. Only some urgency in the last ten minutes once we're behind. And Halliday? We really need to be playing more of the academy youngsters instead of topping up this waster's pension. Get him TF.
  19. What a difference. How TF did Raith put 3 past us on Saturday? Shows the shocking lack of effort and attitude by Hearts at the weekend. Wonder if Berra being absent is a bonus? Certainly, Popescu is playing well and our defence hasn't had any meltdowns. A clean sheet in the offing? Boyce and Irving great so far. Shame about Gino.
  20. From the horses mouth, in-between lines of coke and barking orders to a hooker.
  21. Does this mean that Rick Leonard won't be FM now?
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