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  1. Hearts have been shit this season bar one or two games. Neilson's style of football, even when winning, is awful. Side to side and very slow. Only some urgency in the last ten minutes once we're behind. And Halliday? We really need to be playing more of the academy youngsters instead of topping up this waster's pension. Get him TF.
  2. What a difference. How TF did Raith put 3 past us on Saturday? Shows the shocking lack of effort and attitude by Hearts at the weekend. Wonder if Berra being absent is a bonus? Certainly, Popescu is playing well and our defence hasn't had any meltdowns. A clean sheet in the offing? Boyce and Irving great so far. Shame about Gino.
  3. From the horses mouth, in-between lines of coke and barking orders to a hooker.
  4. Does this mean that Rick Leonard won't be FM now?
  5. Saw that. Horrific. Never liked McAlpine much but didn't realise he was this much of a dick. File under: Wings, George Galloway.
  6. Hibs have shown little or no threat at all. Celtic have done eff-all this half and one of the McGinn clan gives them a free-kick in an ideal spot.
  7. Andrew Neil and the Spectator would've probably been locked up during WWII. Can we do it now?
  8. Hearts fans: Berra, you've sold the jerseys again. You're shit. Berra: Hold my beer.
  9. A second yellow for Byrne is probably our best hope. I'm starting hate Berra with Neilson's boring somnolent tactics not far behind.
  10. Could see that coming. Berra is a fckn carcrash. Punt him FFS. Olly Lee's passing too... Awful start. Slow and shapeless. Dundee first to every ball.
  11. Have to admire your attitude. I'm obvs loving Hibs' meltdown but am only too aware that Berra and Halkett are preparing to ship goals at Dens later on, live on coonsull telly. I'm off to support a big team. Like Celtic...
  12. Jack Ross, just after Celtic text him before the match asking 'for a chat'.
  13. Good news for Rangers though. George Galloway has been spotted in the stand with a Union Flag.
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