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  1. Says a man calling himself after a Cove Rangers player. As to game... disappointed with draw though Hibs could've won it as well. A decent Hibs side, it has to be admitted. Past Hibs sides would've folded. Only perennial bombscare Hanlon was in the mood to Hibs It by trying to score an own goal with his arse but his goalie put a stop to it. Future's bright though - Beni is class. Woodburn too and he's not 100% match fit yet. McKay looks promising. Just need to get Boyce and Gnando cooking together.
  2. I think Woodburn was stuggling a bit and the Smith sub ruined the plans for Gnando to come on. Boyce was busy as per but not much came off for him - he was well nullified by the ref at times. Decent Hearts performance and overall the better team though either team could've won it. Thought both GMS and Hanlon had won it for us but Macey stepped in.
  3. Not sure. Wouldn't stop Clarke trying it though.
  4. Paul McGinn FFS. What is Clarke playing at? Ralston or Souttar ahead of him any day.
  5. Nisbet is nowhere near international standard, not that Scotland is a high standard these days. All in all, more utterly dispiriting and eyebleeding dross from Scotland. So negative, feeble and lacking in hunger or urgency. It feels like watching a Neilson or Levein team at times.
  6. I'm just talking about our games so far in the SPL. Didn't say you were lucky, just that you've had easier games. FWIW, we've rode our luck too. Neilson's bizarre tactics of sitting back around our box is gonna backfire one day.
  7. All this 'there are no easy games in international football anymore' when we play a wee team never seems to work when we play a 'bigger' team. Denmark being of course the same size as Scotland... What do they do differently?
  8. Hibs have been flying against Motherwell, Ross County and Livi. We've had four difficult ties - and not played that well for large spells but still won 3 of them. Am fairly confident. New players will have bedded in and hopefully the 'sit back and defend' mentality will have been ditched.
  9. Overall pleased with our play. Dominating the midfield with a lot of energy. Souttar is impressive. Halliday is either invisible or shit. Absolutle waste when we could have Ginelly on or McAneff. Smith used to be Mr Dependable but is now awful. Neither can cross a ball. Hope to see Gnadnuillet, Gino and McAneff on soonish.
  10. I hate Neilson's tactics. Park the bus around our box instead of having a go. As well as playing Halliday, Smith and Haring...
  11. How the France does Halliday start each week? He's not hiding this week but can't pass, cross or retain the ball. Halliday and Haring both awful today.
  12. Game changed for us when Halliday went off. Someone must have mentioned to Neilson at HT that being attack minded instead of camping in our own box might yield a goal or two...
  13. This is horrible from Hearts and Neilson. The sad thing is that it was utterly predictable. We've shown no fight. No urgency to attack. We've just sat back and invited Celtic to boss the game on the edge of our box. I'd get rid of Neilson tonight if I could. Feart doesn't begin to cover it.
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