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  1. Phew! The lifting of some restrictions coincides with the marching season. The lambeg-bin drum! The glory!
  2. Tweet of the day. I hope the FM actually does this.
  3. Superb satire. "And we did the drug dealer, Queen Victoria. She just kept killing Chinese people until they'd buy her opium" 🤣
  4. Boris put in another Craig Levein display in WM today, I see.
  5. The state of this guy. Stoned or just having his ares handed to him again?
  6. Boris... imagine being tied to this dolt during a pandemic. Actually, we don't have to imagine.
  7. Lib Dems will always be as cool as my last shit.
  8. #FatBaldEnglishMenMatter https://twit ter.com/ScoPoliticsNews/status/1271784729440858113?s=20
  9. WHAT ON EARTH DOES HE MEAN??!! https://www.thenational.scot/news/18510394.billy-connolly-hits-pathetic-scottish-labour-politicians/
  10. Looks like it. Think that's Edinburgh West home to the uber posh Cramond, Blackhall and Barnton. And Scott Brown. SNP tipped to take it at next GE if that happens in Scotland. Here's a new poll. Only Ian Murray remaining. Hopefully Indyref2 can give him an early pension before then.
  11. Not surprising that Yes seems to be establishing a 'new normal' lead in the polls. Boris' shambolic handling of the Covid crisis is pushing more folk our way. But... the east of Fife and Aberdeenshire?! No surprise with the Borders and those areas replete with wealthy gammon types.
  12. Boris wishing he was in a fridge somewhere. Eton freak.
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