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  1. Lib Dems greasing their sphincters already in anticipation of propping up a minority Boris govt.
  2. Poor soul. Is Stuart Campbell really that sad? https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/music/the-sad-secret-life-of-whitney-houston-1.3105861
  3. Campbell and Wings are history. Let him rot in Bath.
  4. So.... A point gained on Hibs. Maclean can score after all. Tell Barnsley to keep Stendel and pay his wages while we appoint MacPhee as our new maestro... How shite were we?
  5. That's put me off my dram. Meanwhile, the absolute state of Dick Leonard:
  6. Hearts are fckn awful and have been for around a year. Yet somehow we still beat Hibs on their home patch.
  7. Good to Stendel arrive. Decent piece in the Edinburgh Evil News if you can handle their awful website. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/latest-hearts-news/leon-wobschall-inside-story-daniel-stendels-reign-barnsley-1330765
  8. The fans didn't want him out. He won promotion and flopped after the board sold something like 4 defenders and a striker. Think similar happened to Dundee. Will it work at Hearts? Who knows? My other choice would be Robinson.
  9. Or, we're so bad, teams only need a fraction of the match before it's done and dusted.
  10. Price indirectly rubbing SLAB's nose in it here. Yon Labour drone well clamped, as we used to say in primary.
  11. To be fair, Killie only played for 20 minutes against us as well...
  12. Sevco will finally pump us silly to make up for Neilson humiliating them in the Championship.
  13. I'd love it if this prediction came to pass. Raab, Jack and Sweeney losing.
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