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  1. That UK Gov briefing tonight was an embarrassment. Asked why we're not testing like Germany is doing and we got a word salad. The shit is starting to hit the fan.
  2. Not believing any cac from the Daily Mail. Anyway, saw Hearts are on the telly tonight. Two nil up against Hibs already. That Skacel looks a player. Hibs' defence though... that Pa Kujabi and McPake not instilling confidence. Budge should rush out the STs on the back of a performance like this.
  3. NHS staff in Aberdeenshire should've been given copies of Viz from years ago. Had him sussed.
  4. Disease-ridden parasite arrives in rural Scotland....
  5. Can't wait to see the back of this utter cnut.
  6. The Daily Mail which has turned hatred of immigrants and refugees into an artform is urging its readers to become Covid Refugees in the Highlands and Islands. Get them to fck. The result:
  7. Mind that video of him standing next to some female Tory candidate looking like a cleaner shaven Sutcliffe. What a freak. Meanwhile. https://twitter.com/Allbrig htPercy/status/1239176471446458372?s=20
  8. Trust the Tories to get their priorities right.
  9. Can't argue with this. Have oft thought the same of Aberdeen for years who never quite manage to be the sum of their parts and seriously threaten the Ugly Sisters but we've taken that to ridiculous extremes. The fact that Levein is still at the club is a joke. I've supported Budge until now but she needs to go. I like Stendel and would keep him but it looks like his style of play isn't what was needed during a winter dog-fight and Jan transfer window. The maths aint done but I can't see this team having the balls to escape relegation. There are a few professionals who should be punted. We should concentrate on the youth in preparation for the Championship.
  10. Sibbick playing a part to some extent gives me renewed optimism. Hearts should be fine as long as we don't gift SM a goal or two on a silver platter. Our entire season has been a tale of various players inexplicably doing mental things. 🤢
  11. Jesus Christ. What an absolute arsehole. Wait till his handlers inform him that such a strategy will decimate his core vote.
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