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  1. Indeed. As if we all judge the Tories only because we've read their effin manifesto and nothing to do with the nutjobs and freaks we see on the news everyday. 'Sorry, I'll reserve judgement on Boris' corruption as I've not read their manifesto yet.'
  2. Doesn't matter and didn't read Ukip's either. Am not gonna vote for a party of bams, racists and homophobes. Salmond saying the Wings over Scotland is a 'voice of sanity'. Really? Like the HIllborough Fans were the cause of said disaster? It's OK to make fun of autistic kids? Gays will rape our kids? Feminism is the same as Islamic terror? Gaelic is useless? Etc.. And that's before you encounter the anti-Semites and Alex Arthur types.
  3. The London intelligensia is advocating carving up Scotland in the event of a Yes-vote. As if partition worked so well in Ireland, India and Palestine. Dumb Brits.
  4. The Branch Office is in a bad place.
  5. That is sickening. So-called Labour-minded voters voting for racist corrupt Boris. The flipside is that the remaining Labour voters may be more likely to vote Yes in Inydref2.
  6. Yes you have. The Brexit ref was called on around 36% of the vote. At least Scotland's democracy is roughly representative. In UK, a party can dicate on less than 40% of the popular vote.
  7. Lib Dems almost losing the safest seat in Scotland, Shetland, is one highlight among many so far.
  8. You may laugh but some radges in Alba will be claiming this has happened.
  9. Forgot about that. Her voice was as irritating as Cole-Hamilton's face.
  10. I think seeing Baillie and arseCole-Hamilton lose their seats would trump that Portillo loss years ago. As to what's happening in England... Christ on a crutch. The likes of Hartlepool and Sunderland voting Tory. Let's get Indyref2 a.s.a.p.
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