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  1. Tonight's scores 13/06/18

    Girvan v Troon ?
  2. Kickthecan

    Tonight’s scores
  3. Scottish Cup 1/4's and 6yh round tie.

    I think it's Shirley's Shirley MacLaine stane
  4. Games

    Girvan v Talbot Any chance of being on ?
  5. Weather Watch for Saturday 9 Feb

    Hurlford v Talbot ???
  6. Another Survey.... BUT

  7. Glenafton v Talbot Junior Cup Final 2017

    Final Rugby Park Sunday June 4th 4.05 kick off Best of luck to Talbot
  8. Blantyre Vics vs. Pollok

    Was at the game today and cannot believe the comments. First half every time Pollok went up the park offside including the goal. Second half all Blantyre till the penalties. Result flatters Pollok .if this is what they have to offer next season I am sure the bigger teams will not lose any sleep.
  9. Talbot - the benchmark.

    Just relish the moment
  10. hurlford/talbot.....talbot/hurlford

    Hurlford no 10 absolute disgrace to Junior football should have been sent off for blatant diving . Could enter the Olympics and win a Gold. Tom Daly would be proud of him. Result justice is done to a shower of overpaid under achievers.
  11. hurlford/talbot.....talbot/hurlford

    After this Saturday Hamilton can tarmac Blair Park and Barry Devlin can pick up the breakdowns
  12. Sick Fed Up Of The Talbot

    Plug yer dummy back in and get a life