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  1. Looking forward to a 5,000 word essay from Budge on the exciting plans for next season
  2. Has bam died out in Aberdeen? And bamwagon for a souped up Fiat Cinquecento pumping out dance music while Bouley bashing
  3. Losing to a team from Transylvania?
  4. Reject all offers below £7m and send him on loan to Peterheid for the season (to work on the trawlers). Sends a message to Ferguson and Cosgrove.
  5. Also, easier for Aberdeen to attract corporate sponsorship as zero local competition from other professional teams and being a one club city means that there’s no risk of a corporate annoying clients who might support a rival local team. Instead, it’s seen as helping civic pride - see Abtrust, latterly Aberdeen Asset Management, effectively helping bail out the Dons in the 1990s as a sort of civic responsibility.
  6. Agreed - AFC seem to have more corporate hospitality and funcy seats etc than anyone outside the cheeks and it makes a big difference to the club’s budget. Aberdeen only has one professional sports team whereas Edinburgh has four (if you include Edinburgh Rugby and the Scottish Rugby team being based at Murrayfield) so a lot of the corporate hospitality in Edinburgh is hoovered up by the SRU but Aberdeen (and Glasgow) don’t have this and the Edinburgh middle classes and business types tend to be more into rugby and golf in any case. The Aberdeen equivalent prefer football and golf - the Aberdeen big-wigs are members of Royal Aberdeen Golf Club and the 50 club at Pittodrie and the Edinburgh big-wigs will be Muirfield and a Murrayfield debenture.
  7. Where’s Neil Lennon gone? Looking for unicorns? Off to a nursing home? Watching Game of Thrones?
  8. The curse of Gauld strikes again - Ryan Gauld moves to a club and chaos ensues. Not the poor lad’s fault but McNamara must have put a hex on him.
  9. There’s only one way to settle this: Greg Stewart is greased up and put into a hog outfit and Steve Clarke and Derek McInnes have to chase him around the Pittodrie pitch. First manager to get a hold on him wins the three points.
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