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  1. Cairo and Luxor

    I am thinking of a wee trip to see the pyramids and valley of the kings etc. Any tips or advice from anyone who has been?
  2. Boris Johnson and Independence

    Indeed oaksoft seems to spout laughable pish that he/she makes up or changes opinion on as frequently as the wind changes direction. Not worth responding too. However Ido feel I have to put forward the case for the true centre/ centre right Smithsonian economic model. Adam Smith stated that capital growth was to be used to enrich nations. Wealth built through industry acted as an incentive to the individual, but crucially was to be in part reinvested on society to ensure all could be industrious. Opportunity for all was ensured, wealth was again created and indeed wealth was added to the commonwealth of the people. Crucially then, Smith believed in a social responsibility. This is not what is now happening in Western societies. Current UK and US neocons do not follow the doctrines of Adam Smith. What they espouse is a regressing of society. Rich getting richer, squeezing the middle ground and stamping on the poor. More akin to a medieval economic model. Anybody that has spent any significant time in America knows that they have f**k all sense of social responsibility. Their country is a mess. Fine if you have plenty of the mighty green back, but a horrible place to live for the majority. It is not a social model to aspire too. It is not a European model. It is not a Scottish model.
  3. Digital Covenant

    I have read a bit about the potential for a digital voting system in Scotland. The concept is that everyone will get a digital citizenship. Along with other rights and entitlements, digital citizenship will entitle the individual to vote. When citizens vote digitally; their votes will form part of a Blockchain. This chain (not the individual votes) would be transparent and verifiable. It would be available to all interested parties from the press to the EU and UN. Why not have an independence vote blockchain. Blockchain covenant? In the 1950's, millions of Scots signed the new national covenant. It was delivered to Westminster....who quietly binned it. Blockchain covenant could conceivably run indefinitely, slowly gathering digital votes. If the idea took hold, it is conceivable that the 50 percent voter population pro independence threshold would be met at some point in the near future. Conclusive proof of the democratic will of the people. Also....and importantly.......it would be totally outwith the hands of UKgov. Ito could never be shelved or binned. ...."now would be the time........" It seems an interesting idea.
  4. Driving in Europe with a hire car

    Don't buy comprehensive insurances with the rental company. Take out excess insurance from an on line broker. It will save you a fortune. The only downside with this is that the rental company will want to put a hold on your credit card. This can be around £1000 to £1500. If the car is damaged, the rental company will keep some/all of that money. You will then have to claim on the excess insurance, so keep any reports/ reference numbers etc re the damage. In my experience, some of the car hire firms on the continent, particularly the budget ones, can be very shady. To avoid being blamed for damage you didn't cause, check the car thoroughly inside and out on collection. Then check the rental agreement to make sure all dints and dents are accounted for. If not get them to mark them on the rental agreement. It's also a good idea to take a video of the car at collection.....and let them see you doing so. You are less likely to find any nasty shocks on your credit card a month or two down the line and then have the hassle of claiming from the excess insurance. Apart from that it's a doddle and a great way of seeing the sights.
  5. Cairo and Luxor

    Cheers. I had heard you get a load of hassle from hawkers and you have to be quite firm. Thinking of taking the train down from Cairo to Luxor. The overnight train works out only a bit more expensive than flying and would save a couple of nights accomodation.
  6. Independence Marches - 2019

    The council have had the detailed plans for many months. To ask for that kind of major change 10 days before such a big event is idiotic. It's a total cluster from the GCC and the charge will likely be laughed out of court.....if it gets past the fiscal.
  7. Independence Marches - 2019

    Strange, I thought that no police request had been made. Still given the council etc have had the plans including the start time since last year, you would think a bit of foresight could have been used.
  8. Independence Marches - 2019

    My understanding is that last week some persons within GCC demanded the start time moved forward by 2 and a half hours. There was no request from the police. Hopefully if the matter proceeds to court we will find out the reasonings for the demand. Imo..... it was clearly an impractical order to comply with. With tens of thousands of people descending on the city centre, last minute time changes may well have been ignored regardless and likely have caused lots of confusion. Not good when it involves such a big crowd. It placed the organisers in an impossible situation.
  9. Lol....mibbes the truth will out one day...won't hold ma breath though Next referendum will be carried out without permission from the UK govt. Well ok....the SG can set the rules. We can hold it digitally, overseen by international experts. Complete transparency. The use of citizen entitling Blockchain would make Scotland a leader in the future of democratic governance.
  10. Moldova. Good luck to them. But....with regards to our constitutional debate it is a nation of no relevance. Scotland is a developed and fully integrated Western European economy. An economy underperforming as it finds itself seriously hindered by being shackled to a leech. Those shackles held firmly in place in 2014, by a thankfully diminishing sector of its own homegrown combination of the feart, decrepit and non educant bigoted types. Still yes funnily enough.
  11. When will indyref2 happen?

    Export Statistics Scotland is the Scotgov agency keeping tabs on this In theory all produce originating in Scotland that is exported through rUK ports is meant to be recorded towards the Scottish BofP. In practice as we are all one nation their is no regulations which demand that correct point of origin is recorded. It is a voluntary thing based on survey return. Not high on the list of priorities for most exporting companies. ESS have a tough job. The figures produced are therefore a GERSlike guestimate. Familiar story. What ESS does state is: "The ESS estimates only capture the first point of export. This means if a good is exported to a company in the rest of the UK and that company then exports it somewhere else, ESS will only capture the export to the rest of the UK." Its obvious the whole 4 x the trade argument is nonsense.
  12. Ian Blackford MP

    The fact that britnat rags and britnat roasters are even seeking to make political gain out of this shows pure desperation. Ian Blackford has not broken any parlaimemtary rules or laws. He is in a minority of SNP mp's with subsidiary incomes. He has never sought to use his parlaimentary position to benefit himself. Now lets put it in perspective. The trougherdom that has went on /does go on within the British establishment tory/liebour parties is endemic. And....has been for decades!! People ain't daft. The majority will suss this out for the hypocrisy it is.
  13. When will indyref2 happen?

    As in my post re Rosyth. Initial government spending on subsidy for private business/ infrastructure growth, makes facilities competitive, leading to business boost and employment : >wealthier populace. >wealthier govt Slow but sure. The Sheri-boyds won't like it. But its the only way.
  14. When will indyref2 happen?

    A subsidy towards re-introducing passenger traffic/ expanding freight routes from Rosyth to the continent would be a start. Enough to allow operators to be competitive with or indeed undercut Newcastle/ Hull etc. Followed by similar Aberdeen to Scandinavia if and when demand permits. Freight currently has to travel to Harwich. Low pricing increasing demand would encourage private investment in ifrastructure in and around the ports and therefore further operators wishing to use them. A small price for Scotgov to pay for long term growth.
  15. When will indyref2 happen?

    Is that the disappearing establishment paedophile dossier or the tory dark money/ offshore capital scam cover up.
  16. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I do detest the perception of sticking up for Corbyns labour....... but a higher proportion of Conservative voters voted leave than voters of any other major party. The tories have the bigger problem with standing on a remain ticket. Ain't gonnae happen.
  17. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    In times of crisis the Roman republic appointed an all poweful dictator to bulldoze over all the petty squabbling in the senate. History repeats itself they say, so I wonder who we are going to get.
  18. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Looks like the the no's have it 2nite.....all of it.....whit a flippin shower westminter is What do we want.......nothing When do we want it.........don't know
  19. When will indyref2 happen?

    Difficult one for the Beeb this. The editorial solution for distorting Scotland could be: "It has been alleged that solicitors practicing criminal law in Scotland are facing a shortage of work. This being as a result of policies being pusued by the Scottish govt."
  20. When will indyref2 happen?

    There will be a very different EU response this time round. See recent comments by numerous EU and EU member state officials such as Guy Verhofstadt, the Spanish foriegn minister, leader of German opposition etc etc...and that is before the UK has even left.
  21. When will indyref2 happen?

    Its only dangerous because both sides were at it during the last referendum debate and fudged the issue. BT profited as better the devil you know. I feel too many of our old are under the impression that the NI they paid throughout their working lives is kept in some big differentiated account somewhere, gathering interest to fund their continued retirement. The feeling is that they have paid in to rUK and want their money out. That needs fully exposed. Obviously the reality is that this has never happened and it is the current working generation who fund todays pensioners. Continuing UK govt policy and its negative effect on Scotlands age demographics are a disaster waiting to happen for this nation. That is the reality of how we are eventually going to be unable to maintain pensions. We will have spending choices when we become independent but making pensions a priority in a campaign could do much to reassure the older vote. The future independence campaign needs to be clear. Pensions will be paid post independence by the Scottish govt. No nonsense about rUK being responsible for this or that.
  22. When will indyref2 happen?

    Not particularly helpful to "blame" any particular group for the last referendum. However one extremely influential group that overwhelmingly voted to reject independence was the over 55's. Scots born and non Scots born. Given that as seen UK pensions are some of the lowest among any developed countries. This is an area the independence organisation can work on. It would not be too ambitious to suggest we should be matching the pension spend of our nearest European counterparts.
  23. When will indyref2 happen?

    Its been debunked by the Spaniards themselves on several occassions: Current Spanish administration: https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-spain-politics-scotland-idUKKCN1NP25P Previous Spanish administration: https://fullfact.org/europe/eu-membership-spain-scotland/ It sounds a good argument in the heads of British nationalists I am sure.
  24. When will indyref2 happen?

    I wonder how the average british nationalist would have reacted if the EU had denied them permission for their referendum The matter may well go through the courts.....national and international. The UK govt will lose.... and become even more of an international point and laugh job.
  25. When will indyref2 happen?

    Lot of bull being spouted on this thread. The key issue here is a UK prime minister has taken it upon herself to deny our nation the process to democratically decide its own future. It is now clear this is not a temporary withdrawal of permission. This is permanent. Regardless of you having planned to vote yes or no....it is a democratic outrage and a step towards fascism. Some of the above crazies that are defending the UK govts position on this, just because they do not want indepenence need to have a look at themselves.