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  1. In the 17th and 18thC a lot of Scots who were politically troublesome for the British authorities (ie wanted to retain our countries independence) were forcibly transported to the Caribbean as indentured servants.....effectively slaves. Its a little known (disgracefully so) part of our history. So her surname may well be from an ancestor who was not a slave master..... but from an individual forcibly sent from Scotland to work the plantations alongside African fellow slaves. It is very likely that this is how a large proportion of the Scottish surnames in the Caribbean originate. https://archive2021.parliament.scot/gettinginvolved/petitions/PE01500-PE01599/PE01585_BackgroundInfo.aspx#:~:text=Jamaican%2FScottish surnames&text=The original cause of this,descent in the sugar plantations.
  2. Real problem drinking is at at home. I have never understood why the government have regulated and taxed the licensing trade to death but have allowed the big brand supermarkets to sell firewater for buttons. Bring back local pubs into the community by reducing on licence taxation. Tax off licenses to the death. Much better for health.
  3. Scottish oil started major production in the late 70's. Top image is London in 1980 Bottom image is London in 2020
  4. Tbh I would gladly give up Barnett for the billions that are filched off us annually. Thankfully only dullards, egged on by a dug food salesman, believe the UK's only net exporter.....and exporter of both its most valuable commodities..... actually runs any kind of deficit similar to that of the rest of the fUK.
  5. When it come to us..... these people don't do democracy.
  6. Not long back from France. Basically everyone aged 12 and over needs to be fully vaccinated or have a recent PCR/antigen test. Fully vaccinated means at least double jabbed. The last injection being no longer than 9 months ago. The NHS covid vaccination certificate (paper or digital) is accepted as proof. We travelled by ferry and for what it's worth...no covid docs were asked for at either end. However just in case..........from the French consulate website https://uk.ambafrance.org/COVID-19-rules-for-travel-between-France-and-the-UK-28918#t1-Travelling-from-the-UK-to-France "Unvaccinated travellers must present a negative result of a PCR test less than 72 hours old or an antigen test less than 48 hours old before departure (departure of the first flight when the journey includes a connection), " and "Children under 12 are exempt from these formalities"
  7. I would be interested to hear our British nationalist posters describe what they consider a democratic pathway for Scotland to regain its independence.
  8. We were shown a row of jobbies. The problem for the public is that we plebs ain't gonnae get tae pick the least smelly jobby. Tory party members are going to pick the most polished turd...not the least smelly.....
  9. Hopefully this happens. But the professional agitator types that have since infiltrated the independence movement and sought to hijack it to suit their own particular ideologies will make a 2014 style unity far more difficult to achieve. The onus is on the majority of us who prioritise independence, to put the more vocal culture warriors at each end of the spectrum on ignore.
  10. Not quite: March 1872 to February 2012.... .... 139 years and 11 months of glorious history to be more specific.
  11. Interesting analysis from pro union thinktank https://www.ukonward.com/reports/state-of-the-union/ Their "state of the union' report bills itself as: "the most comprehensive survey of attitudes towards the Union since 2014" Surely the key finding is: Yes retains a 30+ point lead among 18-45 year-olds. If that is in any way accurate then it's already all over for the union.
  12. Valletta is beautiful and absolutely packed with history. Could easily spend a week or so just their. Public transport is great and cheap if u are just thinking of hanging around the Valletta area. Each of the three sister peninsulas to the South of Valletta across the grand harbour also have their own history and charms. Easy access by bus and ferry. Sliema and St Jules in the North bit of the wider Valletta conurbation are the party bits..but a bit shitty tbh. The rest of the island is also a bit grubby and very built up...hardly any countryside....although St Pete's pool in the East, Mdina in the centre and the blue grotto on the West coast are nice if a bit touristy. Lots of archaeological sites with some of the earliest evidence of human civilization if that interests you (it did me.) My advice for a cracking day trip from Valletta......get up early...take the fast cat to gozo (takes about an hour)....hire a quad bike.....and visit numerous beautiful beaches and small towns. Don't miss the blue hole for a grand snorkeling experience
  13. Appreciate this is a few days ago....but if u are still in a fix....contact BA through Twitter......much better and faster response. We had a similar shit show with them regarding connecting flights last year. Screenshot all your messages and their replies for proof as per the above posters advice. Hope u get it sorted
  14. the fight against progress and democracy continues.
  15. I assume you forgot to add.....in the early 18th century
  16. A schism by goodness? Probably not....... But he is just another unelected self entitled windbag who should have no relevance to the people of Scotland. The fact that as an Anglican lord spiritual he does hold political power over our affairs speaks for itself. The UK is joined by of a small select catalogue of countries in the world these days that allow unelected religious leaders political control over the populace. More to the point.......Scotland is the only nation in the world that is forced to allow religious leaders of a foreign denomination political control over it's affairs. Get them tae.....
  17. Lol....I look forward to your interesting take on things. Fan is a bit much tbh. Btw it was big team Murdo who let the cat out the bag......again.
  18. All once again a very good display of your opinion......but what do you make of the leader of the Scots Tories spelling out recently all the things the UK will lose when Scotland becomes independent. The inverse being everything iScotland will gain. His logic would suggest iScotland will do a bit better than "neutral in terms of performance"
  19. Here is a full clip of the interview lest anyone dispute. Oh dear.
  20. Exactly. Devolved tax varying powers do not work. Its a bodge.
  21. Ermm.......it's not discussed because Jonathan Shafi, whilst being an intelligent man, is a political blogger with no political responsibility. More so.....he does not question the substance of Scottish independence which he correctly concludes will be long term beneficial to us all. The article he has written questions the strategy of attainment....which is a perfectly legitimate point to debate. However: in contrast .....Murdo Fraser is probably not an intelligent man as he has let the cat out the bag for you lot yet again. However, in contrast to Shafi he does have political responsibility being the leader of the UK government in Scotland.......and he has completely [email protected] your argument. In his interview above, intended for the wider UK audience (not for folk in Scotland cos obviously naebody here watches GB news), he makes the case for Scottish independence better than any yes campaigner. He tells the rest of the UK exactly what they stand to lose when Scotland becomes independent. The inverse understandably being what we will gain. This....from the leader of the UK gov party in Scotland. Car crashing the unionist argument.....even before the start of any campaign. Poor man.....Watch his eyes when the interviewer infers the rest of the UK might want rid of us. ......btw listen to his use of "we".....interesting insight into the unionist mindset.
  22. Just a quick off the cuff thought....for example..... nationalisation of the crown estates and the associated leasing rights. An absolute windfall for the public purse given Scotland's shoreline. This is the kind of policy a UK government would never consider
  23. The above has some validity. UKIP (a total irrelevance in Scotland btw and no real threat to the wider political landscape)......were starting to eat in to the right wing of the Conservative party. The Tories feared haemorrhageing votes to them in Midland and Southern marginals. Cameron tried to head them off and silence the Eurosceptics in his own party with the referendum. He obviously failed drastically. It was all about saving the Tory party.
  24. This is idiotic. Brexit is a direct result of the decades long conflict within the Conservative party between the crazy English/British nationalist wing and the old pro Europe one nation branch. One nation Cameron held a referendum to call out the crazies. The crazies appealed to the base instincts of the double digit IQ masses and the crazies won. [email protected] all to do with Scotland...everything to do with an idealogical struggle within a foreign political party........but we are stuck with a decision.....not made by us.....that will do decades of harm to us.
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