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  1. Indeed...what a strange outdated anglocentric world the corporation appears to exist in at times.
  2. Will give it a shot. One of my good mates is Polish and always keeps his vodka in Fridge, drinks neat and swears by it. We were at a vodka tasting in Warsaw at the beginning of the year.. The potato vodkas were by far the smoothest and by and large are the best regarded in Poland. I tried a bread flavoured potato vodka and although it sounds rank...it was probably one of the finest spirits I have ever tasted.
  3. Maybe Britnats need to accept that Britain is not a global superpower. Slightly more powerful than Belgium is probably about the right level for the the modern UK tbh.
  4. If we had been promoted to league A, we would have had to compete with the big teams or it could have been a pretty soul destroying and confidence sapping series of games. We are not at that level yet....so all in all maybe for the best. As I said before, our aim should be to put on a decent show at the Euros by avoiding any major pumpings and keep building through the next series of league B games. We are a couple of players away from being decent. Not too far away imho.
  5. Our record in our previous 8 competitive games....all against pretty mediocre teams: Won 3 by the odd goal here or there... Lost 2 by the odd goal here or there... Drawn 3 Take away the lucky breaks in the penalty shootouts and it's no a great record is it. We have scored 6 goals in total in those 8 games, so it easy to see the problem area. We are still a creative number 10 and a scoring striker away from being anywhere near decent. Cannae just magic them unfortunately. Time to rein in any expectations. We are still no where near good enough to consistently compete with the big teams. Next summer is a bonus but another round in the diddy league is probably right and about our level. Avoid any embarrassments in the Euro finals and a good solid league B showing meaning promotion next time round, is a realistic and achievable expectation for us.
  6. It must have been time for them to charge up and wheel oot auld Yoon Toom Tabard again for his occasional Broontervention.
  7. This....they use a play on words to deny democracy. It ain't gonnae stand.
  8. If that is the case with Fletcher.....then no argument from me!!
  9. Agreed. I did not mean that Fletcher replace Dykes....just that Fletcher is a better back up than what we currently have.
  10. Aye...mibbe so then. As u say it is strange he has no been involved. Because with the system Clark is playing, Dykes is the key player. We need someone similar as back up. Fletcher definitely holds the ball up better, links play and has better vision etc than the other options we have at the moment.
  11. Did Stevie Fletcher ever officially turn his back on Scotland? He is still playing at a decent level and imo is a far better target man as back up to Dykes than McBurnie.
  12. Lol.....remember watching it wi ma da as a kid. Big Narey's "toe poke" we think it madness that Scotland could take the lead against Brazil in the world cup these days. Back then though it was expected.......and if we lost we were genuinely disappointed. We had some cracking teams in the 60's 70's 80's and even into the 90's. Genuinely world class.
  13. This is so true. I am just a bit gutted for the young un's that 2 of the games are at home and they are no gonnae get a month away wi their tent and sleeping bag for that true big tournament experience 😀
  14. ........we have all waited 20 odd years for this moment.......and all that Lib dem tube wanted to do was use it to score a political point........do you know what......he can f**k right off........... and that is being civic.
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