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  1. We visited a place in the Vosges mountains called hartmannswillerkopf last year. It's basically a big traingle shaped lump of rock that is the Easternmost peak in the range. It looks directly over the Rhine valley and over into Germany. Understandably then it was strategically very important and the mountain was continuously fought over by the French and Germans through the whole 4 years of the war. Tens of thousands died in an area the size of a few football fields. What struck me was how well the whole area is preserved. Particularly the German side. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of yards of complete trench systems and dugouts you can freely explore. Would advise watching where u step and no touching much though๐Ÿ˜ฏ The trenches, in some places only yards apart, were dug into rock. That and the fact there has been no development up in the mountains means that in some bits it looks as if the Germans had not that long ago packed up and left. Fascinating, sobering place, which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone with even a passing interest in ww1.
  2. Disappointed in you Kinky tbh. You are sounding a bit like Malky here......or that latest yoon weapon who has started posting. In trying to belittle Scottish public revenue, you are displaying the usual Britnat failure by completely misunderstanding how UK govt revenue actually works. The UK for decades has spent far more than it earns. The exchequer is currently shelling out tens of billions to cover the Covid situation. Where is that money coming from? It ain't the broad shouders of the SE tax payer as you would like us all to believe. Its the BoE printing more money meaning we are all poorer. It's also money being sourced (ie borrowed!!) from the international markets. Never mind "wee Katie???"...has the UK ever a hope in hell of paying it's trillions in debt back? As any sensible commentator knows that whole debt/deficit argument is a total misnomer when it comes to the way national finances work. Let's abandon Barnett by all means. But at the same time lets make sure the Scottish purse receives ALL its revenue and has the power to make all its own spending decisions. Back in reality though, we know that no UK government would ever concede to that. As above....this is just pish.... And I ain't even quoting the rest about ethno nats etc cos it's just nonsense. BTW if independence sitting at mid 50's in the polls and a romping Indy majority projected for Holyrood next year is "desperate times' ........ here's to looking forward to the good times๐Ÿ‘
  3. Agreed........ Let's make sure the Scottish public purse has to finance all Scottish spend. But let's also make sure that Scotland gets to keep ALL revenue raised in Scotland (including the benefit of our multiplier effect coming back to Scotland as opposed to, (as it has been for generations) heading to the scroungers in London and the SE.) Just as importantly let's also make sure Scotland can fully decide it's own spending priorities. Then we will have our referendum in 5 years.
  4. I have changed my mind on this. Thinking about it, I do not think it would be a disaster. Couple of things. The idea that the independence movement and the SNP are completely in alignment is a fallacy. Independence supporters do not agree on all topics, let alone the strategy for gaining independence.. There are obviously significant differences and disagreements. New parties forming can be a seen as a sign of growing political maturity in the movement...... It's a natural progression. Obviously the main point being thrown around is that another, more militant pro independence party, will ensure that the SNP leadership keep the eye on the ball. But that is not the whole story. There are several points to consider on this: Asimbutt raised the point about Holyrood. I think it quite likely that the machinations of the Holyrood voting system would lead to a list vote capturing second Indy party very much boosting the likelliehood of pro independence majorities. This is understandably very important at this time. Further....when it comes to the media, a 2nd Indy party, as very possibly Holyroods 2nd largest party, would require appropriate representation. The SNP rep could no longer justifiably be outgunned on any panel by 3 pro union party reps. But it can also be argued that a new harder line party would be a place for the fundamentalist wing to exist and thus separate them from the more moderate position. This is important. In the eye of the media and the general public, it allows the moderate independence position to develop further as a general mainstream public position. I realise this all has the appearance of Monty python Peoples liberation of Judea versus Judean liberation front type stuff, but looking at historical examples, it is just the way these things tend to go before the end goal is reached. Just some thoughts.
  5. These dumplings were a bit overzealous, but the fact remains that their sentiment is clearly shared by most folk in Scotland. Thankfully the "sensible majority" look and laugh at aw that and will just be quite happy to assert their independence next chance at the ballot box .
  6. The thing is that the sentiment that motivated this bunch of dafties is shared by the "sensible majority"๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜‰ in Scotland.
  7. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/11920027.scotland-could-be-site-of-new-hong-kong-says-study/ Nothing new. The idea to relocate Hong Kong and it's people on a Scottish island was first muted by Tories away back before the 1997 handover. Britnat jokes in Scotland like the aforementioned Effie Deans now wish to regurgitate this pish. Wonder Why? I am sure it's nothing to do with the fact that independence is consistently polling at over 50%.๐Ÿ˜‚ Of course with Bojo and his mob of Uber Brit loons in charge it could become reality.
  8. Given that Bigfoot is supposedly a humanoid....Could it be that it's just a shy timid creature that is wise to us?...... (and rightly so) And it might just happen to be a bit brighter than us.....that being the case, aw them traps and cameras would be a bit pointless. They can pick up all the red [email protected] mountain lions they want........ they ain't gonna get the big guy. Given the multiverse theory, could it be that they are an interdimensional visitor?๐Ÿ˜ฒ Can't discount it. Or it could be a load of [email protected] Luv this stuff tbh.
  9. As a supporter of independence....I would love to know where all this "woke" and "terf" divisiveness pish came from. Cos you you know what.........I couldn't give a [email protected] And that's probably the same as about 99% of Joe public. Its [email protected] pathetic. We seem determined to balls up our chance of independence and screw over the vast majority of our population because of an issue that effects a tiny percentage. FFS live and let live...if biological men are really women and vice versa...then they are individuals and good on them. Like in all society the vast majority of these folk are good people. The tiny minority who are deviant will be caught and prosecuted. The same as any other sections of society. This is a real non issue.......it's a stupid thing to be divided on. I am very suspicious that it's the Scottish independence movement that seems to be blighted by it. Wonder why that is๐Ÿค”
  10. I do not think the bulk of the SNP membership or its supporters are content for it to be the hegemonic force in Scotland. Its certainly a credible possibility that it may be an issue within certain elements of the leadership.
  11. I think there is certainly a perception, even if not completely accurate, that the current SNP leadership has moved the party to the right. In addition, it certainly appears they have lost the urgency to push for independence. Yes...the they have asked a couple of times for a referendum...but were quickly told to pipe down by Westminster. By and large the current leadership have then just coalesced. Why? Its either deliberate....or it's just weak!!! I would hope if deliberate, it's because they have a long game....but surely then there would be evidence of long game planning. Is there such evidence? Where are the answers on the currency question? What about the reconstructed GERS showing an accurate estimate offset cost of multiplier effects of a Londoncentric govt and economy? (I know Mackay was mooting such a thing before he resigned, but given how much it is used by unionists as a stick to batter independence, the current inaccurate GERS system should have been sorted out long before now. ) These are things that should be in place prior to the next big push. Surely we should also have had further growth commission type reports commissioned to rival the neo con-esque vision produced by Wilson. Maybe the lack of push on the Indy front is deliberate because the current leadershps heart just ain't in it. I do hope that is not the case because independence should always be THE core policy of the SNP. There is a real danger that a new harder line independence party will form. Such a split in the vote would be a disaster for the wider cause of independence
  12. Wow......think what damage a genuinely independence focused party could do. Time for rethink at SNP headquarters......before it's too late.
  13. Let's be honest. That is because the woke left are a bunch of fuds that are no worth listening too.
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