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  1. When will indyref2 happen?

    Red Rob.....the Henry McLeish of P&B
  2. What is the point of Labour

    The fact that they see a Corbyn Govt and the current Govt as interchangeable merely proves that a lot of posters on here have a pretty thin veneer of intelligence. Pep just says "champ" a lot to actually prove this theory of mine. The actual cause of the disdain for Corbyn is the threat a Labour Govt under him poses to the success of Indy2 and losing the handy Tory bogeyman at Westminster. Corbyn has faults like any human being but he's light years ahead of most in decency and actually appears to inhabit the same world as the "ordinary" people do. Indy2 is a no hoper as many on here are beginning to realise. At best a mistimed effort and the end of Sturgeon and the long grass for Indy. P&B land is delusional and viewing the mood in the populace through it is a bit ridiculous really and can only lead to the disappointment of finding out the real world isn't always in tune with your own version of it. ^^^^ pish.... the SG will request a referendum...it will be refused.... where we go from their is anyones guess
  3. What is the point of Labour

    There may be some truth in this argument but we will have to wait and see. Ypu could equally argue that the polls ain't shifted yet because brexit ain't yet happened and folk are still a bit head in sand about the consequences. ......Anyways...the failed Siamese twin.... what a sad sad indictment of Scotland in the union.
  4. When will indyref2 happen?

    Let them refuse.....and draw great attention to each refusal. This can only push Scottish public opinion one way. With repeat refusals, whats to stop the pro independence parties canvasing on a platform of the SP negotiating independence. If Westminter then refused to listen it would be a democratic outrage at least on a par with Spain.
  5. Question Time

    Interesting and thoughtful post Rob. It exposes the difference clearly between unionist and Britnat. It also exposes why the union is on its deathbed. Unionists want to see Scotland an equal and respected partner. A noble concept that probably never really existed in reality.........but has now been completely destroyed in a few short years by the dominance of Britnat thinking. In contrast to unionists, Britnats deny the existence of Scotland as a political entity. To them, we will always be a small part of England/ Britain ........(its the same thing in their minds) What we have seen since the Scottish referendum and now accelerated by the EU vote, is a growth in the strength of Britnat thinking amongst the Westminster party elites. Their greatest goal is always to keep "middle England" happy. For them, the union is a price worth paying. Obviously they would like Scotlandshire to sit down and accept its big county status. But equally most of them wouldn't shed too many tears if the union dissolved. They would only morn the loss of international prestige caused by another loss to their empire The 2014 referendum result has been hijacked by Britnats and has been used as an opportunity to walk all over Scotland. Unionists......and I would guess the clear majority of the 2014 no vote were unionists...not Britnats....will have a decsion to make in the near future. Voting no the next time....may mean voting Scotland the nation, out of existence and accepting our new found shire status.
  6. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Laugh you absolute donkey.........laugh by all means. No one else is laughing
  7. When will indyref2 happen?

    Thank [email protected] They are oot. We can now relax and enjoy the rest of the fitba and get the politics forum back on track. When is sturgeon calling it?
  8. Croatia v England - semi final

    Aye...big time charlie team...big time charlie losers. Always enjoy laying England and taking money aff mugg Southron punters. They always push engerlunds odds far too high.
  9. Croatia v England - semi final

    I take it there is no press in Spain, France, Germany or Italy
  10. England's Glorious Failure

    In the words of the Germany fans: "Small part of Scotland... Your just a small part of Scotland.... Small part of Scotland........." Goodnight Angleterre..Amen.
  11. Croatia v England - semi final

    Lol...... What u on. They scored 1 goal in open play in an entire world cup. They could win it apart from: Belgium, France, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland and all the other minor countries they will struggle against. Once again lol.
  12. Croatia v England - semi final

    In that you were beat by the first decent team you faced. Nothing more. As I said.
  13. England's Glorious Failure

    Lol... Fund oot
  14. Croatia v England - semi final

    Lol....fund oot