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  1. Why would American and Russian billionaires want to collaborate to hinder a steady income stream for them both?
  2. Starting to look like he has the key ingredient that most of our last umpteen managers have lacked. And long may it continue
  3. ^^^^^^^ Spouts this pish when he currently has a mish mash of two nationalistic emblems as his profile pic. Time for this one again I think:
  4. Some good info coming out on this thread. We have a situation where one of the UK's (therefore our) major banks, bankrolls one of Scotlands terrestrial TV providers (as part of a wider ITV) to show live matches of another footballing nations games in Scotland............at times when Scotland are playing. For the sake of our national sport that is a [email protected] state of affairs. Nationwide. STV. [email protected]
  5. The phrase "90 minute patriot" has surely never been more apt.
  6. If... we make the playoffs is it correct we would be one of the seeds with a home semi final at Hampden? When would we know if it will be another group runner up or nations league winner we face?
  7. Deary me......It's not a case of wanting something for nothing. What small minded drivel. Broadcasters and football associations in the aforementioned nations have recognised the importance of retaining international football as a sport accessible to all. If football is supposedly our national sport should we not aspire to the same? Of our national broadcasters....one didn't bother bidding for TV rights..... the other actually contributed to the purchase of another nations .....and then has the audacity to broadcast them on our national TV sometimes even when our own games are being played. Let that sink in. How is that helping Scottish football?
  8. It most have cost ITV (including STV) a fortune to outbid Sky, BT Sport etc to get the England games. It would no doubt have been a fraction of the cost for them to get the Scotland games. [email protected]
  9. This is nonsense. If you go back to the 80's and early 90's all our national games qualifiers and major championships, were frequently shown on terrestrial TV. Our national team gained far greater exposure to a wider audience. In consequence the national team was probably never more popular. I would suggest that there are very few, if any, European nations in our position. Indeed potentially there may soon be none going on this article. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15483946.new-campaign-screen-scotlands-top-international-football-matches-free-tv/ If this is truly going to remain our national sport we need to protect it from shysters who just see it as a money spinner.
  10. Another big game for us today. For those unable to make the match, obviously again there was no live coverage apart from through subscription service. 1/2 an hour after the final whistle at Hampden, STV show 3 hours of live coverage of a meaningless game involving meaningless countries.... beamed live to every TV set in the nation...prime time in a Saturday evening. Our state broadcaster, the BBC, that we all (ahem) pay our TV licence too, thereafter again produce a shockingly amateurish highlight show shown hours after our game finishes and too late for many youngsters. "STV" highlights are on even later. Our games highlights are mixed in with the all the "home" nation matches with pundit Johnny Collins thrown in to appease. We hear English broadcasters talking about TV sporting crown jewels that must remain on TV free for all. There is a reason for that. They recognise the cultural importance of these events and the inspiration they provide to the aspiring young. Scotland international games are our crown jewels and they have been stolen. No other country would put up with this [email protected] How has the situation come about? Who is at fault? What can be done?
  11. Git intae [email protected] yes. Last minute winners ffs. Just disnae happen for us. Have to say...this is a different Scotland team....we are normally the team conceding in stoppage time.
  12. Good luck with that from a current leadership who have yet to prove themselves anything other than careerist devolutionists.
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