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  1. ^^^^^^ Pulls an obscure post up from 11 months ago and has a wee rant about once in a generation shite. Great.. Another Yoon bot.
  2. Lol.....strivers ...blah blah blah....what a load of rubbish. What part of England did you live in? There is a feckless underclass element in England that absolutely dwarves anything seen in Scotland.
  3. An officially organised blockchain covenant. When signed by 50% plus 1 of the Scottish electorate it is an unarguable mandate for UDI.
  4. Agreed In the interests of fairness, we can now look forward to BBC Scotland's principal politics journalist spending days traversing the length of the country hunting down the suspended Tories and labour candidates. Thereafter there will be a full length piece on each of them, their motivations and a scrutiny of their former parties actions in relation to the matter. This will of course then be aired at the start of the countries flagship prime time news program. And it will obviously be in the days running up to a general election. Or mibbes no.
  5. The odious embarrassment of Stirling that is Stephen Kerr just had an appearance on Sunday politics Scotland. No more referendums on anything ever apparently. According to him they are far too complex for the public. The issues should be for parliament to determine. Why did Brewer no spear him by asking if he would respect the result of a Scottish parliament vote?
  6. Nah. Both being slavering Britnats is the only similarity. Reynard was real proper scary crazy. But unlike the Malkybot, Reynard was also human. Malkys programmer has been on annual for a week hence his wee break from posting.
  7. We need a way to independence. And we need it quickly.
  8. I think she was probably very representative of the general intellect and communicative ability of large swathes of the Southern half of this island. She was a thick racist mumbling idiot.
  9. Being a rascist homophobe is nothing to the no righters tbh. These days Scottish unionists would quite happily vote Hitler into power, if he was the only one standing on a platform of stopping independence.
  10. How about we just let time do its job and the bigoted fuckwits in Scotland die out. Then a native majority and EU citizens will see us through to Indy.
  11. Ain't gonnae work on them that bought a Perthshire manse after selling their shitehole cooncil flat in Canning town.
  12. He is still a bellend that I hate having too watch in the morning cos the wife likes Lorraine
  13. Actually. I kind of agree with oaksoft in that we do need a dynamic, impact driven, skilled and motivated populace. Leading to a high wage economy. This can only happen under independence.
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