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  1. You: He will always be guilty until he proves his innocence.. Me: .....ok..right ye are....
  2. The Edinburgh airport incident that you keep referring too has been thoroughly investigated (as one would expect) and absolutely no wrongdoing was found to have occurred. Unless you have evidence to the contrary obviously. The opinion of Salmonds defence council...is just that...opinion. It is not evidence of anything. You also missed out the consensual part in your description of a "sleepy cuddle" as you put it. The consensual part is pretty important, I would suggest. Continuing to post rumour and innuendo about an innocent man in an attempt to keep the narrative running that he is some kind of pest, with absolutely no evidence to back it up, is pretty poor.
  3. Interesting.....apart from a desire to continue painting Salmond as a pest.....is there any evidence of substance to suggest misbehaviour that was "well known as far back as 2007."
  4. It was a strange line of quetioning......and totally irrelevant to the purpose of the hearing yesterday. It's almost as if some in the unionist camp are still hoping to get some of the mud sticking. Salmond was right not to answer. Evidence suggests the whole Edinburgh airport nonsense was a load of made up rubbish anyway.
  5. Except that's not all you were saying.....see above.
  6. What a load hysterical rubbish
  7. And yet Murrell worked for Salmond in his constituency for many years. Wonder what happened.
  8. This is just wrong. But heh.....if you repeat a lie often enough...and all that.
  9. Absolutely...but given that area of Scotland it was always a possibility the unionist vote would combine to oust him. Hopefully he finds a way back.
  10. Whatever the truth is in this whole sorry affair, there is no doubt today showed that Alex Salmond is still one of the sharpest political minds on these islands. His absence from Scottish politics has been of no benefit to those seeking independence.
  11. Who is they? Is that the "they' that is Western Europe's biggest oil producer, has Europe's largest open (and economically and strategically valuable) sea area and Western Europe's largest source of potential renewable energy. Apart from that "they" have nothing....aye nothing.😂
  12. Someone like Rees Mogg would be perfect and show that Johnson and his government really have their finger on the pulse of public opinion in Scotland.
  13. Gee whizz...this type of comment does nothing to aid honest discussion.
  14. No infighting here. I would much rather the SNP remain united. However it would be daft not to acknowledge that there are various faultlines running through the party at the moment. The major one being the strategy over the route to rederendum/independence. My post was very much about putting out what I think could happen,should the leadership continue to allow the perception to fester that they are not really pushing for independence. For a huge wedge of the membership and voter base that is the key issue. If it deserts the SNP, the leadership are toast....and so will indy be for at least a while, whilst the movement reorganises. I agree that a legally sanctioned referendum endorsed by both governments is the optimum option. No arguments.... so even if I was a gambling man, I would have to decline your bet👍 But let's not be too hasty. Categorically ruling other ideas out, removes cards from our hand....not Westminster's. Despite the fact that all these different factions seem to have appeared in the last couple of years, pushing their own minority agendas, the one thing that you would hope unites all is the push for independence. After this election and this horrible covid thing is out the road, that has to be the main focus for scotgov in the next parliament. They have to put up more of a fight. It's the only way I can see to keep it all on the road.
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