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  1. No demanding anything. Juat pointing out the riduculous bleating of your fans who seem to think that off field matters like asbestos is more important than results on the pitch.
  2. And here you are. Regularly looking into/posting on a Hearts thread. f**k off.
  3. Yes. Was thinking 11.5 myself. Or less actually. Impressive support that is grnuineky backing things up despite things not always looking great.
  4. Still quite a good figure considering how poor it was. Hibs are still chugging about 11k after their famous SC win & promotion. Simple things for simple minds.
  5. My dad drew and painted this on my bedroom wall. In two houses. Got in the paper with it around 1983. Complete work of art. Gothic print in the badge too.
  6. Your shitey wee mob got a first choice centre forward yet?
  7. International defender just signed. Things shaping up well. Hows hibs enquiries about a new striker coming along?
  8. Got to say that hibs coming in for Lafferty and him snubbing them has been ridiculously satisfying. Toys all over the shop. My friends on hibs net look like they're having a collective aneurism at the prospect of their current front line.
  9. Yes, I was meaning generally. I'd be pretty worried if I were them. Starting with that red haired boy from DU & Graham is quite shit. Sure Lenny will have it all sussed. Just a blip he missed out in one of his targets.
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