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  1. I try not to pay Engerland much mind but living in London that can be very difficult. The casual expectation of qualification, the moans when they only reach the quarters, and the blank faces when you try and explain that supporting them at a tournament would be the equivalent of Engerlanders all going to support Germany if they didn't make it for some reason. Coming Home Fest was a particularly challenging and traumatic time, only brightened by the Italian bloke who owns my local coffee shop having a near life size window display made of Chiellini pulling back Saka. Anyway all that said I just wanted to take this moment to pause for reflection and lol, rofl, lmfao
  2. The most beautiful arse ever to play the beautiful game.
  3. You would presume and so do I, however this could be a verbatim quote from just about the whole fanbase before the last game.
  4. He actually does remind me a bit of Gilmour there. Great vision. Wants to be involved. Tries a lot of stuff that doesn't quite come off. Gets bodied quite a bit. It is interesting.
  5. All posters in this light-hearted wind up post are purely fictitious and any likeness to a real poster is purely coincidental, except when it clearly isn't in which case the posting style has been changed just enough to avoid paying anyone, except when it clearly hasn't been in which case I'm choosing to rely on fair use for the purposes of satire.
  6. This thread can only improve now surely.. Esteemed poster 1234 - "Did Billy Gilmour kill the Queen? I've watched every B team game he's ever played and can conclusively prove that he might have done, and his antics have also made him worse at cover shadowing!' Billy lover 365 - 'Surely Billy Gilmour will be inspired by the example of the Queen to be even more world classier - an idiot could see this.' Tinfoil 101 - 'Thomas Tuchel and Graeme Potter are both Celtic fans which is why they conspired to get sacked and appointed (respectively) to make sure Billy languished under Sean Dyche!" Best Poster 2005 - 'In my FIFA career mode Matt Target signs for Barcelona while Billy Gilmour ends up playing for Brechin. I think FIFA know a bit more about football than you guys.' '
  7. He doesn't come across badly in interviews but clever off and on the pitch can be different One thing about this move compared to previous is that I've heard him say he wants to be played through the middle as an out and out striker and Werder are doing just that. Nearly everywhere else he has gone they've mainly tried to play him on the wing.
  8. Seems it isn't all his fault after all, who knew?
  9. Agree, he is just starting out really. We won't keep getting away with it though, we didn't twice last night. Nice to make a game of it given that lot are alright etc.
  10. Enjoyed a very entertaining game and lots to be pleased about. 1. Some great attacking play - especially on the break. 2. Kept hold of the ball well at times and looked comfy on it, even stylish. 3. Rudden looked a menace - important part in the first goal and got another. 4. Two great debuts including a debut goal. 5. Mulligan clearly a step above. 6. Great tenacity and belief to keep going at them. However we have a big problem at the back. We can't defend crosses, the fullbacks don't stop them and the centre backs and keeper are struggling to deal with them. Anything in that corridor between keeper and centre backs is causing havoc. Gowser is also still our most creative player which obviously can't be the case forever. I am pleased to see this squad improving and I think it will keep doing so as Bowyer's methods are implemented. It will probably be enough to be right up there in this league, it's not good enough for the league above though, we still need a body or two.
  11. Good article for the lad who I've been impressed by but extremely "we're not signing a striker" energy.
  12. You smash one in like his first today you are going to score a few. Get him on your coupon for the start of the season. A streak in the offing imo.
  13. He seems well thought of there and was injured for their last pre-season game. Bit of a weird one for there to be absolutely nothing to it though.
  14. Wish our forward players would have a dig a bit earlier. Jak with an amazing nutmeg in that first half then he has to bang it. Boy got back at him after an extra touch. Offside but another one on one just there where I think Anderson takes one too many.
  15. Commentators seem like decent lads, albeit they are still Queens Park fans. Team seems solid enough as well, reckon they'll be mid table.
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