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  1. Look forward to oor Charlie bagging 20+ from midfield as he strolls the championship then getting an inevitable recall to the national team. That's how it works right?
  2. If you're interested in this stuff this is an excellent site regarding tennis' doping issues - https://tennishasadopingproblemblog.wordpress.com/ Both Nadal and FedEx blood were also involved in that Spanish court case I believe.
  3. Give it a simple Google and you will find out otherwise. Pretty sure there was a year recently where Chris Froome had more tests over the season than the whole of La Liga. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38928615 Edit: Here are some Scottish stats. Nothing to see here guv, like literally nothing https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/15039801.scottish-football-has-been-drug-test-free-this-season/ I am sure they are trying but there are huge challenges. There will be people and clubs surfing right on the edge of the rules using that army of doctors and nutritionists you describe and those just outright breaking them. Pretty sure the entire winning Spanish world cup team's bloods are part of a dispute between their drug testing authority, Government and that doctor who doped Lance Armstrong. It doesn't seem to be quite the same issue as it is in individual sports but the testing is nowhere near as stringent either. Edit 2 - Re Spain Wada now apparently have the blood, they just can't name whose it is because it was held up in court too long. Here is a great article about that and football doping in general - https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/other-soccer/ewan-mackenna-murky-questions-surround-spanish-footballs-golden-era-and-people-might-not-like-the-answers-36943284.html
  4. No one gets done done for it as the testing in football is pathetic.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if all the New Campy stuff was on pause for now. Not only will no-one at the club have the head space while they deal with a global pandemic, it's also prudent to go slow and think carefully about something reliant on events for its business case when hardly any events will be taking place for the foreseeable future. If that's the case it's not letting the fans down, quite the opposite, it's being careful with our money and the club's future.
  6. My Sheffield United supporting mate is mad for him. Rates him as one of their best players. It's great we have choice in this positions and all the players you mention should feature heavily during our next qualifiers. For the play offs I reckon you pick whoever is firing at the time.
  7. More seriously, and I know it gets said, but can't be said enough. We must stop writing players who have half a duff season adjusting to one of the world's best leagues off, and building up players who have done nothing much of note yet as Tartan Jesus. We would have written off one of the best defenders in the world by that formula and we've built up some very suspect talent as well. The only guy who I can actually think of in recent histor that really deserved it was Gauld as he was scoring so much at a senior level so young. That's coming from a Dee as well. Now we have a few to get excited about which is great but let's just enjoy the ride. McBurnie has the potential to become a huge player for us. It's nice.
  8. Well it's obvious really what we need is a proven Scottish Championship goalscorer. Only two players tick all those boxes....
  9. Totally duff striker scoring and creating goals against the team Gilmour is amazing for getting into. I'm confused.
  10. It's 30 plus here this week and humid. It's exceptional even for London and I reckon you would only see the like in Scotland once every 25 years or so. I wouldn't underestimate it.
  11. For the majority of the last thirty years we would have been first to the wall in a situation like this. I suspect none of us want to see rivals foldong really, but for today it's gratifying to run by someone competent. Pleasing #smug
  12. If you were ever wondering about the origin of the term football 'shirt' you need wonder no more. Surprised they didn't wear ties.
  13. Thankfully our young players seem to be largely over this attitude. Young people in general are changing and they are all so connected they think of themselves as part of a far bigger world. The best are taking their cues off Guardiola and Robertson while previously Glasgow was the height of their education. I think there are a few reasons for the clamour around getting youngsters in the team. 1. People watch and can follow far more football so are more aware of them. 2. The glamour around playing for Scotland is largely gone and the best are perceived to have options, whether it is playing for another country or just focusing on club football. 3. We still haven't really settled on what the post Strachan era looks like. One thing you can say is at least everyone picked looks like an athlete and there is some real inspiration being provided by Robertson McTominay and others.
  14. Teams need players like that. Provides balance and allows more mercurial talent to play. Too many and you lack creativity, too few and you're playing basketball. One thing I really don't understand is why we never think to play one of these stuffy midfielders we have at right or centre back. Perhaps because McTominay wold be the best candidate and we need him further forward.
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