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  1. Finalist then, sorry. Or just to pick up on the next bit of pedantry, semi-finalist as he was suspended.
  2. Supporting a Scottish football team that isn't winning trophies all the time is really all about moments of shared history. The chance to say you were there when we started world cup winners, a 40 year old came back from retirement to be Deefiant, James Grady split the net or the slayer stepped up to send the last few Dayglows home. Do enjoy yours. Preferably somewhere else.
  3. I think this is a good reason to retire from internationals, even if I'm a bit surprised at the timing. Shows a lot of maturity.
  4. I think if most of us had been offered the squad as is before the start of the season we would have bit Nelm's hand off (some moans about goalkeepers aside). We're quite strong on paper and young as well, we just need to get it right on the pitch. It will take time yet and needs given time. I wonder if there is anywhere I can bet on our second half of the season being far better than the first.
  5. Not so sure on the scoring part Agree though our defending at set plays is very poor. Responsible for at least two against United and the one against Alloa.
  6. I prefer the term 'niche' but that's life I don't get to see the Dee regularly so that may colour my view. I agree with others above who said he should have come and taken a cross ball a couple of times on Friday but there was nothing that horrible. He picked some cross balls well at other times. I don't think he's God's gift to goalkeeping but I don't see it as a priority compared to someone composed who can see and exploit a bit of space.
  7. Can anyone think of a bad mistake Hamilton has made so far this season? He has six clean sheets from nine games ffs. No-one's perfect but there is no way the keeper position should be a priority, he's fine and with a bit of love and confidence can only improve.
  8. Agree with some above that McGowan massively steadied the ship on Friday. A lot of the match was end-to-end pinball caused largely by our young team failing to retain the ball. Heads gone everywhere in a rush to try and get the deficit back. Was crying out for someone willing to put their foot on it and McGowan was that man. In hindsight he should definitely have started for his experience alone. I said several times at the start of the season that those expecting us to win this league were going to be dissapointed. We have issues in the air at the back but much more significantly we're a brand new team full of young faces. We should make the playoffs and with a couple of additions next year will be competitive, regardless of the league. There will be a couple of minters like this to suck up in the meantime.
  9. Famous Three Kings will have it on but I'm trying to find somewhere better. There used to be an Aberdeen supporters pub in Earl's Court but I think it's gone. My boss is a very keen PT supporter so I'm hoping he'll have suggestions when he gets back from hols tomorrow.
  10. Niche probably but any of you good people planning on taking the derby in down in London? If I can't be at Dens it would at least be good to be among God's chosen people. Best regards
  11. Ah you see that can't be right, he had 100% signed for us the week before! Or was that a clever ruse? I've lost track as well.
  12. See we're hot again, who have we signed? /Checks thread "FFS"
  13. Presume by this you mean source of erections.... Sounds a bit much to be true tbh.
  14. We clearly need a body or two still but anyone in a stooshie over this is as daft as anyone getting a Championship winners tattoo after watching us pump Raith. If it's going to be done right it will take time.
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