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  1. European Song by the Dons 1983 squad is a proper belter
  2. It would be typical for Hoban to finally get fit just in time for football to be suspended for a year.
  3. Read this as “Leigh Hinds may look appealing...” and honestly it works!
  4. Motherwell fans to forget not to keep cigarettes away from the match due to a lack of signage.
  5. At what point does this become completely fucking irrelevant? 4 years, 4 managers later, and they’re still using it as a barometer for their current team. The fact that Gray, Hanlon, McGregor and Stevenson are still a possible back 4 for you should be frightening. Stop *living in the past*
  6. Unbeaten in 3, the juggernaut rolls onto Lanarkshire. Beep beep out the way motherfucker! Away win, BTTS
  7. Aye our defenders were all over your attackers at times. Shite for both teams imo.
  8. I thought we were brilliant today. Even in the first half, we were slack defensively, but still played some really nice stuff. Even before the sending off, I was confident we’d have chances to get back in it. The sending off allowed us to push 10 yards up the pitch and the first two goals were just forced into the net by sheer pressure alone. McInnes needs to take credit for his sub which was massive in helping that. Anderson could have scored but he helped stretch the defence and offers something we don’t have from our other strikers. McGeouch was my man if the match today. Best performance in a red shirt against his old club. I hope you were looking on enviously Hibees!! He was so composed in tight areas of the pitch. Great range of passing and got stuck in when needs be. Showed his passion after our first, and the South Stand responded. Ojo and Ferguson were also superb. Finally showing that they don’t just look good on paper. Taylor and Considine were getting in each other’s way first half but had very little to deal with second, and Big Andy just can’t stop scoring big goals. What a mighty good man. In an unfamiliar system, I thought the wing-backs were really good, in particular Kennedy up against Boyle. Diligent in tracking back and put in some v dangerous balls. Seen folk on twitter going off their heids about limiting Kennedy’s attacking threat and McInnes caring too much about the opposition setup. I think it probably had more to do with our injuries, if Leigh or McKenna were fit, we could probably have set up the way some would have liked. As it was, I thought he did the role brilliantly, and we had enough creativity through the middle to create chances. Lewis kept us in it first half, two super saves. Doidge should have scored with that header. Finally, Main was terrific too. Ran his *absolute* socks off and got the goal he deserved after good work from Anderson. Did well to hold the ball up and bring others into play. Thought we probably should have had a pen, and their goal looked miles offside, although admittedly I wasn’t best positioned. Cracking match and glad I made the trip up. Come on you fucking reds!
  9. Best part of a million quid on a right back to stick him out left. Crackin’.
  10. Aye fire up the Ban-Signal and get Tommie signed up for the rest of the season. It’s easy to look at McKenna through the eyes of the early hype he got and look over the fact that he’s still comfortably one of the best centre halves in the league. Ok, he may not go on to be the next Gabriel Heinze but in the Premiership, he’s a cut above. Him and Taylor have been a great partnership and we’ll miss that IF he is indeed out for the season. It’s a big opportunity for Devlin to show the form he showed in his first run in the team. At least we know he’s capable of it, and isn’t a total write-off. A fit Hoban would be a game-changer though.
  11. I won’t make this one. I’m somewhere between Joey and Bob in my outlook. If you add on the two semis under Broon in 2011, that’s 6 losses to Celtic at Hampden in ten years. It’s so deflating. We’ve had new and exciting ways in which to lose as well, the most recent being to develop their best young player on their behalf for the best part of two years before he goes on to score the winner in a cup final against us. The very literal manifestation of Celtic’s all-encompassing domestic dominance in the last few years. You do feel that it has to come to an end soon, and yet I cannot for the life of me with any honesty say that it’ll be this time. We’ll find some new way to fail. I’d still be there, if it were possible. As it goes I’ll likely be on a plane, or stuck in some airport depending on KO time. Pray for my sanity and phone roaming data.
  12. That was a wonderful day oot. Saturday night games mean you can start your drinking at a much more civilised hour, and you can make use of your morning and noon! Went to the shops, had a nice lunch, and still made it to the pub approx 4 hrs pre-match. Davie Cormack if you’re reading (and I ken you are) sign me up! Canna mind much of the game truth be told. Ferguson’s golazo looked good in person but holy f**k watching it back it’s a peach. Was convinced Main was onside for his diving header, made an arse of that een. Fair fucks to big Curtis btw, I was ready to chuck him in the Dee but he’s made himself quite useful in the last few games. Pelanty looked a stick on, and you’re just so so confident when Sammy boi steps up these days. Hopefully gets him going on a wee run again. Ash Taylor my motm, he’s been immense since coming back from injury. Not a fashionable player to like, but just so well suited to the Scottish game. Nae sure if it’s just my fried hangover brain, but did we sing that Ojo chant through the entire match? I mind also singing the Hernandez song which I’m no particularly proud of, it’s a lazy stereotype and we dinna really need to go there. Shame the cup run ends here. I’m missing the semi which is at least a bonus. The St Mirren fellas on here seem dead sound, so all the very best for the rest of the season. I sincerely hope you relegate Hearts.
  13. I very much have a good feeling about tonight. 4-3 Dons AET imo
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