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  1. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    I'll take it.
  2. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    What did the Hibees think of our second goal? They’re the experts on good quality passing football so surely there was waves of applause from the home terraces?
  3. Glad that we did our bit today. Lost out on goal difference to a very good Killie side. I’m pleased for them as they definitely deserved it over the season. As for us, it’s not been bad, but certainly a lot of room for improvement. 6/10, but you can’t win (come second) em all. Going to have to change my post signature an a. I back McInnes to sort it out though. We were in a much worse state when he took us over and he got us going. He’s had a tough couple of transfer windows but I trust him to fix it. All the best to our green and white hooped brethren for the Scottish Cup Final showpiece where I’m sure we can all say that we’re hoping they can complete an historic treble treble. Hail hail bhoys and ghirls! I think I was just sick in my own mouth.
  4. Your Club's Player of the Year

    Joe Lewis deserves it. Ferguson, Lowe, Cosgrove and McKenna would be on the shortlist.
  5. A View From The Terrace.

    Excited to see how the Qatar bit ends. It’s something different and they have to be applauded for it.
  6. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    There once was a man from Leith...
  7. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    You've won a single Scottish cup. And a league with Dumbarton in it. I suppose you're used to making the most of small things though
  8. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Remember when Hibs got relegated? That was great. I was in the Hibees end watching a Jupiter-sized Jason Scotland and Tony "sexy-b*****d" Andreu spank them into the seaside leagues, while men, women and children wept around us. It was a highlight in what was a fantastic season all round. Not a single Aberdeen fan has ever shed a tear over their team being relegated. In 116 years of unbroken history, we have never sunk as low as that. Anyway, game at the weekend should be good. 2-0 Dandies, Stevie May to FINALLY prove me right. Heckingbottom to threaten the linesman with a chinese burn and call Andy Considine a diving c**t. McInnes to proclaim the season a success as we scrape home in third before jetting off to Dubai to sun himself.
  9. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    WhY aRe YoU sO SeRiOuS?!?! LiGhTeN uP!!!!!!
  10. Meet the new kit.... Same as the old kit..... I love Dandies kits so naturally I adore it.
  11. That was a fantastic game. Two sides kicking lumps out of each other, with the better team winning to set up a dream last day. Some brilliant scenes at the goals. Hope you enjoyed Buds. I sure did.