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  1. Christmas day out to Arbroath with the boys, what a trip! A festive spread on the train, Westport Bar pre match, and then to the game. Dire stuff from Dundee all in to be honest, and Linn should have won it at the end. Looked a lovely goal he scored but it was up the other end so I may be mistaken. I’ll check the highlights later on. I got the feeling that the Dundee fans weren’t best pleased about the equaliser because they really didn’t deserve anything from the game. The defence looks hopeless, and the midfield really blunt. In Johnson and Hemmings you’ve got two decent strikers who will take chances, but there’s just not enough service. I thought McDaid was rubbish. Went to Bar 1320 after the match for a few, before hopping the train back down the road. Special mention to the steak and black pudding pies which were probably the best I’ve had at the football. All the best to Arbroath. Dundee though, you really need to get rid of McPake. There’s no identity in that team (rich from a Dandy, granted) and the players should be performing at a much higher level.
  2. Those were exactly my two takeaways from the highlights. Wilson and Gallagher combined really well, and were completely on the edge of losing possession the entire time. I loved it. Cosgrove really uses his body well in the second, to turn and get the shot away. Lucky break and Considine’s there. He’s really made a good habit of lurking at the back post hasn’t he?
  3. I’d have taken that before the match, so to go 2 down and recover like that is really impressive. A super fight back, and an important point to pick up. What’s more important is it shows that we can play against this team, even this year after all that they’ve improved. Massive if we draw them in the cup, especially after the 5-0 Ibrox match. Ash Taylor big beautiful man of the match was he?
  4. The Queen is dead, Rangers will be lost without their figurehead and Aberdeen can run riot. 5-1 Aberdeen.
  5. Yes, it is a shame that I don't come from the fashion capital of Europe, *checks notes* ...Paisley. have St Mirren ever had a Paisley patterned kit?
  6. That kit is a stone cold classic. I wonder if the St Mirren monstrosity will be remembered fondly in 20 years time?
  7. Mind how folk used to say this about Ryan Jack every week until he moved to the ****, we never replaced him and became a much worse team?
  8. Yeah he was useful enough in his first spell, and I think the disappointment of the player who actually came back also affected how I remember him. Gregg Wylde scored a goal right in front of me at Easter Rd to wrap up a 2-0 win (after Vernon slide-tackled one top corner from 20 yards) and for that, he seems to have escaped my ire. You’re right though, objectively a crap signing. He’s been a crap signing for a LOT of clubs.
  9. i loved last weeks last minute winner. just wanted to put it on record.
  10. This may not be our actual worst XI, because I suppose the majority of the shite ones would have only played one or two times. But this is the XI who I hated the most. The players who I just dreaded seeing in Red. GK - Scott Brown. Jurgen Klopp cost Aberdeen the title. He gets the Liverpool job and recalls Danny Ward, and doesn’t play him. We get left with this jobber. League Cup semi 2015, chucks one in against the Arabs. Key league match v Celtic, chucks in 4 when we were doing ok. He was nowhere near good enough, and never was. He’s what happens when you sign two goalkeepers of roughly equal level for “competition”. Sign a No1 and be done with it. RB - Richard “Ricky” Foster. I always hated this bellend. He was shite when he broke through, and he was shite when he was a regular. The only time he comes onto a game, he fucks off to Rangers on loan. Seems like a p***k as well. CB - Jerel Ifil. It’s been done. He was gash. CB - Zander Diamond. I loved him when he came through, but by the time this decade came round, he was so far past his best, still in his early 20s. It’s obvious he had all the physical attributes to make it, but f**k all going on between those lugs. The Celtic birthday cake picture didn’t help either. I really resented him by the time he left, and I’m not surprised he never made it. LB - Clark Robertson. It was so bleeding obvious that he was never a full back. Gangly, slow, rubbish on the ball. He went to my school and was a bit of a p***k as well. Seems to be doing alright as a centre back down south, but Christ he was rotten here. RM- Greg Stewart. Honestly, he can just f**k off. f**k f**k off. Fat, slow, cowardly, unambitious. For this guy to be any good, he apparently has to have the whole fucking team focussed entirely on him, and he has to be playing centrally, and playing behind the right type of striker, and he hasn’t had a big holiday. A chubby loser who has ended up at the right place. CM - Stephen Hughes. Nothing sums up Craig Brown’s safety-first reign like Stephen Fucking Hughes. Sitting in a freezing cold Easter Road in 2013 watching two nothing teams completely unable to break each other down. Stephen Hughes receives the ball at the edge of the box and proceeds to turn one way, then the next, going back and back and back until he passes it back to the keeper. Rotten. CM - Gary McDonald. A total nobody. Zero presence. Soft defensively and shite going forward. I hope we never see the likes again. CM - Greg Tansey. This signing sums up the worst feature of Derek McInnes’ signing policy. Tansey was a decent player for a while at Caley Thistle and played well against us a couple of times. McInnes gets obsessed with players who beat us (May, Main, Stewart) and always tries to sign them. The initial deal fell through, but Tansey signed 18 months later, even though his form was rotten, Caley had been relegated and he had developed injury niggles. Came into a side crying out for solidity in the middle of the park and, a couple of nice set pieces aside, did f**k all. Subbed in the first half v Rangers after conceding a penalty and basically never seen again. Hopeless. LM - Chris Clark. Is there a less exciting winger? He was alright in his first spell, but when he came back he was slow, uninventive and injured. Again, totally indicative of Craig Brown’s conservative style. Seems a nice chap. ST - Andrius Velička. When you’ve only got one full back on your books, even if he is Ricky Foster, do not swap him for another striker. Especially when you’ve already got six on the books. Someone please tell Mark McGhee this. Honestly, what was going through his pig shit head when he did this? Velička himself was atrocious, enormous and injury-prone and probably doesn’t even remember he played for us. Manager - Mark McGhee. c**t.
  11. I’d kill for that trackie jacket. Takeover huh? Not really sure what it all means, but I’m sure it’ll become apparent soon enough. I fear that the tales of staying at Pittodrie may just be fans getting their hopes up, but certainly it’s much more likely than it was before. I’ve already got pictures of a Vicente Calderon-esque Main Stand with Pittodrie Street running underneath in my head. If they were to chuck a heap of cash at the club, a redeveloped, innovatively designed Pittodrie would be much more useful than an expensive squad IMO. Keep the squad where we are, leave a superb stadium as a legacy, and build from there. Having said all that, I do feel that this is likely to be a Hibs-esque business as usual takeover, with more Jon Gallagher jobbers popping over at odd “Landon Donovan on loan at Everton” intervals. When’s Funso Ojo back?
  12. Hibs section was superb. Rare to hear a current footballer so candid, Stevenson came across so so well. The Raith film was magic IMO, they’ve done a few quite similar VTs but I think I’m still enjoying the novelty of seeing Scottish football so beautifully shot. Such a cinematic presentation of the mundane, of OUR mundane, is still fresh to me, as it’s basically not been done before, in Scotland. Generally speaking, the chat is just getting better and better. More comfortable, more charismatic and just so easy to watch. Get them on Saturday mornings!
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