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  1. Harte,Juranovic,CCV,Starfelt,Taylor,McGregor,Rogic,Hatate,Abada,Forrest,Maeda. 3-1 Celtic
  2. Why do fans still listen to the mince written in this country,the Japanese national team will be announced on the 22nd.
  3. Maybe it was too many teacakes, it's nonsense to suggest Celtic could've done more, hes had plenty of time and chances at Celtic to get his head straight. Celtic have moved on and Griffiths is part of the deadwood lying around,Griffiths played an integral role at Celtic winning 9iar with some great moments on the field. Duz the good things weigh out the bad things? who cares his time is up.
  4. It would be interesting to see what would happen, I think the game would get abandoned and played at a later date. Nobody can force the game to go ahead.
  5. If the clubs at the weekend allowed more than 500 in what could the government do about it? For me it's up to the clubs,would the police stop the game from going ahead or would they just stand with their wee camera and say there is more than 500 in here. We all know this 500 number is nonsense.
  6. Taking his words out of context is what the MSM do,he didn't say no more signings M8.
  7. It's good to see the championship clubs wanting the restrictions moved for this weekend but the science doesn't do weekends so their fecked.
  8. It was a surprise to see Soro has made 17 appearances this season even if most of them have came from the bench,he will be down the pecking order now with Hatate and Ideguchi coming in. For me McCathy needs to step up his game from now to the end of the season he needs to get more starts and contribute more. Shaw will be a good fit for Motherwell even thou they play a more direct game than Celtic, For me Henderson will struggle to get into that Hibs midfield Newell is a better player,Campbell and Doyle-Hayes are similar. Riley McGree Who? Don't do speculation M8.
  9. The only one laughing is the Celtic blogger M8, the paranoid bit is the rangers fans click baiting it because its got Ibrox in the title.
  10. It's good to see rangers fans on here promoting it thou,I'm sure hes made his target for the week. And they call us paranoid.
  11. Anybody that clicks on that or reads that is a fecking idiot,Celtic don't own any tanks.
  12. Being daft enough to click on it in the first place is embarrassing M8.
  13. They're plenty of c***s playing in Scottish football, Martin Boyle is a diving c**t before he goes.
  14. Brendan Rodgers back room team probably cost more than these players.
  15. It's good when Diddies like @Dons_1988posts, he can't reply or retort(for David's pedantic pish).
  16. I'm not English David. Come on! I got at least 3 pages this time. P&B need guys like me.
  17. It was a good answer to the mince the rangers fan was spouting David. If it comes true will you buy me a pint the next time i'm in Aberdeen for the game?
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