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  1. It's not about the clubs it's about the players.
  2. We would only find out if we tried it,we can go around in circles with the positives and negatives all day. The more 18 to 21 year old players we have in our first teams the better the chance we have for them to be successful in their short careers.
  3. Tierney would be the standard,so hopefully it would produce more than just one like him.
  4. OF died in 2012 M8, Tierney was in Celtic's team at 18 being sick at the side of the park, the manager at the time Ronny Deila went against the grain to promote youth and develop but our fan base couldn't handle it.
  5. You think Celtic are the only ones benefiting from this idea it's not true,Celtic themselves are a stepping stone eg. Tierney. Celtic are just providing a platform for players to find their level within the game where ever it takes them in their careers.
  6. The difference is having them in a professional environment having full control over their pathway. Not all the players will make the grade but will have the benefit and the best chance of not falling through the cracks. Celtic will know every player coming through from project brave up to 18 years old in the elite academies.
  7. I'm not against the loan market,for me if Celtic have a colt team in the LL they have a base to work from,players that do well for a season or less in the LL can then use the loan market and make their way up the leagues. The colts won't stop players like Ewan Henderson at Dunfermline finding their level or trying to get game time at a young age.
  8. For me the system we have in place right now is broken between the ages of 18 to 21 years old.
  9. It's very simple for me I want more home grown talent in the first team not just one player a season.
  10. I'm sure the 50 grand bribe will go a little bit further.
  11. Went to a Cumbernauld colts v Gala game a few years back was £8 well spent.
  12. You can't compare one off cup games to a league season M8.
  13. Ironing out all the pros and cons over one season is the right thing to do.
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