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  1. It is laughable , when motherwell got to 2 cup finals in the same season they still only played 9 or 10 games less than the Celtic players. If teams in the same league as Celtic are only playing 45-47 games and Celtic are playing 59-61 games a season it's only right the players get a better wage.
  2. I disagree I thought Celtic created enough chances to get the second, Griffiths and Johnston had a couple each. It was a fair result with Hamilton playing well.
  3. Thought the second half was better than the first, great save from big Forster also thought Taylor played well, Mikey hitting the post was unlucky. Great finish to the game bad goal to lose but the left peg finish from Broonie was magic.
  4. I'm sure McInnes knows this so instead of giving Davis and Jack the freedom of pittodrie what does he do about it?
  5. McInnes has history,he likes playing full backs in centre mid and his centre backs at full back it all makes perfect sense.
  6. It took 4 years for McInnes to sort out a left back maybe Considine can play with Ferguson.
  7. The problem with the sheep is Lewis Ferguson needs help in the middle of the park, Vyner isn't the answer Campbell is too young and Bryson is a wasted jersey.
  8. The bragging rights and the west coast mentality died in 2012 plus the city rival is like the jags and Clyde.
  9. Neil Lennon giving the press pack a telling yesterday was beautiful,the poor sad souls are stuck in the past.
  10. The reality is if we stay in this form there will be no qualifiers and Aberdeen will go straight into the Europa cup with making 8 to 10 million.
  11. For me a lot of fans have a lack of understanding what actually happened through those years and certain managers like Lennon and Deila get little credit for what they did. Strachan left Lennon with an ageing squad between Lennon and Deila they built a Squad to last to the present day. Rodgers recruitment was shit and couldn't replace the squad with better players but raised the level of the football department with his experience at EPL level. Now it's back in the hands of Lennon with a squad going into it's best years and a football/recruitment department back where it should be.
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