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  1. I find it very strange when a dons fan and the reporter are the only ones trying to make sevco relevant in a game between Livvy and Celtic?
  2. It's the first 2 points we've dropping since coming back from the winter break plus Celtic can still make 100 points in the league. How can you criticise the players that haven't lost a domestic trophy in over 3 years? Individual performances mite dip from time to time but as a team it's brilliant and outstanding. Criticism over drawing one game after winning the last 11 games has got to be measured.
  3. I think the bit at the end was for Slippy G quote"you get what you deserve"
  4. Putting blue before green then 6-0 Celtic means you're a very mixed up child.
  5. I disagree it's feck all to do with sevco or Slippy G,it's everything to do with the position Celtic are in,winning the first trophy and only dropping 10 points in the league.
  6. And there is a good chance Celtic will be visiting again after the split.
  7. The spaghettihad is harder place to go than pittrodrie or ibrox to get a result.
  8. I'm not going to defend him after the last two performances and the jury is still out on him. For me right now Hayes is the best option on the left hand side. Celtic fans will be comparing him with Tierney which is just crazy,hes had a few good games and a few bad games.
  9. Efe ballon d'or was always great in the air but on the carpet he could trip on the shag pile.
  10. Livingston haven't lost at home since the beginning of November, if the sheep and sevco can get 0-2 result then surely the champions elect can do the same or better. On a better surface than the tatty field at McDiarmid 😬and spring in the air a comfortable 3 or 4 for Celtic not underestimating the lions in anyway.
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