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  1. For me that is down to your own perception M8, whether Portugal is considered a better league or not we're playing in the same competition, 3 finals in the last 20 years is not bad for this underestimated wee country.
  2. What i'm saying was Celtic came up short last season and now we're better for it but the champions league is another level to jump,the experience of last season will help this group of players. Historically Spain,Germany,Italy and England win this competition the rest have had small periods of success, I consider Celtic can be as good as the dutch sides or the Portuguese sides with my optimistic view.
  3. I think Portugal has similarities to Scotland with the bigger and better neighbour next door plus both countries have massive clubs and fan bases. Comparing leagues is pretty foolish, Jota's goal against Leverkusen proves he can play at a higher level,whether he is picked or not doesn't mean hes a bad player or good enough player to go,Celtic are a better team now than last season plus we are better with Jota in the team,we could take a sore one in the champions league but we could also take a decent scalp because of the way Ange sets up his team.
  4. Do you think Scottish football is better than the Portuguese game wee man?
  5. McBurnie can't make the Scotland squad because of his price tag.
  6. Steven Fletcher turning up at tannadice with his Lamborghini.
  7. Ok Monkey, I'll start with a very simple question, Do you think The Dons or The tarts or The spoonburners can reach a total of 90 points in one season? The video is apples and oranges M8.
  8. It's good to see you keeping the newspapers alive Zippy when it's a dead industry,it's all about sevco on a Celtic thread.
  9. Putting the press on a player in his own half is what Ange's Celtic is all about,Celtic players hunt in packs when we lose the ball the third was perfect for that but the one touch and movement after getting it back was impressive plus a great finish.
  10. For me Kyogo is off it and needs 3 or 4 games, Taylor was MOTM and Welsh is starting to take more responsibility,Jota got more joy on the left, I can understand why Jinky said the second half was a training session we definitely dropped a gear or two,O'Reily was knackered after 70 minutes and so was Hatate maybe that played a part in that, we look like a team lacking in game time.
  11. It's very clear to see Goodwin is a better manager than McInnes is.
  12. It's going to be the full stadium even the fat cats, i disagree it's done before the game kicks off.
  13. If you made a point it would be a surprise to everyone on here.
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