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  1. In terms of his reaction yes but not taking Celtic all the way. I hope we see the season get to the end this time not just 30 games. Sevco fans have short memories getting beat with Hearts,Killie and Hamilton drawing with Aberdeen and St johnstone. Ending the title before the split, yes give them credit for the start they have made this season. Slippy G was half way out the door last season now it's a 2 year plan all coming together. Plus Celtic haven't lost any game between the two Glasgow derbies domestically.
  2. I've seen him a few times and just said hello hello but this time his wee boy ran into me he was more interested in the ducks and swans. It was a fair tackle from the wee man but definitely a card.
  3. Wee smile for that,It's funny I met and spoke to Connor Goldson about 5 days ago with his wife and wee boy.
  4. For me you can't change a manager during the season so it would be losing the league.
  5. What i'm saying is you get the full bhoona, I don't take it too seriously mate.
  6. Why are you giving credence to social media and Celtic forums? The diversity of the Celtic fan base is vast, your claim about most Celtic fans is mince.
  7. Like I said it's a dogs dinner mate,I'm in denial about what?
  8. You posted about social media being a true reflection of the Celtic fan base it's not it's the dogs dinner mate.
  9. This is the match thread one defeat,there is no denial sevco have started the season better than Celtic but it's about consistency. I've yet to see whether this slippy G/sevco squad is good enough to take Celtic all the way plus the only way to have that is to have 8-10 games left not 28. What I've seen is Celtic have a stronger 11 this season than we did last season
  10. Venting your disappointment is healthy,sacking a manager after 1 defeat in 10 is crazy talk.
  11. It's good to see that social media is the place that makes the decision.
  12. I'm glad we agree. You said Frimpong is better in a foot race, all he needs is a better delivery and a better team mate to keep Kamara busy.
  13. Sevco haven't done anything yet plus Aberdeen have been just as good as sevco in providing a challenge.
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