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  1. While selling Wee Freddo isn't mutually exclusive to getting a replacement, £2 or £3 million isn't a premium M8.
  2. Much did you guys pay for Colak? For me Wee Freddo has checked out getting a player in now instead of the summer strengthens the squad.
  3. Celtic and sevco drop around 20 to 24 points a season out of 114, the consistency of winning the league. I don't see it as a shock, i agree when it happens all the credit should go to the opposition.
  4. Where's the fun in that David, Jim Farry would be turning in his grave FFS.
  5. They switched off the off side line at the motherwell game for Jota's goal to keep the score down.
  6. My first instinct at the game was that in the box not the handball,the ref gave the pen without even thinking about the rest of the rule M8.
  7. You are making the point for me dafty diddy,Celtic have the squad and used it which is the opposite to what you have posted.
  8. I remember when VAR was introduced in Spain every handball in the box was a pen, the refs in this country are doing the same apart from the budgie cage one. Simplifying the rule is needed plus common sense has been lost.
  9. I think it would be an entertaining listen to here what the refs are saying to each other during every game/decision. Selling ear pieces to fans would pay for VAR., or even to the coaching staff.
  10. That was a big jump from the point being made wee man,winning the league is all about consistency. Each game is different and throws up all sorts of exciting moments we live for the moments M8.
  11. It gets overlooked by the diddies on here,Celtic playing 4 more games than county in the same time period, it's the reason we have a big squad. Celtic's best 11 duznae exist for me, any Celtic fan trying to pick a best 11 from that squad is impossible M8.
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