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  1. Wait for the split again and I don't mean the last 5 games of the season.
  2. And on the streets of Glasgow today. Orange walks celebrating the battle of the boyne on September 18th and flag day 6 games into the season.
  3. Orange walks all over Glasgow today celebrating the battle of the Boyne on the same day the Irish home rule act was passed, that's funny.
  4. Ripping the pish out of it, was happy to play £12 not £20 when you can go to the game for £25.
  5. Yip, slippy G is that pish he needed help from the previous Celtic manager.
  6. The turnaround in a year has been incredible,Ajeti is the only player that started against AC Milan in match day one and played against Betis on Thursday.
  7. Enjoyed that game last night,thought Turnbull stepped up played a part in all 3 goals Ajeti getting better with each game. For me Montgomery is better than Taylor plus if McGregor,Kyogo and Forrest are playing Celtic are winning that game,hopefully they're back for the return leg. Would rather play that way two teams wanting to win great entertainment, white knuckle ride is here to stay.
  8. Enjoyed the first half not so much the second,great result but the performance deserved the second goal to finish the game off. It's about time we produced a real team performance after the terrible first half against the Danes. You could see 3 games in 6 days had an affect on both squads,3 different opponents 3 different ways to play. The expectation is a wee bit higher now for the next 3 games hopefully Clarke and his squad can deliver.
  9. Clarke has got a major influence from Mourinho the edge and balance of the team's he picks are always on the back foot. Playing 2 up front plus having McGinn supporting the two shows he can adapt to a more forward thinking system. The Israel game should show how far this team has come under Clarke in the last two years,the progress has been very slow for some he needs to keep adapting and find a style of play for the players he has available.
  10. This is the point I was making about the P word more about the race than the religion both on dangerous ground.
  11. This is not about playground comparisons whether one word is worse than another. It's about the tolerance and acceptance of a word that can or can't be used. Whether you or I think it's offensive or not.
  12. Ill try to put it another way,not all Celtic fans are or have Irish connections so they can't be known by the F word,not all corner shop guys are known by the P word because they are from different countries. Because you have a corner shop or wear a Celtic top the P and F words are your pigeon hole or label. If you own a corner shop and your from India the P word is offensive just the same as being a Celtic fan that is not Irish, the xenophobic nature and the ignorance is the same. See people for who they are not for who you want them to be.
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