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  1. You wouldn't pay if it was the doonhamers playing sevco?
  2. I know you hate the European dosh the arsecheeks get every year, what's your view on dosh getting made from PPV for individual clubs?
  3. @Monkey Tennis will be delighted diddy fans are paying £9.99 into the war chest to stop 10.
  4. Celtic draw is today teams we can get • Djurgardens IF of Sweden • The winner of Tuesday’s Preliminary Round final (which will be Linfield or FC Drita) • KR Reykjavik of Iceland Aberdeen and Motherwell draw will be tomorrow.
  5. The famous pies have been very busy is there any players left from last season?
  6. The £12 quid for Motherwell is better than the £9.99 for sevco.
  7. Not quite Frankie Boyle But seriously Griffiths has 4 years on Fletcher in terms of goals it's not a personality contest? Fletcher is better with his back to goal bringing midfielders into play, Griffiths plays on the half turn and over the top plus set plays.
  8. Griffiths has a better chance of catching STD's than Covid.
  9. For me Griffiths is a better option than Fletcher. Griffiths will always score more goals.
  10. Yep, The sheep are raging the game has been call off "social distancing or stand free"?
  11. It's worse than players pulling out of the national team.
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