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  1. Put the dosh aside for once,having nearly half our squad out for non-football reasons makes it a more level playing field.
  2. It's great being the underdogs in a domestic game with the colts playing.
  3. Yes, Doig does well against Frimpong both players have got the best years in front of them,it's good to have Stevenson to help him when he needs a rest. Jack is building a good team at Hibs, Gogic has stopped Hibs losing goals,Newell is the play maker,Boyle has the pace and Nisbet is the goalscorer.
  4. It looked like Doig has had a hard season plus missing Boyle last night didn't help, Newell is a better player than Hallberg.
  5. It was certainly better than a 0-3 defeat, it's great to see the budget posts again when we're forced to play the colts.
  6. Be careful what you wish for Kinky,sevco will need to wheel out one or two sevco players just to make sure they're not a protected species.
  7. It's good to know Celtic could play their second string squad and still make the top six.
  8. As people got confused about this, here is the information given when this "rule" was changed: In case of a foul inside the box/a penalty being awarded, the player who fouls the attacker while making a ‘fair and reasonable’ attempt to play the ball will only get a yellow card, whereas previously the player to concede the foul would have been sent off under the "triple-punishment" rule, which sanctioned the offence with a red card, suspension and a penalty kick. So, in the new laws a player who commits a foul while tackling in a "fair and reasonable" attempt to play the ball will only receive a yellow card for this offence, because it is considered that the penalty kick recreates the goalscoring opportunity that was lost by the foul. The difference is the foul is a penalty, there is no attempt to play the ball but also no attempt to foul the player. It's a penalty no matter what but the colour of card is down to the referee whether he sees it as fair or reasonable.
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