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  1. Goodwillie saved the club by joining us and scoring crucial goals to keep us in the league and then to get us promoted. If you don’t support us cause of him then don’t come back when he’s gone cause he saved this club and will always be remembered as a Clyde legend.
  2. Dundee United played two games in two days, banks only got 20 mins yesterday and was the only unused sub today. What’s the chances we can get him back on loan?
  3. Decided to come watch this game today, rico quitongo is indeed number 3.
  4. Embarrassing? Liability? Wow. Some fans will never be happy.
  5. Syversten gets better with every game he plays. Big season for him and i reckon he’ll be one of the first names on the team sheet.
  6. He looked a bit shaky on Saturday at Linlithgow but last night he was a lot better on the ball and also brought the ball up the pitch a few times. He ended up scoring a goal by starting the move from defence and ending it with a nice volley just a shame Wallace was offside so it didn’t count. Not much to say about his defending ability yet as it’s only pre-season but he looks an exciting prospect.
  7. Can’t read too much into friendlies but thought Smith and Syversten looked good. Grant as always never lost the ball and looked a class above in the first half. Howie looked a lot more calm tonight and even though we conceded 3 goals I thought he looked good. The other 2 trialists (Robertson and East Stirling one) came of the bench and didn’t do anything to impress and I wouldn’t particularly want them back but we’ll see.
  8. Goodwillie has done his ligaments apparently and is out till September.
  9. Craig Howie from EK is number 4. I think the trialists on the bench are all youngsters, 2 of them from the 2003 squad.
  10. He’s back in Scotland now so I imagine we’ll have his decision in the next few days. Would be sad for him to leave but as many have already said, I have full confidence in the management team to bring in the right replacements either permanent or loans.
  11. Fitzpatrick and Cuddihy listed as midfielders on the website, I imagine both will mostly used as defenders? McStay’s profile also gone.
  12. Hopefully staying but I doubt it, he’ll have several full time offers like Lang did most likely.
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