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  1. FT Cambuslang 2-0 Irvine Victoria
  2. FT - St Rochs 1-1 Cambuslang
  3. FT Cambuslang 2-1 Dundee East Craigie
  4. Thorniewood 4-4 Cambuslang Cambuslang won 5-4 on penalties for bonus point.
  5. There were a few who came in at the end of last season playing last night. Lang online who posts on P&B would be of more help to you I reckon.
  6. Cambuslang played well & looked keen to keep the ball on the deck. Quite a few trialists in the squad last night. Good to see Hal Bolme back at Somervell & he got on the score sheet again after scoring the winner at Fauldhouse last Saturday.
  7. Cambuslang 5-1 Maryhill One of the trialists (Hendry) scored a couple of them.
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