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  1. You'd imagine he'd be Birmingham bound then, bigger club and playing at a higher level. Wonder if they have any decent players they could send our way (no Brock Madsens though please).
  2. I think GD is actually flareybob from black and white army.
  3. You do realise that because of Brexit no player with one or two caps for Iceland or Georgia will get a visa to play here?
  4. I've just had a look at this thread for the first time tonight and wondering if someone has spiked my wine.
  5. I have it on good authority from the Scottish Government that the window must remain open, even if its freezing outside.
  6. Agree that both would be lazy and uninspiring signings, more so because both have well documented injury problems. I long for the excitement of signing someone from the Slovakian league that we've never heard of.
  7. How did you know Zingali was going to post before he did?
  8. Just found out about the Kpekewa story - he was sent off 9 minutes into his debut for breaking the leg of another player and was then banned for 6 months, didn't play for them again. He's now st Hemel Hempstead Town.
  9. Heatons last English club play in the 9th tier. He then went to Australia to play just before the pandemic and football shut down just after he arrived. Not been seen since. He was also let go by Bradford Park Avenue for sending dodgy tweets. Guy was a rocket. Jeff King had previous for racially abusing another player. Cole Kpekewa went to play abroad after he left us and got banned from playing for most of the season, though I can't mind exactly why. I do think Stubbs signings just surpassed Tommy's on their complete shiteness.
  10. I agree that Stubbs signings were atrocious and he certainly destroyed the good feeling at the club at that time - however I think you underestimate the scale of the building job required - though to be fair that's with the benefit of hindsight. However, the likes of Baird, McShane, Smith and Reilly have shown over the last few years they weren't good enough to make the step up, Morgan had left and the likes of Samson, Eckersley and MacKenzie were past it. We probably needed to bring 7 or 8 SPL quality players in that summer, and ended up with Heaton, Kpekewa and King.
  11. FFS. Livi fan in racial stereotyping shocker. Hope big Marv is reading this and you get banned.
  12. That all sounded plausible until you got to the bit about SMISA carrying out a vote.
  13. He's on the bench Mark Yardley starts. A couple of kids from Kibble are in midfield to give them work experience.
  14. It would be a shame if the power suddenly failed five minutes into the game, wouldn't it.
  15. I think some of these names are quite delusional. No chance of a Neil, Ross or McInnes rocking up at Rugby Park. It's more likely to be someone who has failed before as a manager like McCann or untried like Naismith.
  16. I would be amazed if you were to get either Ross or McInnes. Both would be looking for an SPL job IMO.
  17. Totally different scenario. If Shaun Byrne had a gambling issue, the only person affected by that is himself and his family and clearly he needs support to address any issues. Drink driving could put others lives at risk though.
  18. So what should the punishment be for this, if he is convicted? I work in social work - if I was convicted of drink driving, I would lose my job, probably be deregistered and never work in the sector again, also losing all pension rights. My wife would then probably leave me, I'd have to go to court to get access to the children and before long I'd be in a homeless hostel, drinking super lager for breakfast. So what should be the punishment for Charlie boy? A bit less because he can drag his ageing bloated frame round a football pitch?
  19. I hope the current crop can replicate Wardlaw's last Pittodrie performance on Saturday.
  20. I liked big Jon, though he didn't score enough. Morais was woeful though, evidenced by the fact he is currently playing for Kings Lynn.
  21. I could see TV being an attractive option if it wasn't for the unpredictable streaming quality and the 2 minute delay which means your twitter feed tells you what's happened before you see it.
  22. I also didn't mention that around the same time, your man was charged with rape and went on trial, but the jury couldn't reach a verdict (in the UK shamefully 98% of rape allegations don't lead to conviction).
  23. Are you actually fucking serious? The guy almost killed himself over it and the charges were dropped. He runs a mental health podcast encouraging men to talk about things like suicide and depression having went through it himself and having made plans to actually kill himself. An all new low from you, you fucking rat. I'm so sorry, I didn't realise he took Oldham to an employment tribunal, won, and was completely exonerated. I'm assuming you'll be able to post a link to an article showing this?
  24. He was previously sacked from a club for match fixing so at least he fits the Livi profile of being a wrong 'un.
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