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  1. I don't remember Tony Fitzpatrick's teams being particularly organised or hard to beat?
  2. The Hibernian Thread

    Barnsley were in the relegation zone when he left in February, and they ultimately did get relegated.
  3. Can we sabotage the pitch and get it postponed to mid March?
  4. Hamilton v Dundee

    There's no way you can judge St Mirren since we have brought in 10 players, most of whom are from abroad and no-one knows how good they will be.
  5. I was being sarcastic. Luckily it seems your management do think it's fine, as shown by the lack of defensive signings this window.
  6. Your defence is fine, looks really solid. I'd leave that part of the team well alone.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    Only if it's had a curry.
  8. All things Dundee FC

    If he doesn't, does that mean you only have Kusunga and O'Dea as your only fit centre halves? And Ralph as your only left back?
  9. Oh elvis, are you ok?
  10. Don't disagree, but i think OK is perhaps at a disadvantage as an outsider to the Scottish football mafia. McIntyre gets players from Aberdeen and Sunderland because he's pals with McInnes and Ross. Possibly a bit simplistic but i think there's truth in it, hence why we have been exploring foreign markets more.
  11. That's not your normal balanced approach, has elvis kidnapped you and your suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? Yes, we'd like to have a striker in, but all the other problem positions have been taken care of (we easily have enough in central midfield, just need to deploy them so that one of them plays deeper and protects the back 4). And Hamilton Accies have just appointed a new management team who have never managed one game at senior level. I think they are the ones in deepest doo doo. Agree Dundee have probably done the best business through a late flurry. Something iffy about that defeat to Queens, almost as if they were deliberately very bad to get more funds to strengthen.
  12. If the current squad cant manage to finish ahead of a Hamilton side managed by Brian Rice, and beat one of the teams full of assorted journeymen populating the championship, we really would deserve to be relegated.
  13. FFS, i hope you aren't headlining.
  14. You do know that Rice is 55 and has never been a manager in his own right? Not sure how that equates as big potential?
  15. Also rumours that Dundee are about to sign a Sunderland midfielder, to go along with Nelson. If they are any good, that's strengthening our relegation rivals. Jack Ross, SMTID, aye right.
  16. Well that's just pish isn't it. Monday night FFS.
  17. Agreed, i think it will get better when they have played a few games together. First opportunity I'd invest in some team bonding initiatives, important given the number of new faces. Today was sore, but hopefully they'll all learn from it, including OK who should have got one of the midfield to sit in front of the defence when the game became stretched, and possibly brought off one of the wingers for Ferdinand to make us more difficult to break down.
  18. You should be used to processions. Hopefully POPEscu will stand up to the forces of darkness. I almost thought you were going to burst into song when you mentioned Dundee and Hamilton.
  19. In any nomal season, the pathetic points totals of the bottom three would see them well adrift. Very strange that three teams can be so much worse than the rest. The next few days could be crucial, depending who each of the sides manage to bring in. Think the odds are it'll still be close right up to the split, dont see any of the three building any momentum. My prediction is Dundee safe, us in the play off and Accies down.
  20. Hamilton v Dundee

    We play at Ibrox, so you definitely wont be bottom by then.
  21. The Hibernian Thread

    Aye, sure, because if i had a fight with someone i was supervising and then made a homophobic comment to my boss, I'd still be in a job.
  22. The Hibernian Thread

    Stubbs would be a great appointment for the comedy value. Cole Kpekewa incoming...
  23. We don't need 6. A left back, winger and striker is the best we can expect. We still have Ferdinand to come into the team from the other night, and Magennis when he recovers from injury. Jackson was also on the bench at Parkhead. When you consider all that, i think the side that will take to the field in February should be much different.
  24. All things Dundee FC

    I have a meeting in Dundee tomorrow. I will be very glad to get back to Paisley.