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  1. They also don't pay their stewards and most of them are doing community service, judging by the nick of three of them who didn't know where to buy tickets.
  2. All things Dundee FC

    Its three points actually, and a worse goal difference.
  3. They have to launder their money somehow.
  4. Really? After all the criminal activities of some of their employees, nothing would surprise me.
  5. FFS, I wondered why the Dundee premiership thread was so quiet. You're only three points and a few goals from at least avoiding automatic relegation, surely a bit premature to throw in the towel?
  6. All things Dundee FC

    There's a lot of negativity on here, which I understand, but as a Saints fan I'm still nervous. You looked ok and decent going forward from the highlights of Saturday, but seemed to collapse a bit after Aberdeen scored. But - the next lot of games are against poorer sides than Aberdeen, three of whom have nothing to play for. Its far from over. Just hope we don't need anything from our trip to Dens on the last day!
  7. Hamilton v St Mirren

    The Government put him in charge of their Brexit strategy.
  8. My prediction is Dundee will have trips to Livi and Perth, as that means the three teams down the bottom will play each other home and away twice each.
  9. Dundee will need to play at least two sides away for a third time, as they are only due two home games after the split.
  10. Big game on Saturday, if Hamilton win they are virtually safe. A Saints win, if Dundee lose, and it could be curtains for the Dees. A draw and nothing is really decided.
  11. St.johnstone v Dundee

    I thought Curran was your best player in the 1-1 draw at Dens in November.
  12. Are we only getting one home game after the split? Who are they putting in charge of scheduling, Andrew Dallas?
  13. All things Dundee FC

    With about 20 minutes to go on Saturday you got a free kick about 30 yards out, and Woods stood over it. I thought of this thread and the universal verdict of how bad he was at set pieces, and immediately reckoned it was inevitable that you would score. Of course, the ball was chipped out for a goal kick, miles from any Dundee players, with Woods remonstrating with them as if it was their fault.
  14. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Me too. Just a pity most of their fans on here are fannies.
  15. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    From what I saw today, it is your central defence and central midfield that is the problem. Kusunga is a bomb scare, Woods thinks he's good but really isn't, and Robson hides. I think you have players in forward areas that can cause problems for teams, but they are likely to be seriously undermined by what's behind them. Great result for us, but still a long way to go, especially with us probably still to go to Dens after the split.
  16. Perth Saints v Paisley Saints

    They are both currently advising Theresa May over Brexit i'm afraid.
  17. Perth Saints v Paisley Saints

    Oh dear, that's not quite what happened. I like St Johnstone as a club, good family friendly policies, decent guy as a manager, well run, and even their celebrity fans like Stuart Cosgrove and that bloke off Taggart seem like good guys. Its just a pity that the majority of their fans who post on here are gibbering c**ts.
  18. Perth Saints v Paisley Saints

    He's a Celtic fan. The clue is "wanting Brendan Rodgers back". Not sure, therefore, why you thought it was relevant to St Mirren?
  19. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    There's five days to the match, plenty of time for him to injure something else.
  20. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    I wasn't slagging the disabled. I was slagging you.
  21. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    You won't act any age you want. That's the unfortunate thing about learning disabilities, you're just stuck with it.
  22. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    I'm going out for my 50th birthday that night, this means Saints must win. Please.
  23. Perth Saints v Paisley Saints

    My preference would be cup semi final weekend, 13th April, but don't see the powers that be going for this as St Johnstone still have outside chance of top six. Would much prefer it's played at the weekend so we can take advantage of the good family prices on offer.
  24. Perth Saints v Paisley Saints

    They're St Mirren fans, they already fecking know that.