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  1. Indeed. Motherwell were near the bottom of the league when he left, and while he had some success there prior to that it wouldnt really make sense for them to go back there, especially since his record since then hasnt been stellar.
  2. With petrol prices the way they are? He can get the train.
  3. If its her she may miss the odd training session, she'll be in the ladies powdering her nose. Allegedly.
  4. There arent many teams in the league who will look at a trip to last seasons lowest goalscorers, who have still not signed a striker, and think "we'll go there and sit in".
  5. I don't think hes made it. He has talent but doesn’t impose himself enough in games for me. It may be a confidence or attitude thing but if he doesn’t start having more of an impact he could just as easily end up in the Scottish Championship as the English version.
  6. She is still likely to win, given the electorate for this is the 1 in 400 people in this country who are the most selfish, shallow and racist, and Sunak will be a bit too brown for them to vote for. The wonderful British democracy at work FFS.
  7. I doubt we'll sign him, we have Ryan Strain and Marcus Fraser who play in his position.
  8. I'd have thought GMS would be a decent signing for you guys, 31 with decent pedigree and played a lot of games for Hearts last year. Anyway, never mind your team, the important issue is, who are you all voting for, Sunak or Truss?
  9. I'm actually quite touched that i have many more mentions on this thread than any of your players.
  10. Nonsense. The reason Airdrie or any other opponent has so much "space" is the narrow 3 in midfield with two of those three having to try to provide the support for an isolated central attacker leaving Erharon exposed totally. It's the formation that's conceding the territory not the personnel. Agree with all that, but i really struggle to identify what Erhahon offers - hes not a ball winner, playmaker or box to box - i do believe he has ability but really needs to impose himself much more on games, something i've never seen him do. You are right though, the formation doesnt help him. I'm sure when Robinson played that formation at Motherwell he had a ball winner in there which we dont really have, unless Baccus could perform that role, but with our current squad i think he needs to go back to 4-2-3-1.
  11. Just to add to the misery, have to say i was embarrassed by some of our fans tonight. Flares, wearing full face masks (and not for health and safety reasons) - get a grip of yourselves. The performance on the pitch tonight was shameful, for some of our fans off the pitch it wasnt any better.
  12. Have to disagree, i thought he was poor, gave possession up too easily and was a main reason Airdrie had so much space.
  13. Seems to be a lot more posts on here about me and my team (6 in the last couple of hours) than about you signing Jordan Jones today (0). Very strange people.
  14. Not sure about that - he was effectively Kibbles appointment and they wont want to be seen to have got it wrong- only if we are bottom by the time of the World Cup break could i see the axe being swung. We have a squad that, on paper, shouldn't be losing to Airdrie, however the set up was all wrong. Our midfield was weak and a League 1 side easily dominated it, which is a real concern. The 4-3-3 doesnt work - go back to 4-2-3-1, hopefully Baccus will come in and toughen us up in there, Kiltie back to his attacking mid role, Henderson back in the team on the right and Greive through the middle - he is not a left winger! And drop Erhahon until he realises he isnt as good as he thinks he is. Most worrying thing was the lack of onfield leadership. Very concerning.
  15. To be honest, i doubt he'll be a regular for us. He's only 17 and while he has potential, is likely to be behind Bacchus, Erhahon, O'Hara and Kiltie for a central midfield place.
  16. You took time to research that? Oops, now 14 out of 17.
  17. Langfield by all accounts is a very good coach, so hopefully his view of whether Urminsky is ready will be listened to. When we signed Carson, even though it looked like a good signing, i'd a worry about his injury and illness record. It looks like Lyness is well out the picture - i guess his performance v Motherwell towards the end of last season rightly or wrongly has led Robinson to the view he cant be relied upon to deputise for a prolonged period of time. If we are bringing in a loan keeper, what about Scott Bain from Celtic rather than McCrorie?
  18. The reason being you were relegated and couldnt afford them?
  19. In the top 10 of best run clubs in Europe, but you stick with that narrative. I suppose it'll take your mind of the Tommy Craigesque recruitment going on down Killie way this season. Any new fullbacks yet or are you sticking with Hodson and Waters?
  20. With your current squad you won't finish above anyone. Only 5 or 6 premier league standard players needed with just over 2 weeks to go to the start of the season. Tik tok. Most other clubs have got the majority of their squad in place by now.
  21. We let Power go as he wasn't very good. He was also in the Killie side that got relegated. We were not interested in signing Donnelly, mainly because he has played an average of 13 games a season over the last 4 years, and he's also not very good.
  22. Ah, just half a team you need to sign then. Good luck with that, as long as they are of similar quality to the likes of Power and Donnelly you should be fine.
  23. Even then, I can think of at least half a dozen players worse than Jones. He really looked dangerous in his first two or three games, then it all fizzled out. I think his negative reviews were down to disappointment as he clearly has better quality than he showed with us. If Killie get him, it's certainly a step up in quality from their signings so far.
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