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  1. Those who have tested positive can be back training 10 days after their positive test.
  2. I tend to share your pessimism. We will be in a similar position squad wise as last week given how the isolation rules work - assuming no more positive tests, we'll have eight first choice outfield players, plus the two who tested positive at the beginning of last week, assuming their fit enough. That leaves us with ten first team outfield players, and of course we have no idea whether that would leave us with a balanced side, have loads of players out of position or have to bring in youngsters. Despite Accies troubles, I'd be very surprised if they aren't too strong for us.
  3. First away game I took my son to was Dumbarton away in what turned out to be Alex Rae's last game. After 20 minutes he got bored and wanted to go home. Got back in the car just in time to hear the cheer for a Dumbarton goal. Also left at halftime in a game at home v Aberdeen a couple of years ago as it was freezing and the kids were complaining. Not left any games really early though for any non child care reason.
  4. Agree, I was impressed with Thistle in general play, but you missed loads of chances and have a suspect defence. I don't know if that was a typical performance from your goalkeeper, but if it was you definitely need an upgrade there.
  5. No no no, that's not right. All Kyle's family have been on saying he really didn't ask to go. It's all lies by the board apparently.
  6. I'm now beginning to wonder if the vote to get Kibble on board was wise. Always sceptical when it is presented as such a fantastic deal, maybe should have scrutinised it more. Now, we've lost Gus and there appears to be little investment in the squad.
  7. I have no idea how they're playing as my picture keeps buffering.
  8. I don't think its just us that are affected. Football without fans is pish. Jock Stein was right. I wonder if NS will hold her ground or the risk of her being the FM that will send a number of clubs bust will make her buckle? The lesson from this pandemic is, if you put enough pressure on them, you get results (see schools). There appears to be no scientific evidence that says it's not safe for socially distanced crowds to return. Time for Scottish football to stop playing nice.
  9. I suppose it depends how long this nonsense will last, I suspect given we have wee nippy and the bawbag in charge, it's likely to be quite a while.
  10. Totally agree, but he needs to ditch any idea that 4 proper defenders will be enough to see us through a season. Need a left back and centre half as cover ASAP.
  11. The problem with this is that you have players out of position and it leaves gaps elsewhere in the side. You move Fraser to centre back, you have to move Flynn to right back, and immediately you have to fill a gap in midfield, etc etc. Last season, in the 3-3 draw with Livi, our defence had three midfielders and a youngster playing. I'd hope JG would have learned from that. Currently, our first choice defence is good, but they are literally the only defenders we have ready for first team football. We are desperately short of cover at the back. And please, never play Erhahon again at left back.
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