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  1. Dundee also have Jakubiak, who i was impressed with last season when on loan to us. His career seems to have stalled though as he's only a bench warmer for them now.
  2. One of the unexplained mysteries of this season is how Jay Henderson couldnt get a game for Clyde when on loan to them earlier in the season.
  3. I should reaĺly want Clyde to win tonight, given the number of Saints connections, ex manager, loan players etc, while Dumbarton have more Morton connections. However, Clyde still have Goodwiĺlie playing for them, so for that i hope they get gubbed.
  4. Don't worry, the three points will remain at Rugby Park. The game will be three days after our first Scottish Cup semi since the 80's. We'll either be elated, hungover and knackered, or despondent, feeling sorry for ourselves and knackered. Either way, we're not taking anything from this game. Quite happy for Killie to stay up, as long as you bin big Kirky, the self serving duplicitous b*****d that he is. If you're keeping him, then get doon #letsmakeKirkygreet
  5. Its full steam ahead for the Relegate Kirky Express.
  6. Are those BBC stats accurate? A play off decider without a shot on target, and Morton without a shot at goal? That is embarrassing.
  7. Yep, for a team only 9 years old, you've done well to win your first league title. Good times lie ahead.
  8. Does that mean he doesnt get paid if they go down?
  9. McAllister made one great pass to Dennis, apart from that kept getting caught in possession. Think its too much of a battle for him tonight, would be a game more suited to MacPherson.
  10. Despite his dodgy hairstyle the ICT right back Carson looks decent. Surprised he has only been kicking around sixth or seventh tier English sides befoŕe moving there.
  11. I used to work beside Jim Rooney, who is a great guy and used to tell me stories about Saints in the 80's. His view of Alex Miller was pretty damning, he seemed to be universally hated by the Saints squad back then.
  12. I thought Mellon was a decent appointment for you guys and hes done well with an average squad, but i thought he'd take the opportunity in the summer to empty the duds. Any time we play you I always hope Connelly is playing as he's guaranteed to gift at least two chances a match. We'd be in the championship if it wasnt for him.
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