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  1. Given both teams are down to the bare bones why dont they move it to Saturday 13th March, which is a free weekend? Or is that too sensible for the SPFL?
  2. Thats all very well, but would any of them want to play in the Scottish Championship?
  3. Gutting for JDH, do you think that will make him more or less likely to stay?
  4. Fifth this season gets you into Europe - we're only seven points behind Livi with two games in hand. It would save embarassment all round, Livi wont even get through customs...
  5. Its only because your pals in the refereeing community ignore your on field thuggery that this needs to happen. Becoming as paranoid as Celtic fans now.
  6. There is something very strange about this whole thing. First of all, if you're going to bin your manager and appoint someone else, do it before a transfer window, not after. And if you're going to do that, why consider bringing in guys like Pressley or McIntyre? Even Robinson and Wright would be unspectacular appointments, though they would see you safe and have you treading water in mid table for a few years.
  7. Just watching the highlights of your game. What has happened to Mark McNulty? Thought it was a great signing for you guys, and he looks like a total dud. Wonder if his off field troubles are affecting him.
  8. Just disappointed that Alec Beckett didnt make the squad. Poor team selection IMO.
  9. Celtic 1 St Mirren 2, Alec Beckett to score the winner.
  10. Don't agree we have a bad run of fixtures - after Saturday 5 out of the next 7 are at home, including Killie, Accies and Well.
  11. In what capacity ? He's coming in to make sure any car sharing no longer happens. He has a good record for making sure individuals are left alone in a car.
  12. There should be no overnights in a hotel - at our recent game in Dingwall players had to travel up and back on the same day and eat sandwiches on the bus. If Celtic really think they can claim no other player was a close contact, after they've just spent a week on fecking holiday together, the game really is a bogey.
  13. From what i've seen you are a better side than both Accies and County. You'll be fine.
  14. Imagine the delight from Hearts fans though if that came to pass and then the season was suspended.
  15. You're sounding like someone who's been dumped and is trying to put a brave face on it.
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