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  1. United wanting to make life interesting at the bottom and having a relegation battle with the Killie, fair play to them.
  2. The atmosphere was so much better yesterday and i think it helped the team. Definitely the way to go.
  3. To be fair, they did do half of that by playing Steven Welsh.
  4. Michael Stewart on Sportscene last night still maintaining the "Killie are a big club" narrative but they "might now struggle to make top 6" and just need to sign someone who can create in January. I do fear for Killie, they look to have the poorest squad in the division by a distance.
  5. A bit of a gamble, his previous managerial record with Cowdenbeath wasnt exactly stellar.
  6. I think it would be better if we all didnt applaud, so all you could here would be the ref clapping, and halfway through the sound of laughter at how ridiculous the whole thing is.
  7. Easy 3-0 win for Killie IMO as the top 6 certs demonstrate their European credentials.
  8. Can we please sign James McClean for the day just to see the meltdown when he doesnt join in the applause?
  9. I'm surprised they havent padlocked the swings lockdown style.
  10. Aye, she stayed above all that, until she paid hush money to allow her nonce son to escape justice.
  11. Why the pessimism? Its realistic to expect to beat Livi and Killie at home and also get something at an injury ravaged Hearts.
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