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  1. I love this. You're ok with having a drug dealing assistant manager, a thug and sex offender on your playing staff, but you're going to send someone to the naughty step for giving an advance preview of your kit? Wow.
  2. No he didn't. Are you thinking of Les Fridge? Easy to get them mixed up I suppose.
  3. Yes, we all know what one you are going for, our little ray of sunshine.
  4. The Hibernian Thread

    Glad you are now owning the title of "zoomer".
  5. Well, that's taken a while. Of course, some might say it all sounds a bit dodgy, waiting for your drug dealing assistant to return from holiday in Thailand to interview candidates and then appoint someone whose agent is on holiday in Colombia, but not me. No, it sounds perfectly legit and perfectly in line with the previous impeccable behaviour of this fine football club.
  6. Having a convicted drug dealer as your actual manager would be almost as big a minter as Hearts appointing Graham Rix.
  7. King is from Bolton, but he was on loan to a non league side last season.
  8. So your assistant manager is going to interview prospective managers, and then work under the one he appoints? That's a bit mixed up.
  9. I think you've summed him up perfectly. Gives 100% but limited. He hardly played last season and will be another year older as well. Might be OK as back up, but if he is seen as a replacement for Naismith I'd be worried.
  10. Is 'new strips' a euphemism for a different kind of gear?
  11. I think it depends on the crime. People should get the chance to rehabilitate, but the Livi assistant manager was a major drug dealer, linked closely to gangland figures who was convicted to six and a half years in jail. They reckoned he had made £225000 from his crimes, of which only £175000 could be reclaimed under proceeds of crime legislation. Is that the type of person who should really have such a prominent role in the club?
  12. Just find it quite amusing that you are a club with no morals. Drug dealer as assistant, sex pest and thug at centre half, yet claim to be a family club.
  13. Bizarrely, the drug dealing assistant seems to have been given responsibility to find the new manager, presumably with the condition that he remains the assistant. Rumour has it that part of the interview process will involve applicants taking part in a psychometric test. The person closest to 'psychopath' gets the job.