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  1. That's some statement, take a pay cut or don't get paid at all. Glad most other clubs are still paying their employees in full. Perhaps Budge could use some of her millions to tide things over?
  2. I could give you quite a long list of things Chris Whitty has said over the last few weeks that have subsequently turned out to be shite. None of these so called experts have a clue what they are doing, they think by turning up at a press conference and say things like "follow the science" we will just shrug and accept they know what they're doing. Sadly, most people will.
  3. Is there a way to relegate Hearts but save Thistle? Maybe a 12-12-10-10 set up?
  4. I think Budgey has an unnamed Championship chairman locked in her cellar as we speak.
  5. If it's a 14 team league Hearts will be staying up, but as a punishment for being so shite this season they'll be forced to keep Stendel for next season.
  6. I know he was looking for a move to the Championship, but I think he meant the English Championship.
  7. I think Gary Neville has more money than most Scottish football clubs though, to be fair.
  8. St Mirren the latest SPL club to place all staff on furlough, but will make up the difference in wages. I believe Ross County have done the same thing, possibly others have as well. You can learn a lot about the ethos of organisations and who runs them at times of crisis. Multi millionaire Ann Budge should take note. We are Gary Neville to your Richard Branson.
  9. I wonder if Budgie will change her mind about the 50% pay cut following the government's announcement last night. If she doesn't, is that fraud, taking 80% wages from the government and only paying 50% to staff? Surely time for another club statement.
  10. There is some truth in not taking to the new signings. Not because they were English but because after the first training session they could not believe how off the standard the new recruits were. I believe other coaching staff at the club were horrified at the poor ability of the new signings. To be fair, Coulson is now a regular with Middlesbrough, but I agree about the rest. It's a close run thing whether that was our worst transfer window ever or TC's was.
  11. He's only been employed with you for just over three months and has already had two holidays back in Germany. Currently, like all other clubs, it is shut. He'll be at home bored like most of us.
  12. I think the first option is the fairest. To be honest, no-one apart from brain dead bigots should really care who wins the league, it's completely irrelevant. Who gets promoted and relegated is much more important.
  13. Forgot to add, cup semis and final in place as curtain raiser to next season. Ditch the league cup for one season, ditch the diddy lower league cup forever, play league games every Saturday and stop having breaks for no reason. And, while we're at it, split gate money 50/50.
  14. The 14-10-10-10 model is the only one that limits the losers, if, as seems likely, there is no football for a while. Do this, get prize money paid early and have the BBC Scotland channel launching a series of "Sportscene Gold".
  15. That is most certainly not the least controversial option, as it would deny teams like United and Cove an almost certain promotion. The least controversial is to cancel relegation, promote two teams from non league football and expand the premier League by two. Expansion of the top division is also being considered in England, with more relegation next season to return to the status quo.
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