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  1. I could see TV being an attractive option if it wasn't for the unpredictable streaming quality and the 2 minute delay which means your twitter feed tells you what's happened before you see it.
  2. I also didn't mention that around the same time, your man was charged with rape and went on trial, but the jury couldn't reach a verdict (in the UK shamefully 98% of rape allegations don't lead to conviction).
  3. Are you actually fucking serious? The guy almost killed himself over it and the charges were dropped. He runs a mental health podcast encouraging men to talk about things like suicide and depression having went through it himself and having made plans to actually kill himself. An all new low from you, you fucking rat. I'm so sorry, I didn't realise he took Oldham to an employment tribunal, won, and was completely exonerated. I'm assuming you'll be able to post a link to an article showing this?
  4. He was previously sacked from a club for match fixing so at least he fits the Livi profile of being a wrong 'un.
  5. Just saw the Ojo incident. Truly mental he got a red card. The United fan was clearly the aggressor, not quite sure why he thought it OK to push Ojo in the chest. Hopefully a lifetime ban comes his way along with a conviction. What is poor is the reaction of United fans around him who seemed to be backing their pondlife mate up. Very strange people.
  6. It's not revisionism to call out two things that were bad. Racist abuse of anyone is abhorrent and anyone responsible for it should be banned and prosecuted. Threatening women is also bad, and making someone who has a conviction for this the SFA equality and diversity champion seems an odd choice, despite his excellent work in fighting racism. Not really sure why this is a controversial point, though I do acknowledge that ethics in West Lothian can be a bit skewed from the rest of us. Anyway, back to the football. I fear the worst here, given the superior standard of football we here Livi are playing. 3-0 to them.
  7. I think you'll find my most recent interaction with the Livi fans on their thread was calling out misogyny and hypocritical attitudes in football, so not quite sure how that makes me the "arsehole"?
  8. Ah, must have missed that in my extensive notes on the medical histories of all Livi players.
  9. Aye, I think I'll just stay in the house, no way we can live with them. At least there's no criminality in there, which is progress (unless you count Sibbald's haircut).
  10. When was the last time we won in Perth? I think Kenny McLean scored a late winner in 2011, think we've barely got a point there since, our record there is truly shocking. Hopefully change that this weekend, but no idea if we will, this season I think any team can beat any other team on their day.
  11. You are right, 4 wins, 2 draws and 5 defeats after 11 games that season. We then had a mid season slump that pulled us into the relegation battle, I think at one point we only won once in about 12 or 13 games, but did draw a few. This team is much better than that one though, I think our current 14 points is less than we should have based on performances, only really let ourself down at Parkhead.
  12. Agreed. Which means, in true St Mirren style, we will lose this 3-0.
  13. While I have had doubts about his start as chairman, he is growing on me with this (even if it is shameless playing to the gallery).
  14. Indeed, I think it's the English Championship he wants to play in.
  15. I'm not sure I would go that far, but from what I saw yesterday, the problems are obvious. A manager the fans don't want, signing a combination of loan players and journeymen from the English lower leagues, and a lack of on field leadership. Signing a "striker" with 10 goals in 150 career appearances sums it up. It was like us signing Arquin, Marwood, Dury, Plummer etc in 2014 / 15 - that was only ever going to end one way. Thing is, I thought old Roy had deep pockets? I expected him to invest more to keep you safe.
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