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  1. I'd be looking at getting the Morton left back in on a pre contract.
  2. Is Roy's millions not available this transfer window if you're signing 19 year old reserves from Wigan?
  3. That would be impossible. The semis are played at Hampden, so we'll play them there.
  4. Nervous and afraid, a bit like any girlfriend of his brother.
  5. What is crazy is the number of charity heads etc who have publicly defended her and said its all rubbish, as well as various people claiming she "saved" them and was an "angel", written using suspiciously similar phraseology. She'll be trying to pull in favours to get off with it right now.
  6. Just copying the delusional Killie fans!
  7. I realistically think we should be aiming at 5th this season, think we can scramble above Aberdeen and Hibs. Home games still to come against Motherwell, County, Hibs, Livi and Killie, if we can win most of them we should hopefully make top 6 at least.
  8. I just hope when we signed him there wasn't a ridiculously low release clause put in. They wouldn't be that stupid would they?
  9. For perspective, Dundee United are supposedly getting offers for a 16 year old without a first team start yet of £4 million. If we accept an offer of £350k for Baccus, the entire board should resign.
  10. Its still incredibly close. County have two games at home against Hibs and Killie coming up. Win those and they're probably out of the bottom 2. Any of the bottom 5 could still go down IMO though United are probably the one side out of them that could go on a run and even make a late push for top 6.
  11. We've got Celtic at Parkhead next, so I doubt the extra day will make much difference.
  12. I think I'd rather have our business model of attracting good young talent from around the globe, paying slightly higher wages and then selling them on for profit, than the Killie way of signing aging injury prone journeymen. Shall we talk about whats the more successful strategy in May?
  13. Agree with all of this. Also have to say, however, that had auld Lizzy not died back in September and the entire country went a bit mad, we'd have been playing an injury ravaged and knackered Hearts in the middle of their Euro campaign while we'd have been at full strength. The postponement and subsequent re-scheduling has undoubtedly been massively in Hearts favour. Those protestants, up to no good as usual.
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