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  1. League Cup Group D

    First half was fucking dreadful. We dominated most of the second half but switched off towards the end. Tapping’s goal was a peach.
  2. League Cup Group D

    Game day, looking forward to seeing us for the first time this season. We beat Brechin last season, might be a wee bit harder this season.
  3. Love Island 2018

    Dani Dyer going full on Danny Dyer was glorious viewing. Sam was absolutely shitting himself.
  4. Love Island 2018

    They called themselves a strong couple, then split up to prove the rest wrong?
  5. Love Island 2018

    “Its confidential!” Tonights episode looks a belter.
  6. Stirling Albion Thread

    Not seen us this season but on paper I would agree. Also need a midfielder on paper.
  7. League Cup Group D

    Think Dundee’s big side and ourselves can agree that Peaso is some boy.
  8. Stirling Albion Thread

    If we do, here’s hoping we actually get to vote this time.
  9. League Cup Group D

    Sounds like we don’t need to be to disheartened about the game then.
  10. League Cup Group D

    Despite the pumping, did we compete?
  11. Stirling Albion Thread

    The Consortium have decided to pull out because of the actions of certain dinosaurs connected with the club. Absolutely raging at this.
  12. League Cup Group D

    Not that I’m aware of. Come back from holiday today, everything was going swimmingly with timing. Kick off was going to be made....not anymore a 6 hour delay
  13. League Cup Group D

    Don’t you dare!
  14. Stirling Albion Thread

    Clyde fans have been hitting out with this patter for years, its quite concerning that they genuinely find it funny...