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  1. QP v Stirling Albion

    Feed the weegies x
  2. QP v Stirling Albion

    Canny beat a meaningless game at a 52000 seater stadium with no more than 500 folk, its moments like these as to why I love the beautiful game. Probably be quite an open game, few goals. 3-2 to the Albion. Will big Gerry be playing or will he be too busy feeding the homeless down at his local food bank?
  3. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Thank you for your concern brother!
  4. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Doubt they would have an inpsection soon seeing as we're only 20 minutes up the road. If the forecast is for it to rain then they'll surely wait till later on for any inspection.
  5. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Hope it does turn to rain, surely the coucil will be out sorting the roads and pavements, surely?
  6. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Snowing where I stay but it isn't lying. Surely the games no in any doubt?
  7. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Its been partly glorious in Cumbernauld today. Same again tomorrow I hope, can't be arsed with a midweek game at Broadwood.
  8. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Will probably be a glorious sunny day then.
  9. Still Game & Best Bits

    Thought the best bit of that last episode was when Tam's gone to see Winston and asks for his brouges because he won't be needing them Other than that is smack bang average.
  10. Strange dreams

    Had a dream the other night I was on a packed Scotrail train and that Ninja guy who plays fortnite was on it making cat noises. Everyone was getting pissed off, so I took it upon myself to start ripping into him. He didn't take it well and started going mental, the whole carriage was laughing at me ripping him. He then took his wig off, unsure if he wears a wig in all honesty, and started waving it about. I then grabbed the wig and threw it off the train. Woke up pishing myself laughing.
  11. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Hope we don't shoehorn Tierney in.
  12. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Pretty sure our last win in Cumbernauld was around this time 2 years ago, can remember it being a roasting March day.
  13. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Best make sure he's registered as well.
  14. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Might be forced to miss this one due to work, which is a shame because I'd just finished polishing off my double barrell shotgun. Oh well. Meaningless game for both teams, with Clydes play off place secured and our season all but over. 8-7 to the Albion, Peaso with all the goals.
  15. And the banter years continue. What an absolute comedy club they are