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  1. The Binos v Peterhead

    Unreal scenes when we win both games.
  2. The Binos v Peterhead

    With a strike force of McAlister, Lyle and Sutherland goals shouldnt be to hard to come by for them tbh.
  3. Stirling Albion Thread

    Aye we are. Certainly doing my bit in the supporters bar.
  4. The Binos v Peterhead

    Was the Cowden game in October. Thats a decent record that.
  5. The Binos v Peterhead

    Can't remember the last time I personally saw us beat Peterhead, a very long time ago anyway. Hopefully that will all change on Saturday. In reality we really need to win this to claw back the points and hope that Annan are beaten. Very tough ask but not impossible.
  6. Elgin City v The Binos

    Thought we started the game the better side and dominated until Elgin pulled it back to 1-1. Elgin really should have been 3/4-1 up at half time, Ferrie saved our arses with a few fantastic saves. When we went 2-1 up thought we would have the game won, not going to lie. But fairplay to Elgin they dug in deep and ended up getting the 3 points. Bar the result was an enjoyable day out, I do really like Borough Briggs. A defeat will hopefully be a wake up call for the boys that we can't just turn up and beat teams.
  7. Elgin City v The Binos

    Peaso is a doubt so Mackin will most likely start. Fully expect the big handsome b*****d to score. Will be a tough game tbh, every game from now will be tough. Hopefully a win and we're sitting in the play offs come 5pm Saturday. Absolutely buzzing for this, I do enjoy Elgin away.
  8. Stirling Albion Thread

    There seemed to be quite a few scout looking folk there on Tuesday as well. Wonder who these people are looking at.
  9. The Binos v Albion Rovers

    A very, very ugly win but what a crucial win. 1 point off Annan now and on red hot form, things looking very good. Did not look like scoring till Mackin came on, very lucky so have the big guy and would be a miracle to keep him.
  10. The Binos v Albion Rovers

    We should beat them, SHOULD. But this is Stirling Albion we're talking about, nothing ever seems to be simple.
  11. The Binos v Albion Rovers

    If he's got a bit of a knock I'd probably rest him tonight and get him back into the team on Saturday.
  12. The Binos v Albion Rovers

    Why was Peaso missing on Saturday and will he be playing or in the squad tomorrow?
  13. The Binos v Albion Rovers

    Would be absolutely like us to lose this game. Although I reckon we probably won't. A win here and we are 1 point off the play offs, which at the start of the season seemed so unlikely to happen. God bless oor Kev.
  14. The Leeds Thread

    You really are a strange, strange man.
  15. The Leeds Thread

    Who honestly gives a f**k you absolute spanner?