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  1. Celtic cup game live on Sky, Saturday February 7, at 12.30pm.
  2. Have a read of this. Quality.... http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/record-fc-dundee-ref-nothing-4604914
  3. We are unbeatable again.

  4. The tannoy man playing 'Ive got a brand new combine harvester' at half time was a particular highlight.
  5. Got even more respect for him now if hes pumping everything in sight. Luka Tankulic Tap Pumper. He pumps who he wants. Carlo Monti never got his hole.....
  6. Exactly. Heard people calling him 'the new Monti' The most ridiculous statement i think ive ever heard.
  7. Dundee fans are fickle as f*ck. Pre season, Tank was the best striker ever seen at Dens. Granted, things haven't turned out as everybody would have hoped, so far, but to label him shite is harsh. He a young boy coming to a new country which takes time to settle, and has also been carrying injuries. Clarkson was also ridiculed on here by alot of people and now hes some sort of messiah. Give the Tank a chance for f*cks sake!!
  8. Spot on. Got the fear for this one. The Mothers are gonna win a game some time. Just as County were a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Farmers better than us. Gonna pump us. Have more fans than us at a home game... Awkward. In Hartley we Trust.
  10. Phenominal effort considering the derby is sold out and we'll have 5000 at Tannadice. In honour of May 17, at the 17th minute 2morro, the whole stadium should rise as one and start p*ssing themselves laughing! #stilllaughing
  11. Thats why the SPL loves us, and not the wee diddy clubs, coz we have fans and travel ;-)
  12. Considering the 3 big games in 10 days, to the tune of £75, plus everything else that goes with it, its pretty damn good All jokes aside, it should b a cracker!
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