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  1. Archie's sportsound interview was the usual passive cliche filled pish. Like a soldier who has just been blown up and lost a couple of limbs saying canny wait to get back to it next week/put this right. Dick Campbell in now.
  2. I was on that on Sunday night. It'll be odds on by kick off.
  3. Blair Spittal skinning c***s and pinging shots when we are 3-0 down, imagine that.
  4. Nice of Thistle to give another jobber like McKay a goal. James Collins, Calvin Zola etc etc.
  5. Jagzone about all probably. Then it'll be live updates on sportsound I'd guess. One thing we do pretty well is our multimedia stuff.
  6. Theres a good stats thread on WAT. Some quite eye opening statistics. Basically, the season is currently very similar, at least statistically. to Murdo's season, and that was when you were guaranteed four games against both of the Old Firm and the other top clubs regardless of position.
  7. He was excellent in the 1st half was putting in a few very good tackles. I reckon it must be sitting behind the goal that skews your view, as I had no idea until I seen the highlights that he had a part in selling the 1st goal. Then the needless red card. Seen Archie's comments on Sportscene that he won't waste his time chapping the refs door. I mean, its not going to be overturned, but could he be anymore passive in his interviews? They're a write off of cliches. Its not just the players who need motivating just now, its the fans.
  8. I am going to this, free tickets from work in the posh seats. COYBIG.
  9. One good thing to come from yesterday was Devine being suspended. I honestly don't think he would start for any team the league below except Brechin or Dumbarton. A total liability, and an Archibald favourite. Osman needs papped out the team as well just now. A total shadow of the player he was. Ballin' for some English non-league muck and selling t-shirts in 6 months, IMO.
  10. I'd like us to lineup 3-5-2 with Barton at the back and without Osman in the middle. I suspect however it'll be the usual 4-2-3-1 with Osman in there, Devine possibly at the back and the wide players being totally ineffective as they have been most of the season.
  11. The club are skint and theres a bunch of sugar daddy funded clubs at that level which will always hamper their ability to bounce back quicker. Salford, Fylde, Barrow etc.
  12. Also, can we please get this relaxed attitude to relegation right out the window. In my lifetime, the last twice it has happened, relegation from this league has resulted in an exodus of players, crowds plummeting, and years of rebuilding. Infact, the last time the arse fell right out of it and we went down again. Theres nothing that suggests we have the resources, ability or mentality to bounce back right away. Theres no way I trust spice boys like Storey or Barton to go to places like Cappielow and get stuck in, more chance of them complaining about the facilities and the heating in the dressing room not being on. That being said, I strangely think theres some ability in the squad, to somehow get out of this. Theres just absolutely no leadership or fighting spirit amongst anyone at the club. We're one of the most mentally fragile football teams I've ever seen at any level.
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