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  1. The point about asymptomatic case loads is an important one, as of course, the vast majority of school pupils (and indeed staff), have not been tested, so don't show up in any figures. I still think that there is a discrepancy between the provisions made for many workplaces (those which have returned that is) with screens/masks/social distancing regulations in place etc, and school staff (all of: teachers, catering, office, janitors, bus drivers). Ultimately, again it comes down to a govt doing not what might be better in the longer term, but what is likely to gain more votes/public support....so, all possible safety measures for offices/public transport/shops/pubs/restaurants (prior to closure), but no distancing required for pupils in schools, no screens, no masks in classrooms etc. When I say that the blended learning ship has sailed, I mean that the govt have made it clear that schools would be the very last places to close/and or have the screens/widespread masks/distancing in place. This won't change. 2 main narratives prevail.......NS has done much better than Johnson, and has shown strong leadership and charisma throughout, and that Scotland is not making any choices that every other country has not had to implement as well. As a result, SNP poll numbers will remain in the high 40s/50%s Even the Margaret Ferrier case still comes across as 'NS told her to resign, what else can she do'?
  2. I presume that you work in a school then Bairnardo, and therefore have first hand experience of what it is like, on the ground. 'Outrageously blinkered chat' about blended learning...does that include John Swinney, who was all set to implement that model in June? Jason Leitch last week was talking about 'small areas where lots of people congregate together, with less than a metre distancing in place, and poor ventilation being the main threats....oh he added with alcohol on sale as well, but take out the alcohol part, and you are basically talking about schools. Again, I don't actually know anyone who is advocating closing schools. I also agree that the blended learning ship has sailed now, and that we won't see any changes. The reason the govt U-turned on this again was due to the fire from most notably 'Us for Them' in the summer. I also agree that kids need to be in school to not only have first hand teaching contact, but also to see their friends, and that closures of schools are harmful for both. However.....the bottom line remains that the govt have effectively treated school staff and pupils differently from other sectors, in a bid to court votes. Am also still interested in figures which claim that 4% of English transmission is coming from hospitality, and nearly 40% from education (both schools and universities)...although I am assured that these figures 'are out of context', and don't add any weight to the overall discussion.
  3. It would be more like 3 days a week in school, the other 2 with home learning work to do.....what would change significantly is...year groups not mixing, smaller class sizes, which enable desks to actually be spaced apart, one way systems which would actually work, staggered break/lunchtimes being more effective with smaller numbers in place, school buses being able to space pupils out more on the way there, and all with pupils still having teaching input, and also regular feedback on the work they do at home....all in all, a model which the govt were in agreement with until they came under fire from small pressure groups and U-turned on, and a model which other European countries appear to have implemented with more success so far. Also, the blended model is not meant to be long term, it is to see if transmission rates are lowered while it is place. Nobody I know is advocating for schools to shut 'entirely' either.
  4. Perhaps not saying that they are completely safe, but quite a few folk insist that they should continue at full capacity, rather than move to a blended model.
  5. Would make quite a few changes for this one, so... ----------------------- McLaughlin----------------------------- ---McTominay---Gallagher------Considine------- --McCrorie---------Fleck----McLean------------Taylor-- ---------------------------Fraser------------------------- ----------------------Dykes----Shankland-------------- Chance to rest all of Marshall, Cooper, Robertson, J. McGinn, Jack, McGregor, McBurnie, With an eye for the line up v the Czechs being... ------------------------Marshall---------------------------- -----------McTominay--Cooper---Gallagher------------- --Fraser------------McGinn--Jack-----------Robertson--- -------------------------McGregor----------------------------- --------------------Dykes-----McBurnie-------------------------
  6. The selective misinterpretation of statistical information is par for the course here. Naturally, as schools are completely safe.
  7. You are right...its probably 'mostly' those pesky uni students,.....still that 4% hospitality sector is seriously worried-amazed thats its only a 2 week shutdown for them, and yes....folk with too much time on their hands and pie charts....like Public Health England.
  8. Latest figures, albeit from England... 38% of transmissions from schools 26% 'in the workplace' ...4% from hospitality.
  9. The nation's sweethearts 😉😉 must have missed that....also its a 9 week term at present, not six...and it was teachers who staffed the hub schools during lockdown, not youth workers.
  10. Germany: In Berlin, one of the first places to reopen schools in the country, at least 42 schools out of the 825 that reopened reported COVID-19 cases within the first two weeks of reopening. Hundreds of students and teachers had to quarantine. (German model has gone for more of a full capacity) Norway: Reopening but with pupils coming in at different times of the day, not all at once, smaller class sizes as well, which leads to desks being more distanced from each other....(so not 33 in a room) Overall: Of the 22 countries across Europe where schools have reopened in waves over the last month, 17 have only allowed children to return to 'kindergarten' settings, primary schools and final years of secondary level, so much more restricted than Scotland in 77% of European countries.
  11. Quite. However the Us for Them vocal minority managed to get their way in July.
  12. Don't think it will either...but the 'schools must remain at full capacity' zealots, have been murmuring about it on social media.
  13. Prediction.... The 5 mile travel ban to be restarted Restaurants-take away only again. Pubs to have 7/8pm curfews Gyms to close again. Shielding of some form reintroduced. 1 'piece' of fitness activity per day...walk, cycle or run. 'Non-essential' shops either closed or restricted opening hours. Home working 'strongly' encouraged. Schools to remain at full-capacity with no mention of possible blended model. Possibly even some rumblings about curtailing October holidays, so that education is 'uninterupted' and pupils can catch up from earlier in the year. All to be 'reviewed' in two weeks...
  14. Have got a fair bundle of them as well...will have a look tomorrow.
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