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  1. Agreed. I’m almost in line with the 18 yard box in the main stand and it was over the line. Helped by the defender doing riverdance to try and keep it out
  2. I should have added when attempting to go forward. He’s fine at keeping the ball moving between CM and back to defence (the John Hughes way) but the amount of times he passes the ball straight to the other team when looking for another midfielder / striker is mad. I don’t think he’s terrible but to have him in the discussion for POTY is a real stretch.
  3. Chalmers gives the ball away more times than he doesn’t
  4. I like Wighton as a central striker too. But to play to his strengths he needs someone to play off him I think. He’s not the best at holding it up to allow us to get up the park but is good at laying it off / moving it on and then being in the right place for it coming back. Skilful player.
  5. I also agree and think it’s a good move. Not got any issue with it.
  6. Kick off delayed until 3:15 if you want to grab an extra pint in the pub [emoji2] In case you hadn’t heard, turnstiles are down so they’re manually scanning tickets….
  7. O’Hara didn’t I don’t think. He’s a good 6 yard box striker (when the ball makes its way there) but away from there he loses the ball every time it’s played up to him; his first touch is shocking. He does press well in fairness to him but I’m not sure that compensates for the amount of times he gives the ball away.
  8. Think the first was onside as well TBH. Looked that way from the main stand anyway with one of our CH’s coming off the line too late to play their boy on. Decent performance though and miles better than what it has been. Thought Paul Allan was good in midfield. First time I’ve really seen him play.
  9. Peter G will be on your case wondering where you got the bags….
  10. Yeah that his how it works. Can play for the College / Uni for the duration of the degree which is 4 years over there
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