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  1. I know Stevie quite well. He can play in midfield also. I watched him a good few times for the under 20s last season and scored some absoloute screamers, i remember one against Aberdeen, it must have been about 40 yards out. Good hardworking player. Hopefully this oppurtunity will help him along abit.
  2. Well Shane Sutherland chose you guys over going to Brora so i can't see him going. Colin Williamson signed from Clack last week, sorry haven't been on here since then.
  3. There's a rumour going around that Alex Cooper of County could be going to Brora. Anyone on here heard anything else about that?
  4. I'm not sure if i can see this working out either, but it could turn into something that could when/if everyone gets together to discuss it properly.
  5. Knew about this forum but never bothered with it, so going to give it a bash now.
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