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  1. FVRH numbers being skewed due to COVID patients from Lanarkshire in the hospital. The hospital was briefing staff with numbers daily but have seemingly stopped that over the last week or so
  2. This is true, my wife works there, she received an email about it
  3. what was with the hearts fans in the Graeme hotel singing god save the queen, swiftly chucked out....fannies
  4. Shite game, tidy wee set up at Forfar, get a better main stand and it would be a cracking wee stadium. Sure do miss standing so close to the sidelines. That covered terrace would be perfect to finish off the stadium
  5. Are Falkirk fans in the normal away stand?
  6. Hippo not signing, away back down south instead
  7. From what I've heard about petra, he ain't out injured so to speak, could be something more serious
  8. I've heard that o'hara even if offered a contract won't be taking it, he's leaving and has interest from 3 other clubs one of which is Partick thistle
  9. Was in elliots last night and spoke to Tom taiwo, fair to say he ain't hartleys biggest fan, he's been fit for weeks and he's leaving at the end of the season. Also was in elliots before the game when the dunfermline 'casuals' came in, they never uttered a word, then left to stand around outside the pub for about 20mins surrounded by police
  10. Fucking let's be having ye ya 6 fingered freaks, who needs strikers anyway
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