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  1. It would make Alesund feel like Barbados.
  2. I think P-P is the most likely result. No point in taking chances with safety.
  3. If I were a Dundee fan I'd be concerned about my manager. He, not anyone else, is in charge of the team selection and tactics. If after a defeat, he concentrates on berating opposition players and match officials you have to ask has he lost the plot. He's certainly under pressure. The issue is though that's he's in charge; what is he going to do to put matters right. I remember Gary Teale coming out with the same stuff just before he departed from St Mirren. I think you'll find that Stephen Robinson doesn't comment negatively on opposition players.
  4. The linesman is perfectly placed to make the decision.
  5. Just watched the game again on Alba. Yes, Dundee enjoyed a lot of pressure and worked hard but Carson had virtually nothing of note to do. As far as our goal is concerned, I've frozen the action just as the pass was being made to Main and conclude he was fractionally onside. The linesman was almost in line with it and was only about 10 metres away and so had a clear unobstructed view. There was one half hearted protest from a single Dundee defender but no mass reaction. Their players didn't surround the referee. As far as the late penalty claim is concerned, Kipre was hit by the ball at point blank range - maybe 40/50 cms away. I think its pushing it to claim a penalty. Main seems to have the target of criticsm by Neil McCann and yes he dished it out but he also took some punishment. Note to Mr McCann if you can't take it don't dish it out. Clearly some niggles spilled over from the cup game, as you'd expect. We showed character to defend well and our defenders deserve credit for staying the course. Dundee have a robust physical side to their game but tried to play football to their credit. However, given Neil McCann's budget compared to other bottom 6 sides I don't know if he's spent it wisely.
  6. He was very poor and yes, his errors probably affected both teams.
  7. That just about sums it up. Dundee probably deserved something from the game given their possession but were once again totally toothless up front. Tanner scored against them once more; this time one of the easiest he'll ever score. Thought our defence was tremendous throughout. A big result for us which takes the pressure off a bit and we can now look upweards not downwards.
  8. I can't see us winning winning a third game at Dens Park this season. However the recent cup game wasn't quite a sclose as some would make out out. Tom Aldred's goal was wrongly chalked off and had that been allowed to stand it would have been 3-0.
  9. Motherwell Ladies

    A good win for our women's team yesterday, an 8-0 win over over Edinburgh Uni/Hutchison Vale. Full points so far in SWPL2 and top of the table but a long way to go.
  10. I see that Brendas at the wind up again, this time St Johnstone are the target. He's done the same to us several times this season jumping on the media bandwagon that we're a dirty side.
  11. Its impossible to say. Its a bold claim indeed but equally yours is dismissive. I don't think any comparison is helpful or indeed valid. Before comparing managers' performances you have to take into account the resources they were given in terms of the playing staff and their transfer budgets. I doubt if the original posters were privy to that information nor are you I suspect.
  12. Top six has disappeared. 7th or 8th is a more realistic and achievable target. 8th represents an improvement and I'd even take that, especially in view of our cup runs. Lets now concentrate on beating Hearts in the cup. We should be safe from relegation but now have some real battling to do in a very competitive bottom six. Pre split I reckon we'll be in maybe 9th spot given our tough run of fixtures. If we get knocked out out the cup by Hearts and finish 8th it'll have been a great season all told. Still, a semi final place and 7th spot is not beyond us.
  13. Pretty much agree with that. The result centred on perhaps 3/4 incidents including both goals and both penalty claims. Killie got the good fortune we didn't. Its as simple as that.
  14. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    Faddy is liked by everyone at Fir Park and I hope he makes a great coach or manager one day but his stint as Assistant Manager for us last season wasn't covered in glory. If he is appointed as a coach to the national side you might well be right.
  15. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    Allegedly the SFA Board member who was most supportive of McLeish was Rod Petrie. The last time I checked, Leith was in the east of Scotland.