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  1. Good to see a high level of interest in this match from the United fans.....
  2. It wasn't, he took the ball first and then the opping player clattered into him, which makes it our foul.
  3. The first leg was televised, we won that. We have also been live several times, especially when the OF had their numerous visits to Rugby Park, some that we actually won.
  4. The pricing is pretty horrific given that you have sold a lot of season tickets, so your club really isn't rewarding you for your loyalty. .
  5. Are the Hibs fans remotely interested in this game?
  6. I don't live in Kilmarnock, but if you belive what the scheme portrayed all those years ago over a small demographic area is reality throughout Kilmarnock or even just Onthank, then yet again you are displaying the usual social ineptitude of someone from Dundee.
  7. How would you know, you have been stuck in the Championship inbetween your yoyo year's?
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