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  1. Good of Aberdeen to just lose form before we meet in the cup!
  2. Both stadiums were designed by the same person. There was an article recently on the BBC about it.
  3. Unbelievable turnaround, it’s brought the club back together. I remember listening to McCullochs last game in Melbourne and was starting to think that relegation was a certainty, how wrong I was!
  4. Me too, great day yesterday, when I was driving up, I had this feeling that we would win.
  5. Have Rangers fans ever bought a TV license? One for the banter years!
  6. Better enjoy Roppongi instead. Wonder if my Killie sticker is still in the gas attack 2 toilets?
  7. They need to meet the gold standard criteria which means 6k seats
  8. Killie=proper old club run within its means. The Rangers=improper defunct club, destined for another insolvency! Well played again Killie!
  9. And some of the home stand behind the other goal as that us where I ended up!
  10. Anyone else getting banned by killlie kickback despite having made no posts?
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