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  1. Our season starts here, surely?
  2. Fitting that the tune played at full time was “Had Enough” by The Enemy Man of the match - Gary Harkins
  3. Never mind all that...... has Mrs Donaldson had the bairn yet?
  4. You've clearly not seen much of United this season then? Flair isn't an accusation that's been levelled at them much (although they have an uncanny talent for inducing sphincter twitching in most united fans on a frequent basis). I felt that if we could get past Falkirk, we would manage to beat either ICT or Hamilton, but now we are here, I'm not confident. As you say, playing in the top flight is an advantage for Hamilton. Im hoping for a result tonight though. I don't agree with the neutral venue arguement. I think it's right that the clubs play at home, regardless of their capacity. Otherwise it's not a home game. It's hard for fans who follow their teams every week not to be able to get a ticket, but I think we just have to suck it up.
  5. That seems unlikely since up til now the prices have been £15 for an adult, and at tannadice next Thursday it will be £18?
  6. SPFL website says it's BT sport that has both ties?
  7. Very true. That's a fact which is easy to forget what with us only being in the diddy league for one season. You on the other hand have plenty experience of that, so I bow to your superior knowledge
  8. All other clubs involved in playoffs have kept prices down, thinking of the fans. I note you said "ground" rather than "stadium". Good choice of words. I hope I enjoy it too, thank you very much for your kind thoughts
  9. Hamilton Accies just released ticket prices for Sunday. £22 and £12 for concessions. Greedy f*****s
  10. P&B Dead Pool 2017

    No moor Ian Brady
  11. P&B Dead Pool 2017

    He's left me IRAte that I took him off my list
  12. When will indyref2 happen?

    My advice would be to look at each party. See what they offer. See which one most aligns to your beliefs and aspirations and vote for them. When the time comes
  13. When will indyref2 happen?

    I don't think they even have to embrace or support independence, i think they just have to acknowledge that people in their party have different opinions. The official party line could be against Indy, but individual members could make up their own mind. Kind of like the Green Party in reverse. Their official stance is in support of Indy, but they leave Green Party members to vote as they see fit (although I don't know of any green msps who voted NO last time) Slab are driving their dwindling supporters away with this hard line. You would have thought they would have learned their lesson from the last time. There have apparently been thousands of people signing up to the Labour for Independence movement over the last week or so. They still identify as being Labour voters. SLab should be trying to harness and grow what little support they have left in Scotland.
  14. No Voters - what say you?

    To be honest, I can see both sides of this battle between May and Sturgeon. I absolutely agree that the best time for the Scottish electorate to vote would be once the deal has been agreed. We then enter the six month (ish) period when the EU and individual EU parliaments debate and ratify the deal. This would be the perfect time for us to also debate what's on offer and to decide whether it's what we want or not. If we vote for Independence, it's easier for us to negotiate entry into EFTA or EEA or full EU membership. However, the deal made by the Tories will be based on the UK leaving. Negotiations will include fishing, farming, movement of people etc and other areas which are particularly pertinent to Scotland. So once the deal is done, it could go to the EU for ratification and they say "aye, that's all good, on you bash", then we vote to leave the UK, and suddenly the deal they've reached is null and void. Or, the EU would say "well, we want to wait to see what the Scottish people vote for before we decide to go ahead". But the Tories argue that we can't vote til we know what it is we are voting for.....but we won't know what we are voting for because the EU aren't going to commit til they know what Scotland's decision is. It's unworkable. I honestly can't believe the Tories haven't been saying this already. Shows how utterly dumb they are I suppose. I think Nicola Sturgeon has played a blinder up til now...... long may it continue