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  1. Well a few names been pinged about; Gavin Price was offered it - no thanks, Steve Aitken (it appears) also no thanks and Hegarty (apparently could not agree terms - thank f**k). If any prospective managers watched yesterday they would have seen what a shambles Smith has left in his wake. In the opening two minutes we passed and look good for the goal. However lack of confidence after Cowden scored was there for all to see as we resorted to panic hoofs. Confidence to stick to the game plan and play football just is not there. They would have also seen McLaughlin (Boomer) never finding a pass / cross all game. He would also have noted that N'Goy or Crawford are not strikers - they offered next to nothing - no movement, no control and certainly no finish. The only person coming to us will be either a junior manager or someone coming to the end of their playing career and looking for a start. We have had success going down the newbe route and might have to again as not sure who else would be interested. Lets see.
  2. f**k off - has to b a wind up. As for Gardner - nae idea......how did he do at Montrose?
  3. None of these, experience is what is needed, Stevie to stay as a coach yes but no to the rest.
  4. Just what I said, now lets take our time and appoint someone who can get us out of this shite. At this juncture we cannot risk untried we need experience to organise the dross that Barry has signed Mourinhio is saying he is a bit board...…………….. Who is about?
  5. Same rumour I heard? Time will tell. Fact or Fiction?
  6. Don't think a change of committee would make any difference. Clearly there is no appetite for folk to go on; one vacancy this year and only one person came forward. I do think appointing Barry was too easy and not, as it turns out the right appointment. Committees do a thankless task and it just show that a couple of poor managers in a row can really shaft a part time club. We cannot afford to get rid of Barry. He also cannot spot a player - Kavanagh? And others. He also turned down the guy who scored a hat trick against us on Tuesday. In forty years this is as bad as I recall. No money, his players, no game plan and players arguing amongst themselves. Highland league here we come if this continues.
  7. Well, by all accounts I picked a good one to miss. Shambles, As bad as the 70's etc... So how much more time does Barry get? Not much by the sound of it. Even at this early stage look like we r fecked! I fear the worst. End of Sept then a change will be needed but Barry did tell us at the AGM he had recruited hungry players, maybe but it is hard to say whether or not they can play, quite crucial.
  8. Last night was two poor defenses and none of our strikers did particularly well; Ross ran about Emile walked - both had chances. Says a lot when our center half got a hat trick but our forwards squandered chances. Fortunately not available to observe proceedings this Saturday. Smith will not be binned regardless of results or what people say. I think another half dozen games to see if the squad jells will let us know our seasons fate. It does also show that a couple of poor managers in a row can really screw a pert time club.
  9. Who might the new signing be? Midfielder or centre half I would wager.
  10. I feel the excitment building for the start of the season. C'mon the City.
  11. 1 - 22. Christ with scoring rates like these we will be in the Highlands before the Tattie Holidays.
  12. It was something I noted a couple of games back. Shagger will get some goals purely down to his work rate - but can he keep that going for the whole season? And yes he does need someone up beside him, but who? And are there another couple of signings to come? Only 4 on the bench. Midfield for me but we have also leaked a lot of goals. There will come a point where 'the new team' excuse will not rub. This Sat will be a good indicator before the league gets started.
  13. Considering the squad is still coming together and we had two key players waiting on clearance plus one suspended and a 45 year old in centre half position 3 - 0 not a disaster. I was not there but on the face of it Idle not expect much. We all know the league cup section comes too early and when u are bringing a team together, even harder. We should not judge till a few games into season.
  14. Had a season ticket pretty much for 30 years. I am not going o preseason games but will go to the home league cup games and then decide if I will get one. This just makes it more irritating, however quality of football will influence my decision to buy or not.
  15. Training starts this Saturday, in Brechin - anyone going to help Paddy, Watt and McCord out?
  16. And another NEW SIGNING - LUKE WATT The Club are also pleased to announce the signing of versatile defender Luke Watt, subject to international clearance, having plyed his trade with Croatian side NK Novigrad last season. The 21 year old, who can operate on either side of defence or midfield, came through the ranks at Motherwell where he made a number of first team appearances whilst also spending time on loan at Stranraer, East Fife and Airdrieonians. Manager Barry Smith said, "I worked with Luke at East Fife so I know exactly what type of player we're getting. He was developed through Motherwell's Academy so was brought up in the right way. He can play a number of positions which will be a clear benefit to us in the coming season. He's good on the ball and brings an element of steel to his play - be that in defence or midfield." Anyone?
  17. Training must b starting soon and nobody to train, a load of trialists for the friendlies. NB for league cup everyone needs to be signed up. Interesting times
  18. Unbelievable! This to me would demonstrate that either we have no money or Barry is someone no one wants to play for any more. Note to Forfar; yes you might be getting these guys but they were in part responsible for our relegation,
  19. Bar in the ground that is open to all supporters from 1.00pm.
  20. He's entitled to sign for who likes but this sticks in my craw a bit. Two seasons been signed with more than half that time injured, cost club money to get him fixed twice, you'd think he'd feel he owed us something. Oh well there u go.
  21. I too thought a clean out was required but B Smith said he'd be using his and Steve's connections to get players in - not looking well connected now. Pre season must start in about 3 weeks with cup games in July. And if other players are waiting it out due to other offers it is unlikely we will be getting them - our budget must be very limited compared to others.
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