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  1. There are many variables in success or arse falling out of everything. As I stated earlier we had a poor committee who oversaw a shit show and resulted in us being in the HL. Much has changed in the last year on / off the pitch and hopefully we will be back soon. Those out with Brechin will struggle to see the change but much has happened As for a level I think we were a solid enough L1 side with flirtations with Championship and L2 - occasionally up / occasionally down. We should be a warning to everyone, sitting in Tanadice for a League game to being in Keith on a wet and bloody cold night under the worst floodlight system known to man.
  2. Not a coffee drinker but by all accounts very good stuff.
  3. Nobody should be complacent. In the years pre pyramind, about 30 we were no place near the bottom of L2, in fact the worst we were was about mid L2 before we appointed Dick C. And whilst we were making hay the rest of the Angus Clubs mostly hogged L2. We were run by a Chairman and committee who had run their course but did not want to change or encourage fresh blood. No investment in the squad when we were in the Championship and a car crash of a season followed. That big kick in the stones resulted in one poor decision after another with managers being hired quickly with little thought - the worst being Barry Smith who spent the playing budget, played a few games and realised his signings were not up to it and then left. Either way we high rock bottom and further fell into HL. It was only then that the old committee were removed and fresh ideas with a plan was set in motion. It has and will continue to take a lot of work to get back whilst unravelling the mess left behind. Their is new hope and connection with he community. Point being every part time club are a few bad ideas from a few past sell by date committee members from being club 42. Hopefully see you all soon.
  4. Ewan Spark signs on at City, local lad who has played for us before. If nothing else he will bring drive, battle and energy.
  5. Having dropped into Highland League I like the home and away fixture - you only play a club twice, unless you meet in the cup. Very refreshing. However, what it lacks is a wider pool of teams playing for something right up to the end. As much as we did ok our season was done with back to back defeats in January. January! Makes it hard to draw in sponsorship and supporters. Not necessarily moaning about missing out but I think what ever system is introduced it needs to allow more opportunity for teams to come up and L2 (in fact all Scottish Leagues) need to get away from 4 games against the same team - gets boring. More opportunity means more interest in the league for longer and helps keep paying customers coming through the door.
  6. Highlights are very well put together. Never a pen and a stupid player getting sent off. I do wonder about grounds now being utilised for teams in SPFL - admittedly some are not great that are already there. However there needs to be some criteria. There seems to be a drive in tier 5 football to invest in players and not the ground and indeed we have many clubs renting - thereby being able to focus on players and not so much about facilities. Even in HL there are huge differences in grounds; some good, some not so and some clearly about to fall down. And pitches, well again a mixed bag. Huge slops and even folds in some. I guess that what we get for being in the HL. However back to original point what standards are there for SPFL teams?
  7. Think you'll find we (Brechin City) had a dodgy decision in the playoffs as club 42
  8. Club 42 two years in a row given a shocking decision against them. There's a conspiracy I tell ya.
  9. From my conversations across the HL it appears nobody is really bothered about getting into SPFL. Happy to gather HL titles. For what its worth I can only see FW dropping out and BOD coming in. Cowdenbeath will keep their SPFL status. Congrats to Fraserburgh.
  10. Hey once upon a time we were beating Rangers 3-1 at half time in a league game. True story that. Haha
  11. More reds? They've had a few. Time for Brechin to put them to the sword on Saturday for our last home game of the season.
  12. Top 4 place gets invite to league cup (£20k for just turning up) and to challenge cup (or whatever it is called these days). But one thing in SPFL was that you rarely get to a level of safety until close to end of season or playing for playoff positions. Although not always a good thing LOL.
  13. Ours tailed off when we were no longer in contention; if we had held out against Broch (3-5) and then not followed up with the hangover at Formartine (0-1 loss) then we would still be right in it. However we are not and only the 300 or so die hards are coming to the games. We have also lost a lot of hospitality with games off and the rearranged ones not getting the same amount of hospitality uptake. Next year......?
  14. Yes. Stewards were informed and said they would deal with it. It was also followed up with an email to them to see what had been done. To agree it was nothing is belittling the incident or even condoning the actions. Rod informed. Suspect our raising of the issue added to the pot which prompted HL response
  15. Brechin were also on the receiving end of racial abuse.
  16. HL needs to be finished by 16th April to tie in with playoffs. Assume other leagues are having to do the same.
  17. Anything is possible in part time football and I think as we have shown a few bad judgement calls and you can crash a long way quite quickly. My understanding is that training venues for Brechin are changing next year almost certainly ruling out central belt players from signing. Recruitment will be closer to home; Fife, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen.
  18. Crikey this sounds very much like us last year. The day we went down I was numb and worried. We kicked out the committee, got a new one, had a successful share issue, new manager, new squad (again) but will have resigned at least ten for next year and won more games in one season than we had in the previous 4 combined! We are doing ok and expect us to return to SPFL in the next couple of years (if not sooner). And have a renewed interest in the cub and its links with the community. The point being sometimes you have to find your rock bottom before making some big changes. All the best.
  19. Wonder if he will get much game time there?
  20. You try and put a cover down the size of a ships sail in gale. FFS! You could have come and just talked hot air all night - that would have helped.
  21. And what happens when the Uncle Roys of the world lose interest or pass away? You only have to look at Gretna to see what happens.
  22. I love all the made up shite. No single backer. Sponsors signed up to 3 years..... seems like if you dont know anything make it up.
  23. Arguably. We had a great 35 years of out performing our Angus neighbours when they were stagnating in the lower reaches of the domestic game. We have more league titles than any of them too. Admittedly we have imploded in dramatic style over the last 4 years. We are in a rebuilding mode with new committee, new enthusiasm, better community and business links, better involvement with the youth football of Brechin and a successful share issue. Many involved are learning as we go along with much achieved against some unrealistic (but not much) expectations. I was under no illusion that it might not be year one or indeed year 2 but we are laying foundations and hopeful avoid the boom and bust. If there was no new committee there is every chance BCFC might not have existed - some folk forget that.
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