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  1. Did not know they were offering this. I will not be taking mine back. Be interesting to see how or when we get back to it.
  2. Dod(d)s piece in todays Courier interesting. He is right that clubs like us will increasingly find it difficult to attract players from the central belt as clubs like Kelty through bigger budgets at players than we can. That is where my agreement ends with his article. He did talk up Edinburgh City but does he realise that they rent their ground and as such do not have that cost so have a bigger player budget. He did point things out about cuts to what he and the squad had access to, for example a physio only once a week and poorer training facilities - thought Falkirk and Stirling Uni were good facilities - is he now saying they are shite? He never once drew reference his tactics.
  3. For 19/20 Brechin got 45k for finishing 10th in league 2, 17k for finishing bottom of the group in the league cup and 5k from round 2 of the Scottish cup. Thanks for that info, where did you get it from?
  4. Well. Always interesting when others throw around figures. I too do not recall a 6 figure loss being mentioned, in fact we are not allowed to go over a rolling figure of £80k , I think. Equally I have never heard us getting 100k from the SFA / SPfl. The year we played Celtic t Parkhead we got about £80k from the gate but prize money from all comps is generally lucky to hit £30k. Championship year might have been a bit higher but seem to recall everyone in League 1 got more than us. I also take acception to the assumption that any club is not hard working, if anything clubs struggling on the park or part time ones are working harder - maintaining football at this level whilst having day jobs.
  5. I would agree with this observation. When I said I would get rid of the older players, I mean most, maybe he is the exception. It would indeed to be hard to identify who who you keep, most of the young guys were experiencing their first season at this level - some were promising, perhaps those that were shipped in January were not. we can not have a total strip down and start again, we are looking at about a 50/50 split btw remain and go, who they are, might be, who knows? Hopefully Mark
  6. Well that was an interesting response. I have seen enough dour fitba to last a live time. I would like something a bit more dynamic than that. When we play a more entertaining game we get more fans coming, dour and defeats do not interest those 'thinking' about coming. As for Wilson, he did try and change it about n January and there were signs even before that in what he was trying. I would however agree that we do not look fir enough, even with a fitness coach? Jury is out but he did start with a really poor hand - it will depend on what he keeps and what he can get in. Some of the younger guys do have potential - I would inclined to get rid of the older heads and bring in some fresh experience. Discuss.
  7. Okay s the season is over. TF. Regardless of how we got here what next? Is the squad going to get reshaped, we may not be able to sign but can we start casting? With furloughing how does / did this impact on the monies raised. I would assume any left over from the fighting fund can be added to the pot for signing - I would be okay with this. Will the additional money donated by the supporters club raised through season long activities and more recent efforts be put to players or general running costs (prob both)? Either way we Mark Wilson needs to create a style of football that will entertain and bring the punters back, we have had near as dam 5 years of hell (set a side the great escape part 1 (part 2 being now) and the beginning of the following season) with some fairly abject performances and players in that time. Admittedly sometimes not been their fault but how they were set up. Either way it has to get better, much better or their will not be a great escape part 3.
  8. I see other clubs at our level have taken action on reducing players fees or staff volunteered to stop taking money. Any word of this happening here?
  9. So League ends and all positions stays they are. Automatic promotion/ regulation happens. No play off games for more spoils. Brechin engineer the GREATEST escape since Aberdeen. Thanks bat eating boy.
  10. Another game gone. Did not expect anything else., against a club with championship backing (£) with crowds of junior level. Beginning to plan my trips to the highlands....... 😭
  11. Aye, a bit of a stretch to think the whole of Scottish fitba would be molded to save our skins. It would have to benefit the big boys first. Restructure and daft rules have saved clubs in the past, Aberdeen comes to mind. And we set up defensively today and ate 1 -0 down🤯
  12. He stood out as the worst although maybe Ollie and Strachan get pass marks. Mostly all shite tho.
  13. Ahhhhh, what now? Prepare for play offs? 3 games, no goals scored and about 3 shots on target. Fed up with it.
  14. Yep well done, had high Hope's gor the performance, just no quality anywhere.
  15. Poor, no pace up top and nobody in midfield can pick a pass. How many opportunities went a begging due to poor passes fae midfield? Allan spent too much time, all game, dithering on the ball and was constantly disposed. And guess who lost the ball for the opener? Allan. Would use the remaining games to find a balance btw defence and attack and get ready for play offs, nothing else for it.
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