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  1. New Signing - Abdul Osman. Has certainly played at a higher level. Thoughts?
  2. I will reserve judgement on Gerry, Led to believe McMinn is going. If we are getting more in then more must leave - who?
  3. And who will be going. We had a few signings in the summer that other supporters said were good for us and have not had a sniff of the first team. Lets hope this final roll of the dice works.
  4. Same old same, concede early goal and another when no paying attention.
  5. Who are the 2 trialists? Paton getting backed, assume if they work out others will binned.
  6. So we have 2 trialists. Committe are backing Paton. But who are they?
  7. I agree most showed today that they are not at. Many, many missed passes. Poor defending and we rarely held onto the ball for more than couple of passes. We also do not offer anything going forward, might now need to give others a go. It is a chore watching this guff.
  8. A busted flush, did not pay for this afternoons torture. Time is up.
  9. Can see a home win too. I think all we can hope for is improvement.
  10. Having watched the highlights some pretty obvious things to be sorted. Too many players walking and not bursting a gut to either get back into defense or to close down opposition. Not closing down gave Ed so much time on the ball, particularly in midfield. Hard one to understand when we were told the players being signed had speed and desire - not seen it. The defenders cannot defend, 3 goals down to defenders not doing the basics of marking their man - get tighter, make it harder. Soft penalty by the way but a poor punch out did not clear the lines. Positive, I am trying here - when we got the ball and moved it we looked ok but too often gave it away cheaply and then no reaction to get it back. I would change some personnel around and see what others can do - not sure who as do not have a great understanding of who can do what. Likely; change a CB / LB and CM as a starting point. Keeper?
  11. And that is your excuse? It is a democratic process, AGM notice is given and invitees for committee requested, you put your name forward and it would be considered at AGM with a vote of approval by members. Of course you need to be a season ticket holder first. Its very simple and folk through up all sorts of excuses for not whilst also being super critical - I have been and am on committees that do its best to serve its interests and the communities. We do not always get it right and always welcome those with ideas to get involved but as soon as you challenge them to get involved they shut up. I really thing you should put your name forward and implement your ideas to make us the world beaters we are.
  12. It always amazes me that folk have a pop at the committee, like all committees they do not always get it right and decision making for any committee is about judgment and timing. Sometimes its right, sometimes it aint. However all those who think they can run it better and find the endless pots of money to throw at players never seem prepared to step forward at AGM's. I have been going to them for 20 odd years and cannot recall anyone putting in a challenge to the chair or any others to become part of it. So unless you are going to stick your head above the parapet I suggest you accept it and get on with it. Well documented reasons why we have struggled financially and on the park whilst also competing with higher budgets in lower leagues in central belt. You'd have to ask them where they get there money from. There is changes coming and if you were at the special meeting in December and the AGM you would know what these are. I too am fed up with the playing side and how it has panned out over the last few years. Think all part time clubs are a few poor decisions away from disaster - it is a fine line. Remember the committee have overseen the last 20 years - did you praise them when it was all going nicely?
  13. The team did not defend, midfield is all over the place. Where was all that pace and power he signed?
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