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  1. I was prepared to give last week as an opportunity to look at players in training and a friendly in Forfar(?). However we were under the impression there were a number of options available to us if funds were available. Funds were made available so where are the players? Pressure mounting on Mark / Stevie to get them in. I get we should not get for the sake of getting but thought we'd have a couple in. Worrying.
  2. He has arrived at Cove - £1000 a week, surely not!
  3. See Marks Wilson comments - think are spot on. Played poorly, rushed our passes, never in control and would take a point. Wish someone had asked him about players coming in. Gong to be bust this week .
  4. Agree that collectively we were not at our best but still swung a point. Harsh criticism of Hill who blocked many a shot and cleared off line. Our full backs are not natural full backs and our midfield needs work. Jacko has less movement than previous years but still has ability, swagger same. A few signings to come hopefully will improve the performances. Stenny had there new ones in today, they might improve on yesterday whereas with our current squad we can play better and with reinforcements who knows. Onwards.
  5. More players coming, just could nae get them over the line for today. Considering, it would appear Stenny have shop there bolt in the transfer market today is likely as good as it gets for them. Am anticipating midfield to b sorted as constantly bypass it. We will come again and a few weeks before next game allows time to work with newbies.
  6. Forfar fans not fussed. He is like McCord, looks heavy and unfit but can finish if he gets the service and as we know we are creating but not finishing. C'mon City, Jacko.......
  7. Andy Jackson coming back to Brechin? Rumours? How has he been doing? We did say most of the players you took from us had been involved in two relegation's. Jackson always worked hard but the defensive systems Dodds / Smith out in place never helped him or other strikers.
  8. Considering we were told management was speaking to players and the fighting fund achieved more than expected the business we are doing is defining!.
  9. Nope need midfielder a creative one and scorers. Dunlop will not cut it for me.
  10. Generally speaking. Yes there have been good and bad years but generally remained static.
  11. You clearly were not at the open mtg as you would have had plenty opportunity to ask. We ate still well run and respected, debt is no better or worse than the last 30 years. All part time clubs are only one or two poor appointments from the position we are in. On the whole most appointments over last 40 years have been decent enough.
  12. Spoke with a committee member who was very grateful and humbled by the response. They have exceeded the lower figure that was mentioned and are well past it. I might be dissappointed on occassions by committee decisions but dont go for the generic kicking that happens by those who will not step up for the committe. The biggest moaners dont step up and get involved. I do not think for a minute that decisions are made with a view to run the club down. I too donated.
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