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  1. We got to the quarter finals in 2011, admittedly we were a league club and if replays were not in operation I feel sure we would have gone onto win. 2-2 at Glebe v StJohnstone - replay was crap and we lost 1-0.
  2. We, as a club and fan base reacted too late. Whilst we are in HL we are making every effort to get back out with some much needed change (see previous post)
  3. Oooh, all this sounds so familiar. We had to hit rock bottom before change; new committee, new structure, new direction, share issue, local young players (released from our local FT clubs), train local and with everything crossed (pyramid system makes it difficult to get back up) we will return to the SPFL.
  4. It was in most folks interest to move players on, Davo was unlikely to get much of a look in and Cammie never fulfilled some potential that occasionally appeared. Watch this space as I suspect other players to come in. I do not think these guys would be gone unless others were waiting in the wings to join.
  5. Andy McDonald, just come to us with you guys being noted as his last club. Any thhoughts?
  6. read somewhere that he had lost interest, maybe not.
  7. Whats the story with Hester? Has he downed tools?
  8. Hey, well we tried. Was always going to be a big ask.
  9. Yep, we are in Dundee, 2 nights a week.
  10. Haha..............I'll stop all this
  11. no but when you look our fixtures, we play five of the main contenders in succession. Yes you have to play them at some point but injuries / bookings may kick in as you progress through the fixtures. The most other clubs have are two in a row. On the up side win them all and everyone is chasing.
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