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  1. He seems to try and stroll games but when the opposition are right up for it he is found wanting and enjoys an easy 5 yard pass.
  2. Fort William should be clear of COVID isolation. Personally think they are at it. 2 weeks without a game, help with training and shaping but match sharpness will flow away!
  3. It was a coin flick for MOM between him and Kieren for his hat-trick. Kieren won. Best game Max has played, need it more however there are several thugs in HL just waiting for him. Believe Aiden from Montrose is a super short loan just to see us come through some squad issues. The young guy up front (from East Craigie)looks decent, just more games. Once the squad settles down and we more sessions together I think we will be fine. Remember no window in HL and we still have space for a loanee.
  4. likely. Therefore double sessions at the Den!
  5. The left back who came on earlier than planned due to Murray getting clattered played well enough. Stays in Brechin. The other one, I'd hope we do not see again. Hamish was solid enough after a few early nervous touches.
  6. 5players missing from Saturday, some brutality and some decent saves prevented at least a draw. Defensively we looked a little more solid but as Andy stated we react rather than read the game. Teams will see us as the big scalp and really come at us, we need to stand up to that impose our game on them. @citydiehard, AGM on 30th get fired into Andy if that is what floats yer boat.
  7. We had potentially four guys missing from the starting line up. That said the street smart Buckie guys may well have chewed them up a bit, accept perhaps Cox. I know Andy is raging about the performance and demanding much better. Still a a couple of additions to arrive. PS; Buckie manager a bit of a Dick.
  8. 4 -1 final result and not played well. Manager less than happy. Sloppy in front of goal and gave them a few chances. Nice to be unhappy with a win - makes a change.
  9. Quite easy I would imagine but someone from Deveronvale will know better. Supporters bus going from Brechin
  10. My take on yesterday; First half was fairly even on balance of play however Davidson did misjudge the flight of the ball (that was assisted my tail wind) and arguably keeper could have come out sharper. Second was a needless penalty given away by Bollan diving in unnecessary. 2nd half we changed our shape and were by far the better team, with Max feeding in Wood for a good strike. Cox clattered in the box for the pen - well dispatched by Ingles. Then the fun, Paton with a shite ball to Cowden player who Davidson body checked, red card - deemed last man. Winner came about when keeper cam to collect and messed up allowing a headed winner. Highlights from me were the industry and willing running of Woods and Cox. Max had a promising start, Jack Wills had some superb saves prior to the error, Scott did well enough and the Cowden player who chopped him in half should have seen red. And coming back from 2 down shows a bit of something from then players. We had two likely starters missing today and now Davidson missing on Tuesday means Kirk has yet to get some consistency in selection, new players coming in two. We need a wee run of luck and players on the park. I am still confident.
  11. Davidson served his suspensions in the League Cup, fairly sire he is good for the league.
  12. Nice to hear from you Les. I am always interested in why folk from far and wide follow Brechin, yours is a great reason. By November we will know how well we are doing but suspect a number of Brechin supporters will be making several weekends out of the trips, Inverness may well be one of them. We are hopeful of a positive season and with a share issue coming, yes you can sit in your local in Grimsby saying you own shares in Brechin City - if you wish. They are going to be priced so that any fan can buy a tenner or so worth. By November you will know. Thanks for you support and I will look out for you.
  13. 4-0. Considering we are still playing full time sides who have been training for a month I am not overly despondent. Some decent performances and oddly in a 4-0 defeat at the back. 1st goal keeper shouted for it and defender got in way, fell to RR player you dispatched it at half time. Second have shape was changed that opened us up a bit but it meant we over something at the top of the park with M Scott forcing a decent save. Second goal was a huge deflection, third was poor marking and fourth well worked. (might have them in wrong order). Players are still getting to know each other and the League Cup was always an extension of pre-season, best for us Wood (need Davidson back so Wood can be up top with Cox), Docherty, Bain, Cox and Jack in goals. Most are at least working hard. Full time training showed through, I can see how we are trying to play and some more training and games should help, very few hoofs up the park for the sake of it. Be interesting to see us play other part time teams for a comparison. 4 games in and we have played 3 F/T teams.
  14. Jack Milne signs a year long loan from Aberdeen.
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