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  1. Hard to make a decision on no information from SFA. And not just the slim pickings that are public but the detail. Anyway it'll not matter how the vote goes cause SFA are saying it will happen. Yet again all the lower levels get a shafting from the ruling body.
  2. nothing to write home about as the benchmark is not high.
  3. Montrose paid £25k for him and £400 / week for 3 year deal. When did they get so minted?
  4. If pretty much all 42 SPFL clubs vote for it, 5 tier and beyond leagues makes no difference what they think. Maxwell et al want this to happen. With a league of ten, made up of say 4 B teams means that these B (u21) trams will be playing loads of U21 teams. The idea was to give them experience of playing men and being in a stronger position to break through to the first team. that aside it will be a hard sell in hospitality for Hearts U21's. Who wants that? So the monies being offered would not compensate for lost revenue. There are still many unknowns re promotion out and into conference league. Why not get the 42 clubs to vote on a bigger Lg 2 sick in the B teams plus 4 from HL / LL and play 34 games a season? This not me advocating for the B teams but if they are why not in an expanded Lg2? 2 down with the HL / LL champions going up automatically. And third bottom club doing a playoff with the runners up of the HL / LL league.
  5. The way his interview in press went he is looking to be closer to home and either in the same or higher league - so we are out of the picture and not sure with his SFA investigation to be completed anyone will pay out Elgins transfer demands.
  6. Yep Brechin poor. I could see what the tactics were trying to achieve but it did not work with so many being off the boil. If we are talking about the keepers red card - it probably was then there was another similar incident where Spartans should have had one, very similar to the one where a red was shown. Twice we were breaking through and twice a defender sliced them down. One a red the other not? Either way we need to be much better to progress.
  7. I can imagine for the neutral it was not great. However deciders and many cup finals are not. Its more about the winning and I was a bag of nerves from start o finish - a magic day in the end. I also think, considering our run in of having played Saturday / Wednesday for weeks with Brora x1 and Fraserburgh x2 and then Buckie on final day it was a tough ask but a monumental effort by all to get over the line.
  8. Whatever, we are still taking up one of your two brain cells.
  9. I see Buckie is taking seriously the safety and security of all fans going to the game next week. No Police, no tickets and no segregation (will they even bother with stewards?) - should be a fun day.
  10. I see your love in for all things Brechin is still strong. Promotion and relegation has been a thing long before the pyramid process so a moot point from you there
  11. From my travels no HL team are interested in going up. They just want to knock out more HL titles, which makes a mockery of the pyramid system.
  12. Most if the players are not central; Dundee, Perth, Fife and of course Brechin. Think we have two from Glasgow area.
  13. Well, having had time to reflect on the game I have concluded that no team performed well. Fraserburgh set their stall out early and did a lot of hoof ball into the night sky with the hope of getting something, they kicked, digged, poked, irritated everyone at every turn. But hay if it works for you well done but it aint pretty. Unfortunately for us we then got involved and never looked like getting our game going. That said I thought our defence was our strongest part of the game as we created the same chances as Fraserburgh - very little. As for the penalty? Well, I never understand why it is not decided on training nights who takes them. All that debate looked a bit daft and then Botti stopped to re spot the ball, for it to move back again from where he moved it. Either way not the best spot kick and saved. And he red card - nae sure but others felt not, their keeper (and not alone in this) took every opportunity to scream in agony and then roll about a bit before springing up. I would, like many supporters know why he keeps hooking Grady. In conclusion the point might be a good one but equally the penalty miss may well cost us. I hope Botti got it large after the game, appreciate the manager is publicly being supportive and positive but think in the dressing room he was raging. Still all in our hands and we go forward to next game.
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