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  1. Poor from Dobbie should be taking notes from Boyle on how to do it properly.
  2. Pathetic. The management absolutely shat it with those subs.
  3. Sibbald loves a goal against us, always seems to bloody score even when he was playing for Falkirk.
  4. We are very poor, no idea how we are 3rd tbqhwy
  5. Really? Naaaawww. Aye, my credulous mind never even clocked it.
  6. f**k sake, money talks I suppose, thought he would've been more ambitious though.
  7. Irvine Welsh on his way to hunt down Alfredo
  8. Wee Alfredo will be put under police protection at this rate.
  9. Great signing. I'm expecting some of this when he inevitably scores against hertz:
  10. Well done St. Johnstone We were hopeless, Jack Ross to get his P45
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