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  1. Why isn’t it an appalling situation at this present time?
  2. Another chunk of income not coming our way. The Hibs fixture for example must have netted us a tidy wee sum.
  3. Top 4 or 5? Setting the bar high eh? Also interesting that he “doesn’t think” we won another match after beating Peterhead. Clown.
  4. Pike in, A lady from Fantasy Prints and Kevin Dixon is a rumour doing the rounds today. Cannot be right, can it? [emoji15]
  5. Next up in the boardroom shuffle is Colin Pike. JB drafts his mate in. Close the doors people.
  6. Who’s next then? Heston? How does this work? Is it just a case of sticking your hand up and off you go? Surely any good governance has directors with job descriptions and directors that fit those descriptions no? Berwick Rangers do this don’t they? If so what will Heston’s remit be and what will he bring to the party? The rest......any ideas? Answers on a postcard .........
  7. I dread to think of the pumpings we are likely to get.
  8. Look at the signings others are making while we sit looking on. We won’t come back up while this lot of directors are there. Walla is gone apparently so let’s hope there’s more follow.
  9. Do you really think with this group of utter amateurs we will be winning regularly? Then there’s the players to talk about.
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