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  1. I’d abandon the whole thing. Player of the year etc......really?!
  2. Do away with the final 2 legs. Winner of Cove v EK are in. The final will be pointless.
  3. I’m sure Neil Oliver in an interview for the job expressed a wish to set up a community based club and was told his 3 year plan couldn’t be done as the club couldn’t afford the time. That was about 3 years ago.
  4. Apparently John Bell was frothing at the mouth at a post where I called his crew out as fucking useless c***s for not bulletining the fake that is Harvey. Is it me you’re looking for John? Let’s be frank here, if we stood and discussed my post that you’re unhappy with you really wouldn’t have any comeback would you? Fast asleep at the wheel indeed. RIP Berwick Rangers.
  5. Clyde v Berwick

    Hearing Chairman elect sent some supporters an invite for them to hold a meeting with he of high self esteem tonight. This is surely a made up rumour? What on earth would it achieve? Harvey would sit and tell everyone how hard he’s working and how wonderful he is and how the team can do this if the fans get behind them because it has worked so well recently.
  6. So why sympathise? They are indeed as culpable as Harvey, you could argue even more so. It’s as clear as day he’s going to crash into the Castle Hotel as he tries to take you to the Curfew yet they are still employing him which I find incredible beyond belief and indeed totally and utterly incomprehensible. Don’t call Woody’s Redcar, give Waughy a call and you’ll have a chance of getting that pint. Hopefully Len and co take on my wise words too. [emoji12]
  7. How you can sympathise with the Board is beyond me. The club’s very existence is at stake and they are continuing with someone who has shown over a fairly extensive period of time that he’s not fit for the job yet you sympathise??!! It would be like Woody’s cabs employing a taxi driver and after a couple of shifts discovering the c**t was blind but letting him continue to attempt to take you from the train station to the Curfew.
  8. And that my friends is goodnight Vienna. Would the last person leaving please turn the lights off.
  9. I had this conversation last week while contemplating what our LL crowds will be like (note not could be like). Our crowds this season have been brilliant when you consider the utter pish that’s been served up week in week out. Incredible support. I’m sure I’d be correct in saying our average has been worse in better times. Well done to the fans at least we care.
  10. It isn’t happening. Certainly not under this clown.
  11. Nobody seems to be questioning the very fact that Harvey is still in charge and most likely will be for our remaining survival games. How on earth our Board think he’s the man to lead us out of this mess is beyond me. He should never have seen today.
  12. Oh 100% however who appointed this clown? He didn’t walk through the door himself although he’ll probably try and tell you that he did.
  13. Delusional. What we are witnessing is a team that will give effort but in reality they know they are gone. The amount of times the concession of one goal is followed by more in fairly quick time tells you they have no heart or fight for the situation. Let’s be honest, it means f**k all to any of those players if they go down. They’ll all get clubs for next season and some might even just get a Saturday that’s more beneficial to them personally than the hike down to Berwick every 2nd week. We are down and the finger points directly at the Chairman and his board of directors. Fucking shambolic.
  14. 100% it shines through.
  15. To be fair he’s on the money with a huge amount here. The fact Harvey will be in charge on Saturday is an absolute joke. Eyre is fast asleep at the wheel.