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  1. We've already got a loan player in this season. The keeper Ritchie is on loan from Aberdeen.
  2. I'm absolutely unconvinced that he's a good keeper. I'll be delighted to be proved wrong.
  3. Draw was a fair result in what for a 0-0 draw was a decent enough watch. Big chance for Reilly near the end to win it. Thought our defending and goalkeeping was shambolic to give away the penalty but to be fair to the keeper he made a great save from the spot kick. My only shock was that we didn't concede from the resulting corner. Thought East was our best player and that young McMahon did well before he faded a bit in the 2nd half.
  4. Queens starting lineup: 1.Currie 3.Quitongo 5.McKay 6.Cochrane 7.Paton 11.Murray 12.McKenna 14.Morrison 16.East 18.McKechnie 21.McMahon Queens Subs : 13.Ritchie 2.McKay 4.Wilson 9.Reilly 20.Irving 26.Muir 27.Gibson 28.Johnstone 29.Burns
  5. I think Tyler is extremely irritating and his bizarre attempts at humour through contrived plays on words is dismal. But he's clearly made an honest error here.
  6. I'll be driving so sadly no pub crawl for me.
  7. Last week's debacle has dampened my enthusiasm for this. I'll likely still go though. First game of the season for me.
  8. Yes they did. Absolutely top drawer shitfesting. Germans getting increasingly furious. Tremendous stuff.
  9. Your point is valid though I'd contend that Clyde players were given plenty of both components yesterday.
  10. First of all well done to Clyde but from a QOS point of view those goals are dismal.
  11. You’ve more games to come against us so plenty of chances to further improve that stat.
  12. Good victory v Crawley in first league game. Should have won by more than a single goal.
  13. Up to speed or not I’d be wary of getting too excited about a win at Palmerston. Other than Ayr United it’s pretty much been every teams favourite away ground for quite some time now.
  14. Yep I'd agree with that. We were awful defensively against Ayr. We won 3-0 in a match that could easily have been 4-4. The clean sheet was largely due to some awful Ayr finishing and a big slice of luck.
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