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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    I thought he was good in our away victory at Dundee United but generally not impressed otherwise. Still only 21 though.
  2. Golfers Thread

    Yes a neat touch getting him to hit the opening shot. His exemption as a previous winner ends now that he is 60. I`m sure he`ll get a warm reception and in particular on the 18th at the end of his 2nd round, or hopefully 4th round if he can make the cut. Apparently he`s thinking of trying to qualify for the St Andrews Open in 2021.
  3. Golfers Thread

    Just watched the interview with Jordan Speith on Sky as he handed back the Claret Jug. Thought he spoke fantastically well. Can`t wait for the Open to start. I love it. Going to Carnoustie on Saturday and watching avidly on TV as events unfold. Edit to add I see Russell Knox is in the same group as Tiger Woods and Hideki Matsuyama. With Tiger and a top Japanese player in the 3 ball it will inevitably be a media circus. Hopefully Knox has the experience to play his own game but concentrating will be a challenge. Anyway good luck to him and all the other Scots involved.
  4. Qatar 2022

    Qatar going down the "new town" route? A sort of Qatari Cumbernauld.
  5. Golfers Thread

    Medal for me today. Poor front 9 which included an 8 on a par 3. Lost ball, 3 off the tee 2 shots in a bunker and a missed short putt. Then out of the blue came back in 38 (2 over) which included two 3 putts and made the buffer zone.
  6. Golfers Thread

    Indeed. He looked shattered at the end today but still had it in him to congratulate the winner and ask him how close he had been to the magical 59. Comes across as a really good guy. Hope he has a good week at Carnoustie.
  7. The Final - BBC or ITV

    BBC for me. Can`t stand Tyldesley and in particular Hoddle. Might have been tempted by ITV if Lawro the tramp had been involved for BBC.
  8. League Cup attendances....

    A disappointing 803 at QOS v Stranraer.
  9. Golfers Thread

    Knox in contention again at Scottish Open. Given his recent schedule and travel he must be knackered but great to see him doing well. Getting very close to clinching a place in Ryder Cup team too.
  10. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    You would think so.
  11. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    4-3 now. We could yet feck this up.
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    Is Martin injured again!!