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  1. The average age for admissions to critical care units in Scotland in 2019 was 59.7 years (median 64 years). https://www.sicsag.scot.nhs.uk/publications/_docs/2019-Web-Tables.xls?1
  2. Cheers. Don't go looking from my point of view. Suspect you don't need any additional work at the moment. There was an article in the Guardian about the figures which would seem to be NHS England Readmission rate. Edit to add the article confirms the paper has not yet been peer-reviewed.
  3. Not sure if you saw the stuff being highlighted last night on this thread of a near 30% readmission rate of those surviving a hospital admission for Covid. Is that your impression of things here? I did wonder if the even bigger pressure on beds down south was driving early discharges which then fed into what looks like a dreadful readmission rate.
  4. One of the best individual performances I've ever seen at Palmerston. We couldn't get the ball off him. Brilliant display.
  5. Understandable that expectation was high as we'd taken Rangers to extra-time in two leg league cup quarter final earlier in the season. Rangers won the treble that season.
  6. We do need context but a near 30% readmission rate is horrific. Many of the old relics 'at deaths door' would presumably have succumbed on first admission and won't be part of a group discharged from hospital?? Hospital readmission rates in England following pneumonia according to this paper are 16%. Readmission.
  7. Absolutely this. Fantastic goal on what was a big occasion.
  8. More players now having to isolate on arrival in Oz. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/tennis/55695295
  9. Good number of players flying to Australia now having to isolate. Rona
  10. The season when everything was different apart from losing at Palmerston?
  11. He's always been prone to trying to be just too smart but agree it's worse latterly. I like his enthusiasm for the game but as stated before he has increasingly been an irritation of late.
  12. TBH that's a really positive post from Northfield.
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