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  1. 2-2 draw away to Barrow today. Took an early lead but fell behind. Equaliser from a penalty after 79 minutes. Still in with a chance of the play offs.
  2. Yes I'll be pretty happy to finish mid table. To continue the theme as above us winning against Raith and Dunfermline in the next week would have us very much still in the mix for a play off spot and neither result is outlandish. Like you i reckon we'll finish mid table but we're still in the mix looking up the way.
  3. If we lose all 3 then it's a virtual certainty that Ayr would have a better goal difference than us so 4 points would suffice. Beat us, lose to Arbroath and draw with ICT would achieve that. There are a variety of results which could see us in 9th. As you suggest none of them are individually particularly outlandish but the combination remains hugely unlikely.
  4. It can still happen but nobody gaining on us today it certainly makes it less likely.
  5. I’m no fan of Reed but he has been one of the players along with Laird who have given MacIntyre some help during practice rounds at Augusta.
  6. Great fightback form DeChambeau. Still a c**t though.
  7. Indeed. Tremendous effort. Made birdie on 11 with a magnificent second shot. Worth going on to the app to see it.
  8. He's playing under the double disadvantage of being in my fantasy team and me also having a small each way wager on him this weekend.
  9. Just to say yet again that Butch Harmon adds so much to coverage of any tournament but especially the Majors. Top notch. Edit to add I love the Masters.
  10. On financial terms I’d imagine Rose’s caddy will be pretty well off already. Obviously a Masters win would be huge but a high finish would pay the bills with a fair bit to spare.
  11. He pulled that tee shot. Absolutely everyone is aiming right of that pin and letting the slope do the work. Great to see nonetheless. Good guy.
  12. Birdies on 13 and 15 for Bob. Good man.
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