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  1. Great credit to Rangers for progressing. Well deserved. Should really have won tonight and thus won the group. some really naive decision making near the end though. Presumably Jack will miss a couple of games after his red card?? Huge loss.
  2. Pleasing. Away to Cardiff in next round which isn’t the best draw but extra money for making round 3 is useful
  3. Pep under pressure and predictably starting his exit strategy. Give me millions more or I'm out of here.
  4. Somewhat disappointing 1-1 draw at bottom of the league Morecambe,
  5. let’s just say we’re consistently inconsistent. It’s utterly consistent that we’ll be inconsistent
  6. It’s not inconsistent though. It’s utterly predictable
  7. And you assume it's not true because CFC didn't make a formal complaint. I've no idea if it's true but I suspect that's the same position as you.
  8. Yes good to see these guys making solid starts to European Tour season
  9. Great stuff. Almost all of my good scores tend to be with fewer than 30 putts. Driving remains comfortably the most consistent part of my game. Going to get some short game lessons in the New Year. Determined to get back to single figures. Currently 9.9 having generally been between 8 and 9 over the last decade. Occasionally down to 7 with a lowest ever exact of 6.8.
  10. Magnificent effort. Well done.Best I’ve ever done is 2 over par. To shoot par while taking 32 putts on a windy day suggests great ball striking
  11. Great result for Palace. Hodgson does a fine job there.
  12. Brief highlights on bbc site now. Amazing fightback
  13. Cardiff away in FA Cup if Carlisle can beat Forest Green in the replay. Awful draw.
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