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  1. Excellent result. Just one point out of the play off positions.
  2. Just watching the Presidents Cup. Si Woo Kim has got right under Thomas's skin. JT looks absolutely angry at the world.
  3. Yes they are perfectly capable of playing together. It’s my opinion that we tend to get outnumbered in midfield when we play that way.
  4. I’d pick Adams ahead of Dykes but both are very decent options given how we set up. Let’s not start both though.
  5. 1-1 draw away to Newport today. Equalised in 78th minute and hit the bar in stoppage time. Decent result but a late winner would have been lovely.
  6. And were on a substantial bonus per man to win all their group games.
  7. Yep I managed to get some updates from FC Edinburgh twitter. Other than the team line ups couldn't find anything on our own feed. Anyway another pleasing result.
  8. Scott and Matsuyama have been absolutely awful in the first match.
  9. I must be missing something. Internationals have only been up at any stage in a single match from what I can see,
  10. It's been all USA right from the start from what I've seen. I must have missed the bit when the internationals were doing well.
  11. Doesn't look promising. They've played some awful stuff so far.
  12. Clyde played very well that day but we put in what has become a standard home performance i.e. we were absolutely dire. We won 4-1 at home today. Now that is an outlier.
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