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  1. Norrie makes the final at Indian Wells with a 6-2 6-4 win over Dimitrov. Fine effort.
  2. It probably is. It's so long since Falkirk were at this level that we've had to reset the crowd w**k bar.
  3. Presuming that Low is injured again. Sorry to hear that as the guy has real ability. Looked a real find when he signed for us but injury then meant we didn't see the real benefit. Fully aware he's been a stalwart for Arbroath.
  4. I'm presuming this is with Holt at LB. Thought I'd spotted him at centre back on occasion. Very decent LB at this level but never a centre back IMHO.
  5. My understanding was that Sheridan moved to Chesterfield for a considerable pay rise. He's an arse of a man but he did have Carlisle playing well that season. It's to nobody's surpise that he's been coach/manager at 4 clubs since he left Carlisle in 2019.
  6. Yes I think there's probably something in that. That said at face value the last few managers have been given decent financial support by the club. It's a easy excuse to make but the number of postponements due to Covid and other things when they wer top of the league were to say the least unhelpful. Doesn't excuse the dismal form since then of course.
  7. Worrying times. New manager appointment needs to be a good one. Tough away game at Newport on Tuesday is next up.
  8. Fair enough and thanks for the clarification. I just had a memory (not saying it was you) of similar stuff being stated as "fact" and then retracted after a previous visit to Ayr. For clarity I'm not defending Gibson here. He really should know not to get involved and from what I've heard his actions today easily cross the line of being unacceptable.
  9. I’ll be surprised if we don’t get drawn into the scrap at the bottom of the table.
  10. Totally agree with that. Gibson needs to sort that sort of stuff out. It’s pathetic. Some of the abuse he allegedly gets does seem to be pretty vile though.
  11. But in your haste to let us know how the whole sorry saga unfolded you surely hadn’t told us something that was later found to be inaccurate. Maybe I’ve missed something here but that’s how it feels at the moment. Edit to add FWIW Gibson is an idiot for getting involved in it again. He needs to grow up.
  12. Yep that’s what I’ve expected from the start of the season. Nothing as yet to suggest it’ll be anything different. 9 points from 9 games is poor and a real chance today to put a decent gap between us at those near the bottom thrown away.
  13. These stats make grim reading but are sadly not a shock in all honesty. It’s what we do.
  14. I’d imagine some of our fans having been happy to dish it out will be raging messes when getting some back. [emoji23]
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