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  1. Ross County v Queens

    Yes Martin did very well there. Very decent point for us.
  2. Falkirk vs Alloa

    Yep that`s a very fair point. I thought he talked a better game at United than he ultimately delivered albeit it was a "failure" by the narrowest of margins. The big problem was finishing 3rd behind your own team and thus having an extra 2 games to play. Given how abject Falkirk were at the start of this season he`s done alright. Poor result today though having been 2-0 up and a really dire recent cup result would suggest a big task ahead. Transfer window absolutely crucial (fully accept I`m posting something you are all too well aware of).
  3. Falkirk vs Alloa

    While your first 2 points are well made when appointed he was surely "expected" to get Dundee United promoted. Edit to add fully accept he took United to a narrow defeat in the play-off final but promotion was absolutely the expectation surely.
  4. Carlisle United News

    Indeed. Tough game as the Manky Dons are very strong at home.
  5. Ross County v Queens

    Ft 1-1. Very decent point with a depleted side and having been 1-0 down. Well done lads.
  6. Ross County v Queens

    Any QOS fan TBF.
  7. Ross County v Queens

    Fecking hell Goal QOS
  8. Ross County v Queens

  9. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    These double barrelled surnames are tough TBF. That said Gary Fucking-Caldwell is a particular favourite of Scotland fans
  10. Queens v Partick

    This. Absolutely this. He`s under minimal pressure and there`s a QOS player in a load of space wide left. Ironically when the previous attack is dealt with it`s Jacobs who is trying to get gthe team to push out. Really poor.
  11. Premier League 2018-19

    I think that`s a bit unfair on Palace who are generally a decent watch in my view. They do desperately need a good striker to get the best out of the likes of Zaha though.
  12. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Almost every manager who takes over at a club makes some remark about having to improve the players fitness. It might or might not be true in this case but it`s easy point scoring and is of course a direct criticism of (cheap shot at) the previous manager.
  13. Queens v Partick

    As others have said that`s an absolutely stonewall penalty.