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  1. Similar tale for Fitzpatrick, after 3 rounds in the 60s, level par in the final round would have won it. And of course the bold Rory who as it turns out was one shot out of a play off standing on the 5th tee today. I'm weary of these final round take everything on where he finishes top 10 without ever threatening to win.
  2. Fitzpatrick is also weighed down by the burden of carrying my small wager and is in my fantasy team as well.
  3. There's no issue getting a drop from a cross walk. Radar was clearly unimpressed at how the drop was administered but I'm not sure he was correct. My understanding of the rules is that the point of relief needs to be nearest point of relief not nearer the pin but after that the drop needs to be within one club length of that point which it was. Happy to be corrected on that though.
  4. Rory firmly into reverse. Hope he can turn it around in this round but this has all the makings of a final round charge through the field to finish tied 3rd before proclaiming the whole thing as real progress.
  5. The counter to that is that if the club use the fund for young players it presumably frees up other cash for the purposes you suggest. Ultimately all from the same pot unless I’m missing something. I think the positive PR of using the tanner fund to promote youth development is sound too IMHO.
  6. Top 70 and ties make the cut. If scoring similar to yesterday cut likely to be at 4 over. Could drift a bit though. Edit to add link to a live predictive model. As of 1.55pm suggesting +4 the most likely cut but also +3 and +5 very much in the mix. Given round 2 only just started suspect this may well change. Live Cut Prediction
  7. Course for the PGA looks a great test. Really looking forward to the weekend of golf viewing.
  8. Hatton damaging tbe green surface there after missing a putt. What an arsehole he is.
  9. Moxon has signed a 2 year deal with Carlisle United. https://www.carlisleunited.co.uk/news/2022/may/breaking-midfielder-agrees-two-year-deal/
  10. Really enjoying Brad Faxon as a pundit again. Knowledgeable and measured.
  11. Denny McCarthy replaces DeChambeau. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/golf/61502500
  12. Yes just saw that. He replaces Paul Casey who is injured. Casey Out/Knox In.
  13. That’s fine early season progress. I’ve had a run of good scores leaving my 20 most recent so have gone up from 6.3 to 7.8 over the last 3 weeks. 34 Stableford points yesterday but still up by 0.1 with a better score becoming a non counter. Another increase likely today with a very good score due to leave my 20 most recent. A little bit frustrating but reminding myself I was at 9.6 at the start of last season so overall good progress.
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