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  1. The colouring of that looks odd. Either that or they have replaced all the bunkers with water hazards. Edit to add given the fairways look like sand i guess the image needs some element of contrast
  2. Yep I think that is a real issue for some players. I don’t always eat anything going round but take plenty of fluids on board, especially if the weather is hot.
  3. I’d guessed that but thought it would be easy enough for you to provide a link.
  4. Played 9 holes late afternoon. Horrible double bogey on the first which could easily have been worse then played the remaining 8 holes in level par with 2 birdies, 2 bogeys and 4 pars. Struck the ball very well after that iffy start. Pleasing.
  5. Robbo is in my fantasy team. They should give him an assist for that Arsenal goal.
  6. Robbo back in charge [emoji106]
  7. Some really good features on the official site of late. Well done to those involved [emoji106]
  8. 1-1? Both featured in build up for the opponent’s goals too.
  9. I don’t. If I’m playing well then it’s easy to concentrate. If not I try to set a target of making the buffer zone or if that’s out of reach I try to finish strongly to give me something to take forward to the next game. Doesn’t always work of course [emoji23]
  10. Commentator using the term Pendemic to highlight the high number of penalties this season. Jesus Christ man. Stop it with this shit.
  11. Ah fair enough. As I said I didn’t watch the match just heard Hutton’s name in the highlights. I stand corrected.
  12. Didn't watch the whole game but my biggest concern is that we've managed 90 minutes without scoring against a side with David Hutton in goal.
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