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  1. Sorry got my numbers mixed up,glad you clarified that
  2. We have a team in the new u21s wosl premier league if you search Larkhall Thistle on Facebook and go into posts you will see it
  3. Larkhall Thistle have confirmed that they will have an u20s team in the new development league
  4. Cheers for that,it is a great wee set up we have at Larkhall and the committee work tirelessly to keep it going that way
  5. When it comes to money,you would be surprised,I think common sense should kick in here
  6. We like a wee tune in Larkhall so we do
  7. I knew someone would come up with some sort of evidence
  8. As far as I know things are well at the club
  9. Larkhall Thistle have made striker Graham Gracie available for transfer any available requests can be made to the club,or alternatively contact Manager Brian Crawford on 07920274027 Hughie Kerr on 07746875347
  10. Larkhall Thistle v Glasgow Perthshire,was called off last night,there was not a hope in hell of this game being on,unless it was water polo
  11. Probably some of the committee could find some of the results from the archives,but if you have nothing to do you could have a wee butchers and see what you can come up with
  12. Continuest playing Check Larkhall Thistle Wikipedia
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