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  1. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    We will not survive in this league,going down is the best way forward for the club,also it has given the players a chance at this level and should hold them in good stead for league 1 and that is not me being negative,just honest as I always do
  2. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    I will pass on the information
  3. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Cheers buddy,the committee do work their butts off for the club but some people forget that,but as I said the club will get there
  4. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Cheers mucker,as a club we will get there,we have been in worst situations and came through them,we will come through this no problem So now I wait on the usual clowns with their stupid comments
  5. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Bookies get wrong m8 remember that
  6. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    [emoji14] [emoji14] [emoji14] [emoji14] [emoji14]
  7. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Arthurlie 1 v Larkhall 3
  8. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    One day you will get the Larkhall score correct [emoji28][emoji28][emoji28][emoji28][emoji28]
  9. Larkhall Thistle 2018/2019 Thread

    Good to read a comment that makes sense
  10. Larkhall Thistle 2018/2019 Thread

    Read the club statement on their website,all players contracts were honoured,so I don't know who is loading your gun
  11. Larkhall Thistle 2018/2019 Thread

    Very well said,it's a sad day when junior clubs can pay more than the seniors,but that's the way football is going sad imo
  12. Rutherglen Glencairn 2018-19

    Big Johns injury was definitely a loss as he was the leader on the park,so hopefully he will not be out too long (hamstring injury) If we had scored right on halftime it might of been a different scenario in the 2nd half as it would've gave the lads confidence,but as we all know when confidence levels are down it's an entirely different ball game However watching the performance on Saturday there is light at the end of the tunnel,and it was great to see the players come into the clubhouse after the game and all mix together
  13. Larkhall Thistle 2018/2019 Thread

    We will get through it,and hopefully the statement will put things to bed like all the negative comments
  14. Larkhall Thistle 2018/2019 Thread

    We're not as bad as that Jeffery,or shall we call you Fitz [emoji38][emoji38][emoji38][emoji38][emoji38]
  15. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    They can if they put their teeth in [emoji28][emoji28][emoji28][emoji28][emoji28]