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  1. Has he never won a match vs Dundee or only when he was with Utd ?
  2. He might have been on the bench on Saturday, but whenever he came out for a warm up, it looked like he could hardly walk.
  3. Interesting that the article had his target as survival last season - not promotion as we were told
  4. It is more likely the kick off time keeps folk away.
  5. I have heard a number of people say that, yet in the brief highlights I don’t think he was mentioned at all
  6. Is it not just the case that everything has been said, until there is some more news ?
  7. Actually thought he was quite poor 1st half. Couldn’t hold on to the ball and when he did was easily dispossessed - but like the rest of the team was much better once Robson and Mansell came on.
  8. Not sure of the timeline, but it is possible that the £200K was extra as a result of Fitzpatrick and Lindsay deals. However, under old board this year’s spending was going to result in deficit. New board comes in and redirects Fitzpatrick and Lindsay money to get rid of the deficit ?
  9. I thought they made it clear why they think Thistle. It costs a lot less in Scotland to get a club into Europe than in France or England. And there is a large potential fan base in Glasgow. Whether this is true or not is another question.
  10. I guess he must be counting the league cup as pre season training? It starts 5 weeks yesterday
  11. Businesses do it all the time on the back of bad news. It normally goes along the lines of “Operations won’t be affected”
  12. Would that not negate the reason they are not going to use it ?
  13. There should be, but it took us until January to get any kind of back up or alternative.
  14. So what is the context of this exercise. What was the previous part of the meeting ? Did Brian Kerr just come into the room and say this ? Is it unusual or does it happen every week ? Somebody just trying to cause trouble ?
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