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  1. Encouraged by that performance. I think Greg Docherty was the last time we had a midfielder like Sabatinni; a massive upgrade on Miller. Great pressing also. Room for improvement but a good start
  2. From the highlights If you play 2 defensive midfielders and Rovers score with someone running from midfield, it's not the defence's fault Their 2nd goal, Mbayo forgot to jump. From the little i've seen from last night and at kelty we are better with 2 up front and giving the likes of Roy something to chase. Stokes looked good
  3. They're kinda linked though. The difference in formations between East Fife away and then at home last season, for example
  4. Any views on the preferred formation given the squad so far. 3-5-2 maybe give that we've 4 out-and-out defenders (hopefully Kerr will be allowed to play there) plus McCann, McDonald, Thomson and Reilly offering different options for the wide berth. I hope we've still to get some talent in the midfield as that area looks incomplete
  5. That is interesting. I liked him, especially at set pieces. Lithgow has also been released by let's not go there
  6. 1st half against Forfar was awful, as it was against Peterhead. But credit to the management for changing it with Hawkshaw, Wedderburn and Thomson; will this change our preferred starting line-up or will we persevere with that with these 3 being the preferred subs (rather than the Roy for Gallagher change that changes not very much). Saw Cameron giving the goalie coach pelters about Hutton ('get him to come off his ****ing line' was one piece of feedback). However in fairness I think Hutton is more a goal-line shot stopper who has always been shy of coming for crosses. Anyone know why Gallagher was not on the subs bench? Is he moving in Jan now Hutts has had a new contract?
  7. Is there a problem with Gal being used as a target man in a 4-2-3-1 when that is not really his game. He looks to me like a penalty box player, rather than someone who'll hold the ball and bring others into play. Our system works a lot better when Carrick Smith and Roberts get up alongside Gal and even better when the full backs get forward into the wide areas to cross ball, but we're not seeing that too often and Gal is being isolated with hopeful punts up to him. Raith and Clyde both sat back leaving little space for us to attack other than on the break. Falkirk provided more space in the first half last week but in the second half the 3 were pushed back and we ended up 4-5-1, and Gallagher naturally faded. I don't think Roy is the answer here. Maybe a target man is needed if we are going to need the out of a punt up the park, rather than passing so that the attacking unit moves up the park together to support Gal
  8. Thought McKay had his best game on Saturday. Seems to like having Roberts in there with Miller. Please just once this season give Miller MoM for the work he does. Based on what I've seen this season, I think us, Raith and Falkirk will be top 3 and Montrose rather than E Fife making up top 4. We must win the games against bottom half teams
  9. Like to think that one week Roberts or Miller will win MoM. Both were excellent again. Miller is doing the defensive mid role excellently alongside McKay, although Murray was rightly on McKay's case early in the game as a few times Fife players ran off him very easily. Roberts is able to get up and down the pitch excellently as do Carrick and Smith which must be a nightmare for other teams to counter whether we are defending or attacking; it's like a mobile unit that moves from 4-5-1 when defending to 4-2-4 in attack. Also the full backs get high up the pitch too, probably because the defensive block of Crighton, Fordyce, Miller and McKay covers so well. It means a lot of attack is down the wings which is excellent because Gallagher will score when the ball gets into the box regularly. Very pleasing. EF were better a pinging the ball about in midfield but they were going nowhere and struggled when we counter-attacked. I thought the penalty was dubious but I don't think it changed the result.
  10. What has improved in the past few games Dropped the 3 at the back (which got us annihilated at East Fife) for 4-3-3 that becomes 4-5-1 because of Carrick and Smith. Was that by design or what happened by necessity after Wederburn was subbed at Forfar? 2 defensive midfielders (McKay and Miller) enable full backs to get forward (especially McDonald) and Carrick and Smith become inside forwards with Gallagher. Roberts as attacking midfielder and amazing energy. But it was McKay got into the box on Saturday. Which is another nice change; we're getting players forward What can improve after Saturday Thought Fordyce was easily beaten/bossed by Buchanan for the Bairns goal but Buchanan is excellent, so little shame there
  11. For all Falkirk's possession, and Gomas's class, Hutton wasn't much troubled throughout the game. There are few things as pleasant as a 94th minute winner followed by the final whistle. Roberts. Wow. What is he on? The bit in the 2nd half when he chased the falkirk defence, alone, won the ball, lost it, won it back and got a foul. He has provided a lot of energy in that midfield. Really liking Gallagher as and out and out 9. Confessions. up until today I thought McKay was poor in the air and he scored with a header. I also thought the long throw was over used and it won us the game. Shows what I know.
  12. Didn't make it yesterday but did we end up 4-2-1-3 with McKay and Miller as holding midfield and Roberts in an attacking role. is that the midfield combo we need with 4 at the back
  13. After feeling depressed for 48 hours what of the tactics on Saturday. Looked to me like a 3-5-2 with McCann and McDonald meant to get forward and get in crosses and Hawkshaw as attacking mid in front of a defensive 2 in McKay and Wedderburn. On paper I've not much of a problem with that and it looked like players were being played in their preferred positions, including Gallagher, which must have been a relief to him. McDonald looks good going forward but needs a memo to cross the ball when you have made it within the 18 yard box zone, and also to track back. The Montrose number 20 (Lyons?) seemed to get in behind McDonald and in front of Fordyce so go figure out who is responsible. I think McDonald as Fordyce is staying in line with the 3. So is McDonald fit enough for the role? I think he could become a good player but he needs to CROSS THE BALL McCann also didn't get forward much at all in the first half and in the 2nd was better at taking on players, but then what? Not much. Meanwhile Gallagher waits and waits for any sort of cross into the box. And as a result of the wide players letting him down, Gal gets hooked in favour of playing through the centre, down the sides of the centre halfs. OK with that as an idea but it did not work - at all. It was notable that on the highlights most of our 'action' was long throws, which brings me to McKay. Past 2 weeks he has not looked the part in the defensive midfield role. Beaten often in the air and on the ground and looking for a pass sideways or back. At least in the 2nd half Wedderburn started passing moves going forward, which brought Hawkshaw into the game since at last he was getting a ball into feet. I'd give McKay a rest and maybe try Cowan back in there? Harris likes to bomb forward but isn't much use in the defensive sense (which is important if you're only playing 3 at the back). Is Miller injured or just out of favour? Overall however the midfield options are limited. Also while I am very in favour of a Hawkshaw type player i'm not sure he's going to cut it in that role. Maybe a more defensive 4-4-2 will be used once Thomson is back. It's grim overall
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