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  1. Heard through the Falkirk herald that Spartans want more money because #JD7 signed up for another year? Mon the Shire
  2. Chilli Peppers were a U.K. Festival exclusive to R&L last year and still turned up at TITP. Doesn't seem to mean anything
  3. Managed to get a ticket for Dundee 50 mins after it told me it sold out!
  4. Need a big win, home games are a must win from now on I reckon.
  5. Picked up tickets for Kyle Falconers wee solo tour, went for Coatbridge as it's the smallest venue. Anyone else?
  6. Managed to get standing, wasn't going to bother with the price but couldn't miss it.
  7. Aye obviously but usually a band wouldn't play the whole album, especially the shite ones
  8. No One Will Ever Replace Us and The 17th are belters imo, but Kitchen is absolute shite. Liam also said on twitter that Kitchen will be part of their set list, absolute farce.
  9. very very ambitious, how exactly do they plan to fill it haha
  10. sorry to disappoint big man, busy weekend that
  11. Probably won't bother going, so we will definitely win.
  12. It is a diddy league, I didn't say we're not diddys?
  13. Never seen a ref shit the bed more in my life, we need to get out of this diddy league asap, up or down I don't care
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