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  1. Likewise but my selection is - Martinelli SOT Toney SOT Hickey, Ajer & Tierney carded. It's a free bet so figured go big odds, returns over a grand in the unlikely event of it coming in [emoji23]
  2. Only Scott Martin looks like he gives a f**k. Shooting practice required over the international break, stop trying to walk the ball in & plenty defensive work in training needed. We are tidy enough but offered very little threat & as shown we're really weak at the back, a fit Jamie Hamilton comes straight back in for me when ready. Only decent thing was De Bolle looked decent while he was on, seems to have a very good touch & once fully fit surely displaces one of Zanatta/Smith/Winter. We'll be scrabbling about in the bottom 4 all season IMO at the moment.
  3. £10 on a goal to be scored in Wolves vs Man City returned £20 Unfortunately I also put on the De Bruyne SOT at Evens on as well at £10 so I've broke even [emoji23] Got a £200 odd coupon up midweek though so not all bad.
  4. Likely to be a few goals in this one? Accies can score but we are also very leaky at the back as shown by amount of scoring draws we've had so far this season.
  5. As I'm not currently on a train into Glasgow to catch a bus to Inverness like I should be... ...I guess I'll have to do some more work in the garden while it's dry & to keep away from the mourning sycophancy on TV & radio.
  6. Got offered a voucher for full amount that I can use for any Citylink service over next 18 months. I'd have had half the amount taken off me in admin fees for a refund so better a voucher than that! Better position than the scores of football fans across the UK who will be losing money from short notice postponements!
  7. Have asked Citylink, with not much expectation, for a full refund of my return fare that I no longer need tomorrow.
  8. Any Cove fans at other end of the ground explain how that didn't go in for a 2nd Accies goal just before HT? Assuming it was blocked on the line at least once!
  9. At 45 & as someone HHH has a lot of time for it wouldn't be a surprise to see Fish signed back to WWE as a coach in the PC
  10. Accies made hard work of that but 3 points is 3 points!
  11. 1-0 Accies, Lawson (pen) Arbroath down to 10 men due to no.5 thinking he was the goalie.
  12. Someone backstage will be reminding Cole that Mark Henry now works for AEW & therefore not call Corbin using the move as a World's Strongest Slam [emoji23]
  13. Same person who keeps bailing out Lumis?
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