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  1. Accies CEO who apparently has no interest in football yet has been involved at Raith before us.
  2. With our recent form even if this game was the Sat as usual we wouldn't have brought many down. As this game is both on a Friday night & live on the telly expect an away attendance of no more than 100 at best - likely to be closer to 50 than 100 IMO. Would take a point right now - Accies don't do winning 2 games in a row.
  3. Brian Rice doing the OAM coverage for our game isn't as weird as Dougie Imrie being sat with his Livi trackie on in the corporate box at HT sitting next to a certain CMcG today...
  4. We've won a game! Surprised at how poor Dunfermline were, let us boss possession & don't think Hilton had a save to make. Better performance from us, decent games from Easton & Martin but we still have no cutting edge at all. Take the 1-0 though.
  5. We've scored & Dunfermline down to 10 men. What weird & wonderful way will we find to f**k it up from here?
  6. Yup, toothless up front as we have been all season. We offer very little goal threat.
  7. However you can of course park at Caird Street then use the pedestrian path through said underground car park that will take Pars fans directly to the away turnstiles. Dunfermline still available at 6/4 or better for this one...
  8. On basis of recent results & "performances" can only see an away win as Hughes actually seems to know what he's doing & Dunfermline on paper have a better squad than we do. Accies are looking very likely to do a Thistle & go down again.
  9. I'm not saying we will definitely lose. What I am saying is that if Talbot beat us no Accies fan will be remotely surprised on basis of what we've been watching this season. Auchinleck should be very confident of being able to beat us at home on our current form.
  10. Fingers at the ready for bookies pricing this one up. If Auchinleck score first they will definitely win as we are atrocious just now, offer little goal threat & squad full of players too lightweight for the Championship. Could easily be a 2/3/4-0 humiliation if Talbot are on it & Accies play as we have been. Quite glad really that I'm missing the game for a wedding TBH.
  11. Indeed. Utter garbage from Accies again, no creativity, very little urgency & never looked like threatening to score. Get the house on Auchinleck next Sat as we are that bad, they score first & they'll win.
  12. Stuart Taylor must have read this thread & my earlier post [emoji23] Shaun Want in at RB with Matheson & Stirling benched. Hilton Want Popescu Easton Macdonald Mimnaugh Martin Smith Mullin Ryan Moyo 4-2-3-1
  13. It's that time of the month for more WWE releases then. John Morrison Hit Row - Isaiah Swerve Scott, Ashante 'Thee' Adonis & Top Dolla Tegan Nox Drake Maverick Shane Thorne Jaxson Ryker AEW will take JoMo you'd think. They'd be interested in Swerve as well as he's very, very good in the ring. Shane Thorne to NJPW to reunite TMDK? Drake Maverick clearly saw the writing on the wall for him (again) when Killian Dain got released as he's obv had the video he's posted on Twitter sitting ready to go - fair play. That's about 80 released by WWE this year. Plus guys who just let their contracts run out like Danielson & Cole - which it seems likely to be the exit route soon for O'Reilly maybe along with Owens and/or Zayn.
  14. Even though most will be using the WWE Network in the UK it is in BT's contract to sell the PPV's as standalone events on BT Box Office - see below for Survivor Series on Sunday https://www.bt.com/sport/box-office/ WWE can't just stick the network - and therefore the PPV's - on Peacock via Sky without reneging on the deal they have with BT by looks of it.
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