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  1. Didn’t think Cove had to work too hard for the win today. Was in little doubt after the early goal. Elgin didn’t offer much at all but should have equalised in the second half. Cracking day for a game today, think I’ll be sunburnt. Crowd of 1,000 which I thought was really impressive - is that typical for Elgin?
  2. Thanks CoveRangers1922 - watch this be a 0-0
  3. Cheers. Forecast looks very decent indeed for the game - 20C and Sunny.
  4. I'm in Elgin this weekend and planning on taking this game in - I haven't been along to the Balmoral Stadium yet despite living in Aberdeen (and Cove's games quite often seem to clash with Aberdeen's games at Pittodrie). As a neutral, hoping for goals similar to last week's game at Brechin. Elgin fans - any advice on where best to watch the game from within the ground?
  5. I’d take Fola Esch again as lessons will surely have been learned- and we would have a couple of games under our belt this time unlike the last time we played them
  6. Wont happen as we both would be seeded assuming we win QR1
  7. Very good suggestion - a tall order to get back to Aberdeen station for a 1715 train from Wellington Circle.
  8. Dons being linked with Dundee Utd striker Safranko today. Can’t say I know much about him.
  9. Scored a belter against Accies and a tidy goal against Motherwell earlier in the season but other than that I don’t think there is much to justify why we’d want to keep him on. We’re not as good without Rooney even if people won’t admit it.
  10. Celtic to lie down to the Dandies in a 3-0 win for the depleted Reds. Title later won at Ibrox...its what we all want
  11. Can’t help but feel there is a player there in Gleeson. Would hope he stays and gets more of a role in the team next season. Ferguson has gone above and beyond what I was expecting and he’ll only get better.
  12. Don’t really understand why Aberdeen’s don’t balance given the Top 6 looks like it will be the same as last season. Would have made sense to have had two home games v Hibs pre-split, as last season we had 2 trips to ER after 33 games.
  13. Rangers v Partick Celtic v Dundee Utd Hibs v County or ICT Hearts v Aberdeen
  14. The amount of home draws they get has surpassed Sevco
  15. Lots of appetite for this one it seems. £22 a ticket as well. Imagine the Dons will labour to a narrow win like last weekend.
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