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  1. Seems that making up stories or telling lies is a recurring theme in the last 24 hours. Just to confirm... Callum Nairn, a good friend of mine, approached myself a few months ago and asked me what was happening with Troon 20s for the coming season as he knew we had applied to join the new WOSFL 20s. I informed him that the clubs plan was to take our 19s from last year as all of them would be eligible and we rated some of their players... this is the only conversation between Valspar & Troon... through myself and Callum. This is all documented in messages between us, so if anyone wants to make even more of an arse of themselves by making up some more stories then feel free.
  2. Because the referee was nothing short of disgraceful. His mannerism and the way he spoke to both sets of players is the worst I’ve been involved with in football. Witnessed him criticising the Pollok manager in the tunnel before we had even stepped onto the pitch , credit to Murdie for not getting involved, his conduct was unacceptable Its ok though, according to himself he will be going senior next year anyway so we won’t have to put up with him for too long. Joke. Not sour grapes. Won’t speak about the game itself or decisions. Will let video clear that up.
  3. Without a shadow of doubt the worst post I have ever read on here. Racism is not welcome within our grade of football in any way shape of form, what an unbelievably backwards attitude you have. Very very sad.
  4. Will play right full back as opposed to defensive midfielder described.
  5. Unbelievable player and brilliant bloke. Great signing.
  6. Stunning top... Clydebank moving in the right direction on and off the pitch. A huge well done to all involved.
  7. Troon 1-0 Lanark Ryan Stevenson.
  8. Now now... No need to tell porky pies.
  9. Haha... Kilbirnie will always be my favourite junior club, brilliant fans and some really nice people at the club too. Like them that much I gifted them a goal last weekend
  10. Players should show loyalty. Grass isn't always greener. I've had many opportunities to leave Troon but friendship and loyalty over that extra cash every time for me.
  11. The best side we have faced all season, we were really fortunate to win 1-0 due to a wonder goal Seriously though, a terrific team that Arnie has got together there with a fair budget. Deserve all the plaudits they should be getting.
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