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  1. So, now we are well under way and we are looking at 442 what should the midfield starting 4 be. I'd kick off with a 1-3 to try and get more forward drive. Robertson can fair pick a pass so I'd like to try him further up the park, so Ness or Byrne Gowser Robertson McDaid thoughts??
  2. Suppose we should bring up the DABs ticketing system. Instead of a season ticket they get an electronic card. You can also get an app on your phone for one off tickets saving the balls ache of going to the club shop. A system like this would probably add a chunk to the gate - the ticket is discounted if purchased in advance.
  3. For second goal I thought Meekings can see Hamilton coming for cross so gets out of the way, total goalie error. 1st I would put down to Forster, way too lackadaisical.
  4. For 2nd penalty it is a tackle from behind from Ashcroft and while he got the ball he still went through Johnson and by the rules it is a free kick/penalty. The full back also barges then pushes Johnson, the ref could also have given the penalty for this. Whatever, penalty was the correct call.
  5. Another striker still need - Stevie May or Zak Rudden? Think I'd wait for Zak and have budget left over for better quality creative midfielder / winger and a keeper. Glad McPake has held his nerve with no panic signings
  6. Thought Todd was excellent, hopefully with a couple of more games Ness and Byrne will recognise the type of runs he was making and will get the ball forward to him. Wasn't too impressed with Marshall, could well be better on a proper pitch though. McDaid slightly better, again, be good to see on a proper pitch. Would say the signing priority is striker, goalie, striker
  7. v Brechin Hamilton (1/2 time Ferrie) Kerr Davies (1/2 time Meekings) McGee Marshall McDaid (say 75min Mulligan) McGowan Byrne Todd (say 65 Robertson) Nelson Curran Clearly we need a keeper and striker x2 (for Curran and back-up) + cover elsewhere. Once we see them in action together it may well become clearer as to where we need to strengthen. EVERY YEAR there will be agents asking too much (even Kerr Waddell's agent is hoping to get someone to pay a development fee. I'm pretty sure he'll, and I'll be happy with this, be back in the squad). Once we get closer to the deadline we should pay realistic fees for players that fit our budget. I think we have, over the last few years paid massively over the odds for a lot of our players. Well done this season for targeting the right long term prospects and then waiting for (6?) senior higher quality, for the Championship, signings. It infuriates me that we have previously gone for a bigger squad with a lot of budget wasted on signings not worthy of even a place on the bench.
  8. I know the board want to encourage early purchase but the price is high for the Championship already - let's hope they keep extending. The bonus of two free tickets for mates (me thinks the derby will be popular) helps justify the price but probably would have been better to make the price lower without this bonus.
  9. GK Kerr Waddell Davies Meekings LB (assuming Ralph away) Todd* McGowan Robertson Miller Nelson Subs Hamilton (pretend GK), Mulligan, J Curran Binned - C Curran * what is Todd's best position? So the basis of a team already there, just two essential replacements likely to be needed. I would prefer if we went for 6 quality (for the Championship) signings rather than spreading the budget thinly, keeping a little back for cover if injuries / form requires. Wouldn't say this is beyond the abilities of our current/proposed management team
  10. Bought mine yesterday - happy with McPake, and not Miller
  11. Well, I'm happy with McPake. Just one game but our final game of the season was possibly our best - not that's saying much. With a half decent keeper we could have won with 9 men. The football was good to watch with good attacking intent with players already playing with more confidence by not being restricted in what they were allowed to do. Could do with more goals through-out the team but a good stall set out. Yes it's a risk, all management appointments are, just glad it isn't a super experienced McIntyre MkII
  12. Don't think McIntyre rated Cammy. Need a new manager in to make that call but hopefully he stays put, certainly he's been free to sign a pre-contract since Jan so who knows
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