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  1. It looks likely the leagues will be finalised where they are, which in terms of sporting integrity is fairly good. There is the issue of the financial implications throughout Scottish football to consider. The biggest implication is for Hearts who could escape relegation and Falkirk being 1 point behind Raith, with potential legal ramifications. An option is league restructuring with next season having a 20 and 22 team league, based on current league position (effectively same league or promotion). As for spending the cash the SPFL should look to pay Celtic the same as the 2nd position and then spread the difference in earnings evenly over the clubs positioned 17 - 42 (probably the ones most in need). If we are to keep the leagues the way they are then the play offs which are part of the league need to be resolved, If, as seems likely these games wont be played, even behind closed doors, then they could be decided by toss of the coin eg Dundee v Ayr then winner v Inverness then v Hamilton.
  2. Kernaghan was truly awful but he did inherit a tragic team from Duffy and had to try to work with it when money was really tight. I'm sure he'd much rather have had the equivalent of the current squad. So far McPake and Kernaghan are pretty similar in managerial performance from my viewpoint
  3. The problem has been formation an ensuring each player knows what they are doing in that formation to defend and to get goals. The players look totally lost out on the park, that is a sign of an idiot manager. Can he not see Dorrans miles out of position on a constant basis? If he doesn't he's an idiot, if he does and isn't doing anything about it then is that any better. Does he encourage our full backs to get forward by ensuring our holding midfielder (?) covers in behind when they are doing so? These are just a couple of absolute basics that we have not been able to achieve - afraid I am well past having any hope in a manager that looks lost looking at his own shoelaces and instils as much passion as Rev IM Jolly (look him up youngsters)
  4. In Crankshaw we finally have the type of winger we need to play a proper 442. Now we've let Johnson go - only not unbelievable because McPake is in charge. Does this mean that 451, that generally fails us miserably, is going to be the norm? Can this season get any worse?
  5. Apart from Nelms there surely isn't anyone who now thinks McPake has what it takes to turn our predicament around. Surely we need to get the message over that we as ever dwindling fans are not wanting to put up with this. So, should we have some kind of McPake out message at the next home game or a boycott. Personally I'd go for the latter, even as a season ticket holder, as going to watch the next instalment of the McPake tactical masterclass gives me the fear. This season is done if McPake doesn't go. More likely to be relegated based on last night performance. Something has to be done and now. As for next manager - Tommy Wright would be just grand by me.
  6. Got a feeling we're going to revert back to 451 for this (McDaid Dorrans Robertson Ness Gowser - Hemmings up top). Expect one shot on target. I'm still mad enough to want to go, just incose
  7. Time to be a little positive. In last 4 games when Byrne hasn't been on the park we have scored 7 and conceded 2 equating to 3 wins and a draw. That kind of form should have us all happy. Unfortunately McPake has taken too long to realise his best team but at least we appear to be getting there. While, for the Championship, this is a good enough first team, with McDaid also to return we are lacking in depth and a proper winger. Our aim is surely to come 2nd and have a team that can win the play off. On that front we are on track. Don't think there will be too many changes but think we should look to off-load Byrne, return McPake to Rangers, sign a winger and another centre half and pray injuries / suspensions don't hurt us to much at the end of the season..
  8. Draw fair result, Arbroath better first have we were better 2nd. We had a spell where we played good football but then let it drift into hoofball. McPake surely has to go now
  9. Arbroath deservedly ahead. They have had wind in first half. Play same again and it won't make any difference. Gowser on for Byrne hopefully though Todd and McDaid have some nothing so far either
  10. When Kamara first played for us he wasn't great, not surprisingly with his lack of first team football. He then had a spell when he was improving drastically but was well under the radar of other clubs. That was the point we should have been offering a new contract. As usual we left it way too late and then there was too much speculation for any offer we were making to match the rumours
  11. Think Dorrans should be safe, he'll just, like yesterday, spend most of the time between our centre haffs instead of being well up the pitch where he f**king should be. In a chat on Friday we agreed that every player knows how to play 442 - looks like that reasoning has just been shot to f**k. Add to that a manager that either can't got the players to follow his instructions or he is too clueless to know what instructions to give and we end up with that shambles of yesterday. I have been positive about McPake and have given him time to figure out our best formation / tactics - can't see there being any point in giving him any longer now
  12. Honestly astounded at 2 shots on target in 2 games
  13. First half fairly even but Gowser should have buried his header so saying "without EVER looking in danger" is somewhat spurious. First goal gave you a lift and deflated us though it must be said that you had started the second half better than us. IF Gowsers header goes in it would have been a different game, as it was the better team (not by much) on the night won
  14. This is still a relatively new team under a rookie manager. It looked like we were getting somewhere with the style of football recently but last night just showed that against better teams it just isn't going to work, so hardly a foundation for future progress. I know what McPake said last night but I don't think he wont learn from it. Time to ditch the 451 - we have to get our best players on the park so I'm going to discount a 352 as bringing in Meekings and dropping another of our midfielders is not going to allow us to dominate or press the opposition which, if you are looking for victories against teams coming to defend, isn't the way forward. Dorrans is a fabulous footballer but we have to give him the right structure around him. 442 - this didn't work well at the beginning of the season when the players hardly knew each other and pre Dorrans, but it should surely be given another go now. Midfield of Dorrans (floating role), McDaid (switching wings as he feels will reap most rewards) with a solid central 2 from Ness, Gowser or Byrne. 2 up front will allow Hemmings a bit more room with Johnson or Nelson (who clearly isn't comfortable on the wing).
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